Chapter Activities

Belonging to a chapter allows MAFCA members to enjoy the camaraderie of other Model A lovers. Below are contributions from some of our Chapters who want to share their activities with us.

Smoky Mountain Model A Chapter, Knoxville, Tennessee

We held our annual September picnic at Concord Park (the Cove). We had 17 A’s. Fifty plus members enjoyed the tasty food and treats complementing the club hamburgers and hotdogs, cooked thanks to chefs Jim Wolfe and Bill Gunnell. As the gastronomic feast was winding down we held our monthly meeting. We had our first auction of “A” parts and stuff. The club netted over $500 thanks to our wonderful members’ donations and active bidding.
Reported by Bob Helsel
Posted 11/22/23

 picture Treasure Valley Model A Ford Club - Idaho

On September 17th The club showed 22 cars at the Eagle Idaho Farmers Market. We celebrated Constitution Day and had info on all the states that ratified the Constitution, and we handed out American Flags and had a bell ringing just as the founding fathers did. One of our members even set up a three-person band. We wondered how many clubs have their own band? A BIG thanks to Craig McClintock and Jeff Stapleton!
Reported by Jim Borchers
Posted 11/21/23

 picture Santa Clara Valley Chapter

Fred Wilkinson turned 100 years old and now has the distinction and honor of being SCVC’s first centurion member with 60 years of membership with MAFCA and 61 years of membership with SCVC! Fred has served as SCVC President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership, Activities, before holding the volunteer position of publishing editor since 2009.

Fred and his wife Joyce have been recognized with MAFCA Chapter Service Award in 1994. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Fred! We appreciate all you have done for the Model A hobby!
Thank you. SCVC President Jill Barrett.
Posted 10/07/23

 picture Shade Tree A's

A short history of our club and activities in 2023.
Posted 07/21/23

 picture Treasure Valley Chapter

This year, we've had a distributor seminar and a lesson on CPR. We also toured to Payette Idaho for some A&W Root Beer.Reported by Jim Borchers
Posted 07/21/23

 picture Smokey Mountain A's

July 12th three A's with six hearty souls headed to Auburn, IN for MAFCA's tour. All A's drove great over back roads there & linked up with four more trailered A's. We were glad to see the large number of people with A's present for the reception dinner. We're now in the midst of the touring Amish-Mennonite country enjoying their country cooking. Ahead lies Notre Dame University, the Studebaker and Gilmore museums. The Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg site will be the finishing touch.
Posted 07/21/23

 picture Capistrano Valley A’s Ford Club Adventures 2020

My name is Steven Murphy from Capo Valley A’s in Southern California.
For inspiration during these unusual times, I’d like to share a few pictures of a recent Model A adventure.

Click on the image at right to see what we were up to in 2020
Posted 01/28/21

Tour to Ridge Springs - Shade Tree Chapter, Georgia - sent in by Matt Barrett

Palmetto a’s. Old 96 A’s Aiken Model A Club and the Shade Tree A's met at junipers for lunch yesterday. About 40 plus members and wives attended - we parked in the town square 4 cars from the STA Group were there with only one roadside technician session. (Breakdown)

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Posted 02/16/20

Canterbury Chapter - New Zealand

We have just had our New Zealand (biennial) National meet held in Te Anau (South Island), where we had 144 Model A’s participate, so as you can see the Model A fraternity is alive and well in this country. More photos are posted at ‘’ – Model A 2019 sorted by rego (just 2019) has some pictures of the event which may be of interest.

Thanks again and all the best to the parent body MAFCA.
Kind regards
Graeme Scott
Club Captain Canterbury Chapter.

Posted 05/06/19

Photo Photo Photo Photo

Rock-ford A's

Here is a photo of the Rock-ford-A's (Illinois) members cars lined up after the South Beloit IL Centennial Celebration Parade that was on Aug. 26th 2017. It was a great day with lots of people who enjoyed viewing and sharing stories about the Model A Ford.

Photo by Alan Pedersen

Posted February 2018

October 14, 2013 - Santa Clara Valley Chapter

The Model A in the photo isn't a "Model A Ford" but I thought I would send it to you anyway. Several of our Santa Clara Valley Chapter members attended the United Airlines Family Fun Day yesterday at their maintenance base at San Francisco airport and participated in their Plane Pull event. We had to "move" this "Airbus A320" plane by pulling on the heavy rope attached to the forward running gear. We moved the plane the required 20 feet or so.

