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The Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA) is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Ford Model A and AA cars and trucks, as manufactured from 1928 through 1931. We are an active, family-friendly organization whose members share a passion for these historic vehicles, plus other aspects of life in that era, such as fashions.

MAFCA is a not-for-profit corporation with members and local affiliated chapters all over the globe. This makes us the largest car club in the world dedicated to one make of automobile. We hope you enjoy looking through our site, and we invite you to join us!

Left: our award-winning magazine The Restorer.

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Computer Editing Professional (CEP)Wanted


May 20 - The MAFC and MAFCA Judging Standards Committees are preparing Revision 5 to the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards. We are seeking a CEP to convert Revision 5 into a digital format compatible with any prospective printer's requirements.

The CEP may be a volunteer providing this service at minimal cost or a paid professional. If interested, please submit an inquiry to the MAFC and MAFCA offices and to:
    • Rob Mills - and to
    • Tom Rut -
outlining your qualificaitons, a sample of your work, and a fee schedule to cover all costs. Revision 5 includes text, color pictures, illustrations, and charts.



Convention Update

May 20 - Registration for the 2024 MAFCA National Convention in Ruidoso is going nicely. So far, there are almost 300 registrations and over 500 people signed up.

May 1 was the deadline for registering without an extra fee, but you can still register online or mail in your registration. To see the updated form, click here.

For more information on the quaint village of Ruidoso New Mexico, Click Here.

And be sure to purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win this beautiful 1928 Model A Tudor from the Convention Website.


May is Model A Youth Month

May 12 - This month is “Model A Youth Month.” Clubs are asked to organize an activity that provides youth with a hands-on experience with a Model A. Youth should get to touch, sit in, listen to, honk the horn, perhaps take a ride, and learn about Model A and its place in history. Introducing youth to the hobby is essential for the future of our clubs and the hobby.

Why did the Model A Youth Restoration Award (MAYRA) create the slogan “May is Model A Youth Month”? We wanted all clubs to join in exposing as many youths as possible to the Model A. As a reminder, a slogan was needed, and May was as good a month as any. International Model A Day was a wonderful example of how things catch on. Many years ago, one or a few clubs started the idea, and it is now recognized and celebrated internationally. MAYRA’s hope is that clubs will focus on a youth activity, especially in May, and that it will take hold and become something planned annually.

If your club has planned an activity with youth during May or any other time of the year, you will see lots of smiles. Please send photos and a short description of the activity to - And to read more about Model A Youth Month, Click Here.



Who Remembers?

May 6 - Several members contacted the webmaster regarding this horn/flowerpot.

Two people said these were banquet table decorations at the 2000 National Convention in Kansas City. Two more remarked a slightly different version appeared at the 2022 National Convention in Kerrville.

Thanks to those of you who helped us out.


Era Fashion Article of the Month

May 1 - Every other month, a member of the Era Fashion Committee writes an article especially for the website. This month's article can be found on the Era Fashion Articles page.




May 1 - Volume 11 of the "How To Restore Your Model A" series is here! This addition to the series contains color reprints of technical articles that have appeared in The Restorer magazine.

Here's a sample of those unique articles written by some of our very knowledgeable and talented members:

and many more!

Special pricing for this new book for a limited time, so get yours NOW.
Just click on this link!


Welcome new web advertiser
Model A 5 Conversions

April 30 - Our newest website advertiser is Model A 5 Conversions. Check out their web ad on the Advertisers page.


Visible Gas Pumps


April 23 - The webmaster received an email from a member looking for any existing gas stations that are still pumping gasoline from visible gas pumps. He wants to visit the station and do a documentary for YouTube before the visible pumps disappear.

We received one response from a member stating that knows of two pumps that are still operating! Kings Canyon Lodge in Kings Canyon National Park has two. Here is a link to a map showing the locaion.

If anyone else knows of any, please contact the Webmaster and I will forward your comments to him.


Sad News

April 14 - We have recently learned of the passing of two MAFCA members that were pioneers in technical research of Model A Cars. Marco Tahtaras of Pleasanton California passed away in January and Ron Mosher of Newhall California passed away earlier this month. These two men were highly regarded by the MAFCA community and they will be sorely missed. RIP brothers.

Read more on the Memorials Page.


Great offer from MAFCA headquarters

April 10 - Any club merchandise purchased before May 20, 2024 will be delivered free of charge to our 2024 MAFCA National Convention in Ruidoso New Mexico.

Check out our products in the MAFCA Store and call the office to place your order - Monday - Friday between 10am - 4pm - 562-697-2712


April 4 - At a special March Board meeting, two applications for chapter charter were approved. Our newest chapters are Superior A's in Michigan (welcome back!) and Space City A's in Texas. Welcome to you both!

You can find those chapters and others on the Chapters List Page.


MAFCA National Events

March 6 - MAFCA is seeking a chapter or group of chapters to host a national event such as a National Awards Banquet, National Tour or National Convention. The common belief that this undertaking is difficult is offset if a few chapters join together to put on the event.

Guidelines for hosting are available on this website in the MAFCA policies area under the member’s only section. And it doesn’t even have to be in your backyard. For example: The 2025 National Tour, hosted by the Dallas Texas Chapter, will be a super event where we’ll have the opportunity to visit Civil War battlefields starting in Waynesboro, Virginia. And the last time I checked, Texas is a long way from Gettysburg or Antietam! Click Here to Read More


MAFFI Museum Expansion


Click Here for details.


Recent Videos

Instead of listing new videos here, we're going to list them on the WHATSNEW page in the future. To jump to the VIDEOS page now, Click Here

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"A" of the Day

We want your Model A Photo!

Please describe your car's year and model, and your City and State in an mail to

Photos that are at least 250KB in size work the best.

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Product of Month

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Upcoming Events

June 2 - Clinton WI
35th Annual Model A Day

June 8 - Unon Gap WA
40th Annual Swap Meet

June 13-16 - Nacogdoches TX
Oldest Town in Texas

June 14-15 - W. Columbia SC
19th Annual Swap Meet

June 16 - Chantilly VA
Sully Antique Car Show

June 22 - Illinois
Day on the Dixie Highway

June 23-29 - Ruidoso NM
2024 National Convention

See our CALENDAR for details


Recent stories

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"A" Cartoon
of the Week

Stan Blinco was a Model A'er and artist who created these cartoons for his local chapter, Beaver A's. Chapter editors: feel free to use them in your newsletters. To read about Stan Blinco, Click Here. - serving Model A Ford owners since January 1, 1997

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