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My introduction to the world of Model A's began when my husband, Dick, purchased his first Model A in the early nineties. The pickup came straight out of a barn, complete with leftover hay. We joined the Model A Ford Club of Colorado and were soon part of the local Model A family. We have both served on our local board in various positions.

In the mid nineties, I took the fashion tests with several other club members. We studied as a group, took the tests individually and then compared our answers. We spent several fun afternoons debating and discussing our answers. I served as an Apprentice Judge at the 1998 MAFCA National Convention in Reno, Nevada. Since that time I have served on the Era Fashion Committee, was the Host Fashion Coordinator for the 2016 National Convention in Loveland, Colorado, and the Chief Fashion Judge at the 2018 National Convention in Reno. The close friendships I have made with Model A'ers across the country is something I hold dear. I don't think this would have been quite as easy without being part of the fashion community.

I look forward to serving on the MAFCA Era Fashion Committee.

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Revised 06/19/23