Chapter Awards 2009

Newsletter Awards:

Most MAFCA chapters submit copies of their newsletters to the Chapter Coordinator each month. From those newsletters, MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Newsletter Award Policy.

MAFCA Chapter Newsletter Awards for 2009, designed to recognize the Editors of Chapter Newsletter, were presented at the National Awards Banquet.

Award Chapter Editor
of the Year
NW Missouri Chapter
Road Runner
Sherry Winkinhofer
of Excellence
Central Alabama MAFC
Model A Messenger
Terry Longest
of Distinction
Dallas Model A Club
Quail Tail
Wanda Rice
Best Special Interest Newsletter Model A Touring Club
Mile Post
Keith Smith
Certificate of
Continuing Excellence
Shade Tree A's
Shade Tree A's
Pat & Tom Roberts
Best Regional
Group Newsletter
Southern California Region
Regional Round-up
Carla Hibbard


Chapter Web Site Awards

A good chapter web site informs their members of chapter activities and guides potential members to the chapters. Below are this year's award-winning Chapter web sites. MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Web site Award Policy. This year's winners are as follows (click on the chapter name to visit their web site):

Award Chapter Webmaster
Web Site of the Year Lions Gate Model A Club Carl Becker
Web Site of Distinction Diablo A's Steve Mick
Certificate of Continuing Excellence MAFC of Colorado Lola Happel
Merit Award Capitol City A's Joe Lopez
Merit Award Northwestern Missouri Dave Telles
Merit Award Tucson Model A Club Rey Brown

These awards were announced in the January/February 2010 issue of The Restorer.

Last Updated: 10/14/23