Standard Colors
Upper & Lower BodyBelt & Sill MoldingReveals Stripe
Washington Blue Washington Blue Riviera BlueTacoma Cream
Brewster Green Brewster Green Black Apple Green
Copra Drab Copra Drab Chicle Drab Straw (1)
Ford Maroon (4)Ford Maroon Tampa Red Vermilion
Black Black Black Apple Green
Aqua Green Gray Green (2) Gray Green Tacoma Cream

Optional Colors
Upper & Lower BodyBelt & Sill MoldingReveals Stripe
Brewster Green Black Black Apple Green
Ford Maroon Black Black Vermilion
Copra Drab Chicle Drab (3) Chicle Drab Straw (1)
Bronson Yellow (7) Seal Brown Bronson Yellow Orange (6)
Kewanee Green Elkpoint Green (5) Elkpoint Green Apple Green
(1) Stripe changed to Tacoma Cream July 1931
(2) Top rail may also be trim color
(3) Most sill mouldings were body color
(4) Added July 1931
(5) Sill mouldings always body color
(6) Vermilion strip July 1931
(7) Upper Body Seal Brown

Source: Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards, 1994
Last Update: 04/12/2012
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