Chapter Awards 2012

Each year, MAFCA awards chapters and members for longevity and service. This year's awards were announced at the National Awards Banquet in Colorado Springs, CO. Congratulations to all the chapters and people involved!


Chapter Longevity Awards

Many of our chapters celebrated their 50th Anniversaries this year. Congratulations to all chapters who have reached the 25 year or more mark.

50 years as a MAFCA Chapter:
Delta A’s, Jewel City Chapter, Little Rhody Chapter, Meadowlark, MAFC of Cape Cod, Modesto Area A’s, Oroville Golden Feather A’s, Palomar Chapter, Sierra Chapter, Tokay A’s, Western Carolina’s MAFC

45 years as a MAFCA Chapter:
Dayton-Buckeye MAFCA, Mississippi MAFC, New Orleans A’s, Sooner MAFC, Southern Tier Model A’s, Treasure Valley MAFC, Ventura County MAFC, Willamette Valley

40 years as a MAFCA Chapter:
Autumn Trails A’s, Golden Rod Chapter, Sonoma A’s, Stampede City MAFCA

35 years as a MAFCA Chapter:
Chico A’s, Memphis MAFC, Northern California Region, Northwest Regional Group, Postal A’s, Southern California Region

30 years as a MAFCA Chapter:
Beehive A’s, San Juan MAFC, Van Isle A & B Ford Club

25 years as a MAFCA Chapter:
Adirondack A’s, Bluebonnet MAFCA, Butte-View A’s, Ford Model AA Truck Club, Int’l MAF Victoria Assn., Linden A’s, Model A’s of Greater Orlando, Oakdale A’s, Pikes Peak Chapter, Silver State A’s, Southern Colorado A’s, Steamtown A’s,


Chapter Service Awards

This award is given to Chapter members nominated by their chapters for service above and beyond. These special people have worked hard and long to make their chapters successful.

Those members who were honored by their Chapters for outstanding, long-term, continuing and selfless service to others in the Model A hobby are . . .

Neil Besougloff Wisconsin Chapter Wisconsin
John Bruce Arnold Northwest Florida A&T Ford Club Florida
Dennis & Judy Rinaldi Santa Clara Valley Chapter California
Miguel Ventura San Juan Model A Puerto Rico
Ray Williamson Alamo A’s Texas
Marlin & Elaine Perry Santa Anita A’s California
Bill Hansen MARC/MAFCA of San Diego California
Lynn Sonderaa Volcano A’s/Beaver Chapter Washington/Oregon
Nadine Howard Charter Oak Model A Chapter California


Newsletter Awards

Most MAFCA chapters submit copies of their newsletters to the Chapter Coordinator each month. From those newsletters, MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Newsletter Award Policy.

MAFCA Chapter Newsletter Awards for 2012, designed to recognize the Editors of Chapter Newsletter, were presented at the National Awards Banquet.

Newsletter of the Year - The Quips, Cuesta Crankers, California, Pete Peterson, Editor
Newsletter of Excellence - Model A Messenger, Central Alabama Model A Ford Club, John & Faye Gieske, Editors
Newsletter of Distinction - Buckeye Exhaust, Dayton-Buckeye MAFC, Ohio, Camilla Ackerman, Editor
Best Special Interest Group - Town Sedan Times, Town Sedan SIG, Dan Gambill, Editor
Best Regional Group - CCRG News, CCRG, Sandra Eitzen, Editor
Best International Newsletter - Ahoooga News, Hawkes Bay Model A Ford Club of New Zealand, Joanne Wilson, Editor
Most Improved Newsletter - The Horn, San Gabriel Model A Restorers Club, Ray Tewes, Editor

Certificates of Merit
Steering Column, Model A Ford Club of Greater Baltimore, Betty Fisher, Editor
Desert A, MARC of Arizona, Frank & Janice Gemmell, Editors
Radiator, Marin A’s, California, Lester Foote, Editor
The Roadrunner, Northwest Missouri Model A Ford Club, Sherry Winkinhofer, Editor
The Spare Tire, Palmetto A’s of South Carolina, Happy Begg, Editor
The Steering Column, Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club, Hanover, MA, Betty Fisher, Editor
The Steering Column, Paradise Valley Model A Ford Club, California, Cathy Alford, Editor
The Ford Squeaks, Piney Wood A’s, Texas, Ken Pritchett, Editor
Crank & Rod, Pomona Valley A’s, California, Karin Woodworth, Editor
Ford Script, Santa Clara Valley MAFCA, California, Dave & Susan Jones, Editors
Wheeling the A, Wisconsin Chapter MAFCA, Sue Quam, Editor



Chapter Web Site Awards

A good chapter web site informs their members of chapter activities and guides potential members to the chapters. Below are this year's award-winning Chapter web sites. MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Web site Award Policy. This year's winners are as follows (click on the chapter name to visit their web site):

Award Chapter Webmaster
Website of the Year Sacramento Capitol A’s Janet Webb
Website of Distinction Brazos Valley A’s Ginger Wentrcek
Merit Award Twin Cities MAFC Jerome Bokelmann
Merit Award Sagebrush Chapter Jim Rummings


Last Updated: 10/14/23