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For years, my husband admired vintage cars from afar. Then one day a little over ten years ago, he came home from my brother’s automotive junkyard all a-glow. He had just bought a 1929 Fordor from him.

I have to admit I was less then under-whelmed about this “pile of rust” sitting in the side of the garage, as it was admittedly a basket case with many years of restoration needed to ever run again. But my husband Wink jumped in with both feet. He joined a Model A club, and then when a new club started close to us, he joined that one too. But then he started dragging me along with him! I protested loudly – “I know nothing about no old cars, and I don’t know anyone there anyhow!” is about what I remember saying. That was in September of the year, and by January, I was the slightly stunned editor of the club newsletter “The Road Runner”. I realized that restoration of the Fordor was going to be a retirement project, and after watching him standing at parade after parade with club members and begging rides, we bought an older restored 1929 Tudor.

A lot of things have changed since that time. Wink has sadly passed on, but I’m still driving that car. “The Old Lady” and I have taken to the road to a lot of adventures and fun together, and while I love the car, I also love the history and people that go with it.

The fashion aspect of the hobby has always drawn me in, and as I wrote fashion articles for the newsletter, my interest kept growing. I’ve acquired a collection of original catalogs, magazines, jewelry, and hats along the way. But as much as I’ve learned, there is so much more to know!! My aspiring to the National Fashion Committee is one more step to educating myself about the rich fashion history surrounding our wonderful cars.

I’m so excited to be selected to this committee and to be able to have this opportunity to not only learn and grow fashion-wise myself, but to be able to give back to the wonderful Model A family that we have out there all around the country, and indeed, the world! Thank you so much!

Revised 06/10/18