1931 Commercial, Open Cab Closed Cab
A & AA Panel Delivery

There were thirty nine colors in all. All colors listed are body colors. There are no special trim colors as all the body colors could be used in any combination.

Rose Beige Phoenix Brown Thorne Brown Copra Drab
Chicle Drab Dawn Gray-Light Bonnie Gray Rubellite Red
Vermilion Menelas Orange Yukon Yellow Arrabian Sand, Dark
Dawn Gray Dark Black Lombard Blue Niagara Blue, Light
Niagra Blue, Dark Gunmetal Blue Chelsea Blue Duchess Blue
Arabian Sand, Light Commercial Drab Pembroke Gray Pegex Orange
Medium Cream Cigarette Cream Blue Rock Green Rock Moss Green
Balsam Green Vagabond, Green Valley Green Highland Green
Kewanee Green Elkpoint Green L'anse Green, Dark Lawn Green
Cherokee Gray (1) Seagull Gray (2) White (3)

(1) Deluxe Pick-up until July 1931
(2) Available July 1931
(3) Standard on deluxe pickup only.

Source: Bill Barlow, Technical Director 10/2/02
Last Update: 04/15/2010
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