-- Chuck Christensen

a picture

July 28, 2013 - Blackstone Valley Model A Ford Club

Did we have a good time or what? Yes, our first tour was a big success, except that someone ran out of gas as he was leaving Lowell's. But a friend brought me a gas can, and we were soon on our way. We had 5 vehicles show up at Jim and Nancy's in fine form. What a delight it was to travel behind four other Model A's and watch them travel down the road. We definitely turned a few heads.We look forward to the next meeting on Aug. 20, where we'll discuss the next tour, dues, and upcoming car shows. A big thanks to everyone for participating, I did speak with Lidia, the owner of Lowell's and she invited us down for a cruise night some evening. That'll be up for discussion on the 20th as well. See you then! Have an A day!

-- John & Valerie Barrows
a picture

June 21, 2013
Dick Przywitowski submitted this photo of the Central Midwest Regional Meet in Wichita Kansas that ends today.
a picture

June 4, 2013
Chuck Kallas submitted this photo of the Sierra Chapter (Fresno California) as they lined up their cars for a photo shoot to comm orate their chapter's 50th anniversary.
a picture

April 11, 2013

CCRG 2013 Awards Jacquie Conley Award
to Dan Foulk

Submitted by Michael Martin

Jacquie Conley was one of the early members of the CCRG, and she was a real go getter! She was very important in the formation of the CCRG making it what it is today.

In memorial to Jacquie, the CCRG gives this award annually. It is the only award the CCRG gives. Before this year, they would be giving the award to all of the early founders of the CCRG. About 5 years ago, it was given to Edwina Barnes from our club, she was a founding member of our club, and both her and her husband were involved in the CCRG very early on. Dan was surprised and honored to win the award. He was almost speechless!



Dillinger Days - Tucson Arizona

January 21, 2012
Submitted by Linda Willmore

It was perfect Arizona weather on January 21 for 38 Model A’s and club members to attend the annual Tucson Dillinger Days celebration. Each year the city re-enacts the 1934 capture of John Dillinger and his gang. The Model A’s provide a great background to the action which takes place at the old Congress Hotel, the scene of the capture.

Two Model A “actors” Andy Neal Jr and Bud Duval took part in the three live re-enactments. Members also enjoyed dressing up in period costumes and socializing with the public, many of whom were very interested in the cars and their history. Many thanks to Ray Feierstein who coordinated this event.


4Ever4 Runs at Bonneville

Saturday, September 4, 2010 -
Submitted by Jim Brierly

Attached are 2 photos taken in 2008. I don't have anything from this year, sorry.

This year's record of 153.790 was set with Ron Mosher driving and Jim Brierly's Cook providing the motivation.



The class was V4/BGL (Vintage 4 cylinder/ Blown Gas Lakester.)

The engine doesn't look much like a Model A anymore does it? The block is a 1932 Model B, the head is a Cook made in the late 30's and the turbo is from a 60's Buick.

Monday, May 24, 2010 -
Submitted by Ed McCreedy

This past Saturday Fairfield County Chapter met with 6 A's and 15 riders under cloudy skies in the Newtown Ct. commuter lot for a tour to the Steam Train in Thomaston . From there Chris MacKenzie led the way north towards Roxbury. Shortly after crossing the Lake [dammed Housatonic River] on Route 133, Chris took us off onto the back roads. We went though some beautiful countryside and past some lovely farms until the roads turned to dirt. At around the same time the sun broke through the clouds. It was Model A touring at its best. We even passed a rusting out AA in one of those farm fields. [ReadMore]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 -
Submitted by
Andrew Jackman

In 2009, the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana California opened it doors and track to members of the Model A Clubs in the Southern California region. The event was organized by the Orange County Chapter.

Although I'm from Oregon, I was visiting my brother and was able to attend. My write up and photos are provided for your enjoyment here.

September 2, 2009 - Lone Star Model A Club
- submitted by Rebecca Ann JORDAN, aka Rajordan

I just finished putting together a web page full of photos from the Lone Star Model A Ford Club’s (Georgetown, Texas) tour to Yellowstone National Park. There were five couples who towed or trailered our Model As from central Texas to the Lake Jackson Lodge in the Grand Tetons National Park. It was on August 12th that we put our Model A Fords on the ground.

We drove 390 miles into and around Yellowstone National Park before hitching them up again on the 19th to go home. One of our club members is putting together photos gleaned from all of us, and we hope the Restorer publishes our story with photos, but meanwhile, I am submitting my photos to the MAFCA web site. I hope you like them. It was a LOT of fun. --RAJ

I specially like this one. Note our car’s quail in the foreground. Big hairy American Buffalo (Bison): We had a buffalo jam because of this guy

We had lots of tourists taking photos of us: I got some great shots of us riding around Yellowstone in our Model A Fords.

