Chapter Awards 2015

Each year, MAFCA awards chapters and members for service. This year's awards are as follows:

Chapter Service Awards

This award is given to Chapter members - their chapters for service above and beyond. These special people have worked hard and long to make their chapters successful.

Those members who were honored by their Chapters for outstanding, long-term, continuing and selfless service to others in the Model A hobby are as follows . . .

Eva Huey Alamo A’s Texas
David & Karen Bockman Charter Oak A's California
John Richardson CCRG California
Dell & Wanda Rice Dallas Model A Club Texas
Bob Johnson Marin A’s California
Arlyn Bieber San Diego Model A Club California
Noel Suarez San Juan Model A Club Puerto Rico
Wayne & Julie Innamorato Santa Clara Valley A's California
Clayton Johns Superior A’s Michigan
Mike & Susan Quan Wisconsin A’s Wisconsin

Congratulations to you all! You are all winners in our book!

Newsletter Awards

Most MAFCA chapters submit copies of their newsletters to the Chapter Coordinator each month. From those newsletters, MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Newsletter Award Policy.

MAFCA Chapter Newsletter Awards for 2015, designed to recognize the Editors of Chapter Newsletter, were presented at the National Awards Banquet.

Award Editor Newsletter Chapter
Newsletter of the Year Wanda Rice Quail Tail Dallas Model A Club
Newsletter of Excellence Sherry Winkinhofer Road Runner NW Missouri
Newsletter of Distinction Linda Smith Manifold News Rogue Valley A's
Best Special Interest Group Marlies Plaggenborg   A400 Group
Best Regional Group Tom Jeanes Northern Wheels NCRG
Best International Newsletter Paul Hunter Model A Torque North Island NZ
Certificate of Merit Paulette Saenz The Distributor Alamo A’s
Certificate of Merit June Rosploch Moto Meter Diablo A’s
Certificate of Merit Dick Wyckoff   Harbor Area
Certificate of Merit Nita Mehl Horn Blower Happy Honkers
Certificate of Merit TIssy Smith-Hatcher Distributor Orange County
Certificate of Merit Twila Cockreill Spare Tire Palmetto A's
Certificate of Merit Tanner Bond Ford Squeaks Piney Wood A's
Certificate of Merit Bob Rusunen Volcano View Volcano A's
Certificate of Merit Genet Shotwell   Southside A's


Chapter Web Site Awards

A good chapter web site informs its members of chapter activities and guides potential members to the chapters. Below are this year's award-winning Chapter web sites. MAFCA presents awards based on criteria in the Website Award Policy. This year's winners are as follows (click on the chapter name to visit their web site):

Award Webmaster Chapter
Website of the Year Bob Rusunen Volcano A’s
Website of Distinction Ginger Wentrcek Brazos Valley A's
Certificate of Merit Happy Begg Palmetto A's
Certificate of Merit Steve Mick Diablo A's
Certificate of Merit Rey Brown Tucson Model A Club


Last Updated: 10/14/23