MAFCA Policies  

Several MAFCA policies that Chapters and Members might like to refer to from time to time are available here on the web site. Clicking on of the Policy Number will retrieve that policy for you.

The documents in the table below can also be found in the POLICIES directory.

Part 1 Section 1 Restorer   Part 1 Section 6 Privacy Policy
Part 1 Section 2 Media Advertising   Part 1 Section 9 Calendar of Events Policy
Part 1 Section 3 Roster   Part 1 Section 10 Waiver and Release Form
Part 1 Section 4  MAFCA Web site   Part 1 Section 11 Social Media Policy (e.g. Facebook)
Part 1 Section 5 Copyright Policy   Part 1 Section 12 Digital Media Policy

Part 2 Section 3  Insurance   Part 2 Section 5-K President's Literary Award
Part 2 Section 5   Special Awards   Part 2 Section 5-L Marshall & Veta Lewis Award
Part 2 Section 5-A  Honorary Life Membership Award   Part 2 Section 5-M Member Longevity Award
Part 2 Section 5-B  Jack Payton Memorial Award   Part 2 Section 5-O Directors' Award
Part 2 Section 5-C Bill Reeder Literary Award   Part 2 Section 5-P  Editor's Literary Award
Part 2 Section 5-D   Ladies Driving Award   Part 2 Section 5-Q Era Fashion Literary Award
Part 2 Section 5-E Youth Driving Award   Part 2 Section 5-R Chapter Longevity Award
Part 2 Section 5-F  Newsletter Award   Part 2 Section 5-U  Website Award
Part 2 Section 5-G National Driving Award   Part 2 Section 5-V  Jim Ryner Photography Award
Part 2 Section 5-H Participation Award   Part 2 Section 5-X Volunteer of the Year Award
Part 2 Section 5-I   Service Award   Part 2 Section 5-Y Chapter Touring Award
Part 2 Section 5-J  Merle Smith Award      

Part 2 Section 6-A President   Part 2 Section 6-F Marketing and Membership Director
Part 2 Section 6-B Vice President   Part 2 Section 6-G Advertising Director
Part 2 Section 6-C Secretary   Part 2 Section 6-H Publications/Public Relations Director
Part 2 Section 6-D Treasurer   Part 2 Section 6-I Technical Director
Part 2 Section 6-E Chapter Coordinator      

Part 3 Section 1  National Convention Guidelines   Part 3 Section 17 JSC and EFC Meeting Guidelines
Part 3 Section 1-A National Convention Agreement   Part 3 Section 18 Divisional Meet Guidelines
Part 3 Section 2   Judging Standards Committee   Part 3 Section 18_A  Divisional Meet Agreement
Part 3 Section 3 Vehicle Judge Certification Program   Part 3 Section 18-M Divisional Meet Map
Part 3 Section 4 Fashion Judging Certification Program   Part 3 Section 20 Chapter Registration Renewal
Part 3 Section 5 Judging Schools      
Part 3 Section 6 National Convention Car Awards   Part 3 Section 21 Judging Procedures Manual
Part 3 Section 7 Era Fashion Committee   Part 3 Section 22 Fashion Awards
Part 3 Section 8 National Awards Banquet Guidelines   Part 3 Section 24 MAFCA Sanctioned Meets
Part 3 Section 8-A National Awards Banquet Agreement   Part 3 Section 25 New Chapter Charter
Part 3 Section 9 Board of Directors Election   Part 3 Section 25-A New Chapter Charter Petition Form
Part 3 Section 10 Membership   Part 3 Section 26 National Tour Guidelines
Part 3 Section 11 Annual Election of Officers   Part 3 Section 26-A National Tour Agreement
Part 3 Section 12 Expense Reimbursement   Part 3 Section 27 The Restorer Class


Last Updated: 01/16/2018