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When I was dating my wife back in the 1970's, I knew that her father had a Model A (that he bought in the early 60's) stored in the garage, in pieces and not running. I thought nothing of it since I was there to pick up my date. My brother-in-law took the car up to Dallas in the late 1990's, and with help from the Dallas Model A Club, fully restored the 1930 Deluxe Coupe.

He kept the car in Dallas for eleven years and decided that he would bring the car to Houston and share it with his sisters. In 2011, it was my wife's turn to possess the car. I knew nothing about it until the day it came to us, but once we started to drive it we both fell in love with all that was Model A; so much so that my wife said we had to get our own car because she "doesn't like to share." Thus, we also own a 1931 Slant Window Fordor.

In 2012, we joined the Piney Wood MAFC and were instantly accepted as family. We started touring and eventually found ourselves at the Texas Tour where we learned about fashion and that there was actual Fashion Judging (who knew?) My wife became interested and found a mentor that to this day is extremely helpful.

Then came that day, while antiquing in Galveston, where on a dress form I spied what looked like an era dress. My wife tried it on and it fit so we bought it, our first purchase. The dress was later identified by my wife's mentor as an original 1931 day time dress and we were off to the races. With help, my wife put together and entered an ensemble in the 2018 Fashion Judging at the Texas Tour. We both had a blast and I became hooked as well as we both entered in 2019. My next step was to take the MAFCA Fashion Judging tests which I passed in 2020 and look forward to participating in my first judging event as an apprentice judge.

Since I am so new to Era Fashion, my goal with the EFC is to learn from the best and more experienced and to promote Era Fashion to the MAFCA community.

Revised 06/02/21