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History of MAFCA’s Fashion Pattern Collection

Edie Jones began this effort in 1975 by collecting original era patterns. Edie set up a method of loaning them out, and many MAFCA members made outfits from the Model A era (1928-1931). Edie later sold the collection to Pat Watson. Pat added more patterns and continued to loan them out to the membership. When Pat decided to sell the collection, she contacted MAFCA, who purchased the collection in 2008. Since then, a number of individuals have donated additional patterns to the project.

The Era Fashions Committee has reviewed many of the patterns for authenticity and period correctness. The ladies of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of MAFCA spent months preparing the patterns to be digitized, and paper copies were sold by MAFCA. The leadership of Helen Christensen and the generous use of equipment and the expertise of Rodger Griffin made this dream come true for many years.

In early 2022, a MAFCA member bought the digital and original paper copies of the 300+ patterns and is offering them for sale through another company. See the Vendors page on the MAFCA website. The gallery of pattern envelope scans remains on the MAFCA website for your enjoyment and education. The paper catalog of the scanned pattern envelopes is available for purchase at the MAFCA online store.

MAFCA wishes to thank and acknowledge all the individuals who have played a part in the project.


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