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The Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA) is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Ford Model A and AA cars and trucks, as manufactured from 1928 through 1931. We are an active, family-friendly organization whose members share a passion for these historic vehicles, plus other aspects of life in that era, such as fashions.

MAFCA is a not-for-profit corporation with members and local affiliated chapters all over the globe. This makes us the largest car club in the world dedicated to one make of automobile. We hope you enjoy looking through our site, and we invite you to join us! NOW

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Sonora A's 4th of July Parade


July 5 - California has been locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all 4th of July parades were cancelled.

But that didn't stop the Sonora A's from organize their OWN parade yesterday. CLick here to see the video.

new Era Fashions Video


July 2 - Ever wonder what it’s like to be a era fashion entrant? Watch this new video as we walk you through the process and include some tips that might help you improve your score.

With special thanks to the many MAFCA members who volunteered their time and talent.

To watch the video, click here.



June 28 - The webmaster has received lots of "thank you" messages about the A of the Day Puzzle. One member asked, "How can I use yesterday's A of the Day for a puzzle?"

This is very doable, in fact you can choose ANY photo on your computer to use as a puzzle. So I explained to him that first he has to download yesterday's photo.

Since many of you might be thinking the same thing, I wrote up the instructions for finding the A OF THE DAY photo you want (up to 30 days of back photos are on the website) -OR- choose a photo you already have on your computer.

To view the instructions, click here. Happy puzzling!

New A Engine Update

June 19 - Terry Burtz has forwarded photos of the first set of newly manufactured engine parts ready to be shipped from China to the US for testing. You'll find a link to those photos at the bottom of the New A Engine page.

Follow up - Wilcox AA Truck


June 18 - Back in the March/April 2020 issue of The Restorer magazine, there was a story about David Wilcox and his 1929 AA Truck.

After a flood at his home in Louisiana, the truck was almost totally under water. But with the help of his friend George Corse, they nursed the old truck back to life, and it is now drivable once again.

Here's a short video of one of the first drives - click here to watch on YouTube.

members with email

June 14 - Since the beginning of our website, we have a Members with Email section where MAFCA members can list their email address and Model A interests so that other members can keep in touch, ask questions, etc.

Our "listmaster"Tom Boergert has just sent in the latest versions of those lists, one sorted by member name and one sorted by location. You can find the updated lists in the MEMBERS ONLY area.

I've just taken a look and am surprised how many old entries are in there. Many of us have changed email address and locations since we first entered our names, so now is a good time for all members to take a look at those lists. If your information in out of date, or if your name is NOT in the lists, you can click on the link to get your information updated.

fabulous model a collection

June 10 - Paul Shinn, member from California, recently was invited to see the fabulous collection of Model A's owed by MAFCA master judge Doug and Debbie Clayton in Stockton, California. Doug allowed him to shoot a YouTube video and Paul posted it last week. Click here to see it.

MAFCA Office Opens to Phone Calls

May 23 - Effective Tuesday, May 26, 2020 the MAFCA office will be answering phone calls from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Pacific Time. If you have questions or would like to place an order for MAFCA merchandise you may contact us during those hours. Of course, you may leave a voice mail message at any time and we will return your call as soon as possible, always within one business day. Our web site is still accepting orders as well. We look forward to serving you.

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"A" of the Day

We want your Model A Photo!

Please describe your car's year and model, and include your City and State in an email to Webmaster. Don't forget to tell us who is in the photo and where it was taken.

Photos that are at least 250 kb in size work the best.

Miss a day? View the last 30 days of A OF THE DAY photos when you click here.

A of the Day Puzzle! [Image]


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