Tech Tip - Removing Glass from Windshield Frame

Question Posted by Fred Murphy on January 09, 1998
I have removed all the scews from windshield frame.Does the top of the frame lift off to take the glass out? Anybody replaced the windshield glass.Could use some hints to do it right. Thanks for the info.

Answer Posted by Bob Carabbio - January 09, 1998
Windshields normally break when you hit them with a rock .... You're right, though, the top comes off, but can be rusted in place pretty tightly since it has a lot of sliding area around the brackets. I used a lot of heat and mechanical persuasion with a rubber hammer to separate mine. Then after cleaning it's a good idea to sand the glass groove as smooth as you can get it to reduce friction, and paint it for protection.

The ends of the frame will bend out a little allowing you to seat the glass first in the curved bottom portion. I found it easier to apply the seating material to the glass and slide it down into the frame. The seating material should be lubricated I used liquid dishwashing detergent slightly diluted, and applied liberally. It's a good idea to put some sealing material (like bathtub sealer) for about 2-3" in the outer corners of the glass channel, and up the sides. don't use too much since it'll keep the glass from seating.

Seating the bottom is best done by supporting the frame on something that has the same curvature. - I used the top of the gas tank (isn't painted yet) with a couple of layers of blanket, and pushed the glass in with a padded 2x4 and a rubber mallet. Then the sides can be shoved together. a large carpenter's clamp is useful here to hold the sides in position for the top to be applied. Apply some sealing compound to the joint in the seating strip which should be cut a little long.

Apply the top with the rubber mallet and carpenter's clamps and screw it together. What you need to avoid is concentrated pressures on the glass. If you have a carpenter's bench with cleats you could use that to support the frame lying flat, and press the thing together nicely.

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