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A400 or 68C -- Dec 11, 2021
I am looking for an older restoration or a complete car in an A400 or 68c. an all original car needing restoration also considered. Let me know what you have. thank you.

Contact: Ron Zimmer,
Mount Laurel Township NJ -- 856 655 9613

 picture31 SW Cabriolet 68-C -- Nov 1, 2021
Wanted: S/W 68C Cabriolet Looking for a 1931 Slant Windshield Cabriolet in good driving condition to enjoy with my family. I prefer a darker color car (Lombard Blue for example). I will give your car an excellent home. Please contact me if you would like someone who would care for your cabriolet. Thank you. Alternate phone 419-582-2861

Contact: Ed Daniel,
Fort Loramie Ohio -- 937-638-5955

Want Tudor -- Oct 27, 2021
Looking to buy a restored Tudor Sedan. Not looking for a project but something I can drive and take the wife and kids touring.
Will travel for the right car.

Contact: Gary Willkom,
Phoenix Arizona

Want 1931 Fordor -- Oct 27, 2021
Looking to buy a restored 1931 Four Door. Not looking for a project but something I can drive and take the wife and kids touring. Will travel for the right car.

Contact: Gary Willkom,
Phoenix Arizona

Wanted - 1930-31 Pickup -- Jul 8, 2021
Looking for a running 30-31 pickup in good shape that needs TLC. Not looking for a show vehicle.
Prefer stock condition as much as possible. Love to tinker with them.

Please send information and photos to:
Rick Black, Las Cruces NM - 541-499-1356

 picture31 SW Cabriolet 68-C -- Jun 27, 2021
Looking to find a 1931 Slant Windshield Cabriolet 68C.
Prefer older restoration with indented firewall.
Let me know if you can help.

Contact: Joop Plaggenborg,
Glendale AZ

Sedan Delivery -- Jan 4, 2021
Wanted 28/29 sedan delivery with single back door
older restoration okay but must be in good condition or new restoration.

Contact: Dennis Rinaldi,
San Jose CA -- 408-672-6783

Want to buy 1930-31 Standard Coupe Without Cowl Lights -- Oct 31, 2020
Unrestored or old restoration with patina. Not looking for a restored car.
Prefer Black or Dark Blue paint and Prefer trunk to rumble seat.
Will travel to see the right car.

Contact: Rick Black
New Mexico

Want AA Truck -- Sep 21, 2020
Wanted AA 229-A service tow truck or AA panel truck. Restored condition or good presentable.

Contact: Richard Alexander,
Buellton California -- 1 805 452 5205

 picture 1930 AA Fire Truck - - May 15, 2020
Wanted 1930 Model A Ladder Truck. Mountain View Fire Department is looking for this ladder truck for the Mountain View Fire Department museum.

The truck was sold to Mitch Stensler of Fort Worth Texas around 1969 or 70.

Contact: George Diamantine,
San Leandro California -- 510-632-0804


Searching for Our Old Model A:

Aunt Lucy's Tudor -- Aug 1, 2019
I am looking for "Aunt Lucy's'" 1929 Model A. It was purchased in 1934.
It was sold upon her death in @1975. I have traced it thru 3 owners
and last known in Missouri. The serial number is A1141065.
I hope to one day get it back in the family.

Contact: Keith Persons,
St Charles Minnesota -- 507-251-8983

Looking for my old 1929 Roadster -- Jul 31, 2020
This is my ole girlfriend of 38 years going back to College days. Long restoration and a daughter’s wedding trip from the church In the rumble seat. Alas, sold the car 15 years ago and miss it mightily! I think it is still in Connecticut. Perhaps the new Owner will contact me and cheer me up!!

Contact: Don Hight MD,
Farmington, CT -- 860 305 9313

Where's My Old Speedster? -- Aug 31, 2015
Looking for my old 1929 boat tail speedster. it went to Colorado about 1993. I painted it red with gray wheels. Painted white speed feathers on both sides with #3 in the circle. It is made with 2 International hoods and 29 cowl. I built a custom stainless header with a down draft carb. set up.

I miss this car, if I can would like to buy it back
Contact: Lee Thomas,
253-639-1044 -- Auburn, WA.

Last Updated: 12/12/2021