Gallery - Model A's on the Farm

Photos submitted by MAFCA members of Model A Fords being used on the farm.
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Here is a photo of an original 1929 Worthington Golf Tractor with a Model A engine. It is owned by Ken Pelzel of Greenwich, Conn. Another great use for the Model A engine. These tractors had Model T engines up until the Model A engines became available and used them until 1933 when they used Model B engines and eventually even Ford 8N tractor engines. They were used to help groom golf course grounds and pulled gang lawn mowers.

Posted 11/11/10

[Ward Tractor]
Don Gaffney publishes a newsletter for people interested in Model A farm vehicles. He recently sent in this "before and after" photo of this recently restored home-made Model A based tractor.

Posted 3/5/08
[Ward Tractor]
At right is a 1929 Model A that has been fitted with a Montgomery Ward conversion kit. The tractor was recently sold on eBay.

We don't see too many of these around anymore!
Posted 12/29/07
[Ward Tractor]

These photos were sent in by Phil Mino of Strathmore California, who writes,

"My membership number is 012558, and I've been a continuous MAFCA member since September 1958. I guess that makes me one of the old timers. I thought you might like to post these in the appropriate spots on the web site photo album.

Note: Phil passed away in 2019. Updated 01/06/20

Sent in by Mike Hamper SR of Jefferson, Ohio, who writes,

"Hello Folks , attached is a photo of my 1943 Speedex FG (Farm and Garden) Plowing on April 20, 2005 here in Northeast Ohio. Has a Model-A engine, trans, and rear-end, radiator. Speedex only made these for apron. 4-years. "
Posted 4/30/05

Speedex Tractor Conversion sent in by James Newberry of New Jersey. Originally identified as a "Simplex", MAFCA member Don Gaffney has notified us about the error identifying the manufacturer. The Speedex used the 1929 radiator and shell, engine, trans and differential. Note how they mounted the seat on top of the Model A rear. If any of you out there have similar tractor conversions with Model A or B engines, JJ and Don want to hear from you!


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