Pony Express Photos from MAFCA members


6-21_great crowd
6-21_great crowd.jpg
6-21_inside pioneer vi0016
6-21_inside pioneer vi0016.jpg
6-21_new driver
6-21_new driver.jpg
6-21_picnic crowd
6-21_picnic crowd.jpg
6-21_picnic lineup
6-21_picnic lineup.jpg
6-21_roadside repairs
6-21_roadside repairs.jpg
KW 6-22 band and cro#50022
KW 6-22 band and cro#50022.jpg
KW 6-22 crowd intere#50023
KW 6-22 crowd intere#50023.jpg
KW 6-22 crowd pouring in
KW 6-22 crowd pouring in.jpg
KW 6-22 dick and lois
KW 6-22 dick and lois.jpg
KW 6-22 full park wi#50026
KW 6-22 full park wi#50026.jpg
KW 6-22 mountains
KW 6-22 mountains.jpg
KW 6-22 our car and pony2
KW 6-22 our car and pony2.jpg
KW 6-22 riders and car
KW 6-22 riders and car.jpg
KW 6-22 shadows
KW 6-22 shadows.jpg

Pony Express Photos from MAFCA members   Ken Winkenhofer    6/24/10
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