Completing the Classified Ad Form

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Many of the fields on the ad form are required. Note the STAR in front of the field. If these fields not filled in before you click on the SUBMIT THIS AD button, you will be asked to go back and complete them.

The first three fields determine what category your ad will appear in and will identify you to the webmaster. Notice the category names are in BLACK type.

* MAFCA Member Number - required.
The membership number of the person who's placing the ad, not the assistant who is submitting it. Your member number can be found on the wrapper of your Restorer Magazine. It's a good idea to write that number down on the back of your membership card (found in the Jan/Feb issue) so that you'll have it once the wrapper is discarded.

* Ad Category - required.
Choose the appropriate classified ad category from the pull-down list.

* Your E-mail Address - required.
We will send a reply to this address to let you know the ad was received and will be posted soon.

The next fields ask you informatation that will appear in the ad. Notice the category names are in BLUE type.

* Name in ad (First and Last) - required.
This is the person to contact, not necessarily the person who placed the ad. Since not all our members have e-mail, they often ask their friends with computers to place the ad for them.

* City and State in ad - required.
This will help the reader to determine whether they want to pursue your items.

E-mail address in ad - optional.
If you want people to contact you by e-mail, fill in this field. If you prefer to be contacted only by phone, leave this field blank.

Phone Number - optional.
If you'd prefer to be contacted by telephone, include your phone number here. Feel free to mention what times you are available to receive calls.

Type in Your Ad - required.
Describe the items you have for sale or are looking for. Please do not include your name, location, phone, or e-mail address in this box - there are separate fields for that information above.

Comments to webmaster - optional.
If you have anything to say to the webmaster about the ad (comments that will not be published), you may use this space.
If you're submitting this ad for another MAFCA member without computer access, state YOUR NAME here.

Photos: if you're selling a vehicle and want to include ONE nice photo in your ad, simply send an e-mail to webmaster @ and attach the photo.

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