Gallery - Deluxe Tudor Sedans

The Deluxe Tudor Sedan was introduced in June 1931. All had the "indented" firewall with the gasoline shut-off under the hood. Below are two Ford archives photos:

[FactoryPhoto] [FactoryPhoto]

Essentially the same as a Standard Tudor, the Deluxe Tudor featured the same deluxe items as the Victoria and Town Sedan: deluxe paint colors, deluxe interior fabrics, cowl lights, dome light, and carpets, to name a few.

The photos below are examples of 1931 Deluxe Tudor Sedans owned by our members. Click on the underlined link to send e-mail to the owner.

Jack Bickel - Acton, MA
Updated 6/10
William Bachmann - Erie, PA
Posted 5/11
Rick Black - Medford, OR
Posted 02/09/17 [Image]

Curt Campbell - Ottumwa, IA
Posted 1/08
Dwyre Durant - Houston, TX
Posted 01/10
Ken Kovich - Ohio -
Posted 7/08
AP tuodr
Kay Lee - Washington, Illinois
Posted 08/29/13
Brian Martin - San Antonio, TX
Posted 1/08
Jim Morris - Ithaca, NY
Updated 01/04/16
Ed Rodriguez - Cottonwood, CA
Posted 08/25/11
Bjorn Sand - Norway
Posted 05/07/12
Paul Shinn - Valley Springs, CA
Posted 02/09/17 [Image]
Pete Smiley - Beaverton OR
Posted 03/24/12
Ron Sotardi - Tucson AZ
Posted 7/08
Edward Speakman - Tyler TX
Posted 12/11
Deluxe Tudor
Don Swofford - Charlottesville, VA
Posted 1/08
Laverne Van De Wall - Rochester, NY
Posted 1/08
Harris Warner, Callaway, VA
Posted 1/6/2014
Dennis Waroway - Henderson, NV
Posted 1/10
John Weston, Fort Dodge, IA
Posted 02/11//2014
Bruce Wheeler - Aberdeen, MD
Posted 1/08
Joe Young - Slapout, AL
Posted 01/12
  Mark - anyone know his last name?
Posted 04/08/14

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