To visit our chapter web page, click here.


June 11, 2009 - MAFC of Long Island NORTH SHORE TOUR, May 31
- submitted by Bruce Adams
20 cars toured various Long Island's North Shore water view vistas and beaches, followed by lunch.

June 6, 2009 - Photos from Grandfathers Day
- submitted by Rob Powell, Georgia Chapter,Lilburn, Georgia.
To view the photos, click here.

June 3, 2009 - Photos from the NCRG Meet
- submitted by Darryl Coe, Redwood Shores, CA
To view the photos, click here.

April 2, 2009 - Puerto Rico Model A Club
Submitted by Elsie Negron

In February, the San Juan Puerto Rico chapter participated in the largest car show in Latin America. Over 2200 cars were on display in one place.

The San Juan Club has 40 members, all of them collectors and restorers of Model A Fords, and they were participating at this show, displaying their cars and a recreation of a 1930's food store under a 200' tent.

According to the organizers of the event, the tent was the most visited and popular, attracting more than 40,000 people over the weekend. There was also a display of Puerto Rico stamps. Last year, they recreated a 1930's gas station.

In 2010, they hope to have a representative from MAFCA to join the local Model A fanatics.

Click on the photo at right for more details.

March 28, 2009 - Long Island (NY) Chapter
Submitted by Bruce Adams

Our chapter had over forty cars participate in its annual Cracker-Barrel Run March 22, 2009, which included a stop at a private owner's A car museum of thirty cars, where we enjoyed bagels and coffee. Our next stop was a privately owned tractor museum containing one hundred-fifty John Deere tractors on two floors. We then went to a member's cabinet making shop and art museum, finally ending at a member's home for sandwich and salads. .Kudos to Activities VP Bob Bidonde for putting it on.


March 22, 2009 - Treasure Valley As - Boise ID
Submitted by Craig McAllister

Here are some shots of the Treasure Valley As annual Frank Leonard Memorial tour that took place March 21, 2009. We toured the Emmett, Idaho Valley and stopped along the way at the Black Canyon Dam. Although our second tour of the year - our first is our Annual Polar Bear run which this year was to the Swan Falls Dam south of Kuna, Idaho on New Year's Day - the Frank Leonard tour is the one that really kicks off our touring season.

This tour is in memory of Model A restorer Frank Leonard and has been organized and run magnificently for several years by Ron and Lois Carr of Emmett, Idaho. I lost count but I heard we had around 30+ Model As this year.

August 9, 2008 - Minuteman Chapter - Sudbury MA
Doug Linden sent a report of the Dallas Meet that was published in their August newsletter.
To read the report, Click Here.

July 12, 2008 - A's R Us Chapter - Crete, Illinois
Joe Krygowski sent in a Press Release of his chapter's participation in a Johnny Depp movie shooting near Chicago called "Public Enemies."
Click Here
to read the press release and view some photos.

July 11, 2008 - Capitol A's - Sacramento, California
Joe Lopez, President of the Capitol A's, sent in several photos of his group as they toured to the 3rd MARC/MAFCA World Meet in Addison.
Click Here to see those photos.

July 10, 2008 - Orange County Chapter - California
Mark Schwing, President of OCMAFC, wrote this article about the 3rd MARC/MAFCA World Meet for their chapter newsletter, July 2008 Volume 48 Number 7
Click Here to read the article.

July 8, 2008 - Cape Henry Chapter - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Loukie Smith wrote an article about the 3rd MARC/MAFCA World Meet for her chapter newsletter, "The Grease Rag", Volume 30 Issue 7, July 2008.
Click Here to read the article.

May 24, 2008 - Treasure Valley Model As - Idaho
Submitted by Craig & Laurie McAllister

The Treasure Valley Model A chapter participated in the annual Melba Fun Run May 17, 2008. Various local vintage car clubs were involved besides our local Model A group. Included in the several dozen vintage machines were Model T's, Thunderbirds, 50s Fords, and some rare and unique machines including a Franklin coupe, a 31 Plymouth sedan, a 1928 Buick phaeton, a 1910 Jackson and a 1928 Chrysler coupe.

We toured from Kuna, Idaho to Celebration Park on the Snake River. Then we continued on to Melba for lunch, an auction and raffle, and award presentations. The Treasure Valley chapter continues to be one of the most active antique car clubs in southwestern Idaho.


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