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I guess I became a Model A'er when I married my husband, Michael Lee, 35+ years ago. He obtained his 1931 Deluxe Coupe as a teenager; it was fully restored and established as a member of his family before I was. We joke that the car is his firstborn child. We both wear MAFCA 45 year pins, although he was the one who actually earned them.

My interests include sewing, jewelry making, collecting Bakelite, gardening, and promoting the idea that things from the past have value and are worth preserving.

On a whim, I entered my first fashion judging in 2009. Boy, was I unprepared! It took me about three entries and lots of help from more experienced club members to finally get the hang of things. But with each experience comes learning, and becoming a fashion judge just increased my knowledge and desire to learn more.

My husband and I have enjoyed our MAFCA friends and events for many, many years, and serving on the Era Fashion Committee will be a way of giving back to the club. Below is Santa Clara Valley Chapter's mission statement, with one tiny addition from me. It sums up my EFC goal:

"To further the association and education of Model A FASHION enthusiasts."

Revised 12/04/2020