In Memory

As a tribute to MAFCA officials and significant others who have passed, this page pays a final tribute. We will miss them.

Chapter Passed Bio/Obituary
Fred Carlton
Georgetown Texas, DMAFC, Lone Star Chapter December 15, 2016 [ReadMore]
Jerry Wilhelm
Lithia, Florida; 1989 and 1991 MAFCA President November 11, 2016 [ReadMore]
Walter E.

Red Stick Chapter

August 21, 2016 Honorary Member Walter E. Joyce, Gulfport, Mississippi has passed away at the age of 98 He was one of the original founders of MAFCA in 1957. W6IQM - signs off!
George Pope
Charter Oak A's; 1964 MAFCA President and Life Member July 11, 2016 [ReadMore]

Annabelle Pope
Charter Oak A's and others; MAFCA Executive Secretary and Life Member February 4, 2016


Jill Sullins
Dallas Chapter, 2010 MAFCA Vice President August 25, 2015


Marshall Lewis
Modesto Area A's, 1977 MAFCA President January 1, 2015


George DeAngelis
Author of "The Ford Model A as Henry Built It" December 14, 2014 [ReadMore]

Fern Davis

Jewel City/San Fernando Valley Chapters, Burbank California

September 2014 Read about Fern in the
Nov-Dec 2014 issue of
The Restorer

Paul Lewis Sr.
Piney Wood Model A Ford Club, Greater Houston, Golden Triangle A's, and MAFFI May 19, 2014 [ReadMore]

Bob Trousil
Downey, California June 21, 2013 [ReadMore]

Doc Ingwersen
Diamond Tread, California February 24, 2013 [ReadMore]

Aldie Johnson
Minuteman Model A Club September 23, 2012 [ReadMore]

Ken Winkinhofer
Northwest Missouri Model A Club January 18, 2012  
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