Model T Jacks

Compiled by Rick Black, El Paso Texas

Model T Cars to 1925

The original tool kit supplied with each Model T contained a jack with an integrated handle. It was a screw jack with an attached handle (with FORD script on it). It fit under the front or rear axles. This was used up to the 1925 Models.



Model T Cars 1926-27

A new design was introduced for the 1926-27 Model T's.
This was a forerunner of the A-17080 Model A "Flip Top" jack.
The one distinguishing feature is that the T version lacked the hole in the flip top.


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Model A or Model T?

Comparison of the late Model A jack (left)
and the last series Model T jack (right)



Model TT Trucks

Model TT Truck
TT Truck Ford Script

TT Truck jacks were similar in size and weight to their later Model AA (1928-1931) and Model BB (1932-33) brothers. TT, AA and BB jacks had a separate handle.

The base of this TT jack measures 5 1/4" x 3 1/8" and the top pad measured 1 5/8". Made by Walker, TT the jack had the number "216" stamped into the casting.


Model T and TT Jacks

Part Number Dates Used Height TypeMfgr Handle
T-17080? Through 1925 unknown
Screw unknown Integral
T-17080? 1926-1927 10.5" Ratchet Walker and



Through 1927

9.75" lowered
16" Raised



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