Chapter Awards 2016

Each year, MAFCA awards chapters and members for service. This year's awards are as follows:

Chapter Service Awards

This award is given to Chapter members by their chapters for service above and beyond. These special people have worked hard and long to make their chapters successful. Those members, who were honored by their Chapters for outstanding, long-term, continuing and selfless service to others in the Model A hobby, are listed below . . .

Name Chapter  
William Shirley River Cites Model A Ford Club  
Wendy Ogden Hangtown A’s  
Bill Jones Sierra Chapter and Central California Regional Group
Mark and Jill Barrett Santa Clara Valley Chapter  
Robert Guimarin Sonora A’s  
Denise McGee Brown Alamo A’s  
Nayola Bieber San Diego Model A Ford Club  

Congratulations to you all! You are all winners in our book!

Newsletter Awards

Most MAFCA chapters submit copies of their newsletters to the Chapter Coordinator each month. From those newsletters, MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Newsletter Award Policy.

MAFCA Chapter Newsletter Awards for this year, designed to recognize the Editors of Chapter Newsletter, were presented at the National Awards Banquet.

Award Newsletter Chapter Editor
Newsletter of the Year Model A Messenger Central Alabama Model A Club Terry Longest
Newsletter of Excellence The Aoooga News Beaver Chapter Jeanie Adair
Newsletter of Distinction Utah Valley Model A Club Utah Valley Robert Mack
Certificate of Merit Crank and Rod Pomona Valley A’s Karin Woodworth
Certificate of Merit Driveline Great Lake A’s Stephanie Grundman
Certificate of Merit Manifold News Rockford A’s Chris Aupperle
Certificate of Merit Quail Call San Diego Chapter Jeff & Valerie Basham
Certificate of Merit Rumbleseat Review Wichita A’s Linda Kibbe
Certificate of Merit Rumble Sheet San Fernando Valley Jim Lank
Certificate of Merit Running Board News Golden Triangle Janet & Garth Shreading
Certificate of Merit Southside A’s Southside A’s Gwyneth Shotwell
Certificate of Merit Spoken Wheel Santa Anita A’s Joe Wilson
Certificate of Merit Columbia Crier Columbia Basin Model A Club Jan Jackson
Best International Model A Torque North Island, New Zealand Paul Hunter Best
Best Regional Northern Wheels NCRG Tom Jeanes
Most Improved The Ford Script Fiftieth Anniversary A’s Patsy Desaulniers


Chapter Web Site Awards

A good chapter web site informs its members of chapter activities and guides potential members to the chapters. Below are this year's award-winning Chapter web sites. MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Website Award Policy. This year's winners are as follows (click on the chapter name to visit their web site):

Award Webmaster Chapter
Website of the Year Keith Tippets Treasure Valley Model A Club, Boise ID
Website of Distinction Greg Mack Utah Valley Model A’s, Boise UT
Certificate of Merit Frank Dent Model A Ford of Cape Cod, Hyannis MA
Certificate of Merit Harry Hirschensohn San Fernando Valley Model A Club, Van Nuys CA


Last Updated: 12/21/2016