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Growing up the youngest of three daughters, I was the son my father never had. I was always by his side sharing his enthusiasm for new and old cars. In 1980, my father acquired his first Model A Ford and he fulfilled his lifelong dream, I had no idea his Model A would become a part of my life.

Fast forward to 2008, my father had passed away five years prior and my mother tried to talk me into keeping his truck while I tried to talk my mother into selling the Model A. I went to an event in San Jose, looking for members of the Santa Clara Valley chapter that might be interested in buying my father’s A. Then I could tell my mother there was someone who would love to own his truck. While at the event, I ran into our real estate agent that helped us buy our home. She was a member of SCVC and she talked us into keeping the Model A and being that SCVC member that would take care of my father’s truck. The little red pickup was now part of our family.

After joining SCVC, our family quickly learned how fun it was to tour in a Model A. We meet kind people and visited interesting locations. But we were a family of four and the 1931 pickup only seated two people. Selling the truck to upgrade to a larger model wasn’t an option so we set out to find another A that seated more people. And shortly thereafter, we had two Model A’s and twice the fun.

Of course like many Model A owners, we ventured out with our Model A wearing fashions from the era; and I admit I bought items that that I thought were era only to find they weren’t from our era. But with a ‘helpful’ chapter of members involved in fashions, I asked lots of questions and got some much needed direction that led me to the publications created by the Era Fashion Committee with MAFCA. With MAFCA’s publications with descriptions and pictures, I found my way to identifying era clothing and accessories. And many MAFCA members know this starts the collecting of said era clothing and accessories and the thrill of entering fashion judging events.

I entered my family and myself as fashion entrants at many of our Northern California Regional and Northwest Regional meets. I surprised myself with exceptional scores and a couple of scores that I racked up as learning opportunities. Then I took my hobby to the next level by taking the judging tests and showing at a national convention as a couple with my husband where we earned the Marshall and Veta Lewis Award.

I am intrigued and fascinated by the era of our cars and looking forward to learning more about the years between 1928 and 1931. My goal is to continue learning about the fashions of the Model A era, to help preserve this hobby for future members and meet more fantastic Model A people.

Revised 06/10/18