Reader Tips

  There is a wealth of experience in our hobby. The many expert sources of information include:

In addition, many restorers have great ideas how to accomplish many restoration tasks. Some of those "home brewed" ideas are presented on our web site for your pleasure. If you find value in them, the authors would be pleased to hear from you - click on their name to send them e-mail.

Cotter Pin Tiny Tip written by Dave Westenberger, Virginia
Distributor Shaft Tune-up written by Larry Jenkins, Shellsburg, Iowa
Emergency Brake written by George Sprotte, Montana
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets written by Richard Bates, San Diego, CA
Installing Windshield Glass written by Bob Carabbio, Pleasanton CA
Installing Body-To-Frame Welt written by Rick Black, Las Cruces NM
Installing a Round Dome Light written by Marco Tahtaras, Pleasanton CA
Planning Your Restoration written by Marco Tahtaras, Pleasanton CA
Removing Dents in Stainless Caps written by Dave Westenberger, Virginia
What Year Is It? written by Rick Black, El Paso
Drawings and Illustrations submitted by MAFCA members
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