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Articles for your Newsletter

Articles for your Newsletter has been moved to Chapter Articles.

Member Resource Handbook

The Beaver Chapter of Oregon has developed a resource handbook for their members and they have allowed MAFCA to make it available to any MAFCA member. Although the handbook is tailored to their local users, the book is a good template for other chapters to customize for their own members. Click here to take a look at it.

Logos for your Newsletters or Web Pages

It's a great idea to include the MAFCA logo in your newsletters and on your chapter website pages, but where can you find one? There are several ways to do this. What I did to create the MAFCA logo on the website was to get a MAFCA decal and scan it. The size of the decal is too big of course for most printing purposes, but I just reduce it to fit the purpose.

You can get a copy of nearly ANY web image or photo by simply dragging it to your desktop. Alternatively, you can right-click on it and select "SAVE IMAGE" to a location on your computer of your choice.

a picture

The color MAFCA logo at right is a bit special as it's not the traditional JPEG image. It's in the CompuServe GIF format, which I did intentionally since that format allows you to have a transparent image - the only thing that shows up on a web page is the oval logo and not a white background that surrounds it. So, if your web page (or newsletter) has a colored background, you wont see the white box surrounding the oval. For example, notice the MAFCA logo in the banner at the top of all of these web pages - the MAFCA oval "floats" over the blue background.

To get a copy of the MAFCA logo, try dragging it to your desktop or right clicking and selecting "SAVE AS". If none of those work for you, you can download the color file MAFCA_C_trans.gif here. Why the funny file name?
It stands for MAFCA Color Transparent logo in GIF format.

a picture If you need a hi-res Black and White image, Click Here. -- Rick Black, Webmaster June 2023



A good newsletter can help chapters to get the word out to their members. Below are some award-winning Chapter newsletters to give you some ideas on how to create interesting newsletters for your members.

Wisconsin Chapter Wheeling the A Editor: Sue Quam
White Mountain Chapter Club News Editor: Janice VandeBogart
Utah Valley Model A Club Newsletter Editor: Jeff Niven
Twin Cities Model A Ford Club "Ahooga" Newsletter Editor: Mark Leder
Cabriolet Special Interest Group CabrioLetter Editor: Tom Krueger
Fort Worth Chapter The Cowtown "A" Editor: Chuck Nixon



Sparking Guide

The Era Fashion Committee has put together a guide to "spark the interest" of MAFCA members to get involved with Model A era fashions. Click Here to view this great guide.



[Image] This two page flyer is great to setup on a table or pass out to your members during club meetings, cars shows or displays to promote MAFCA.

To view the flyers, click here.

The George Washington Chapter (Virginia) has created a tri-fold flyer they use to "advertise" the Model A and their chapter when they're at car shows or displays. They have allowed other chapters to use the flyer. Click on the image at left for a closer view.

If you'd like to view the PDF file, click here.

If you'd like to adapt the flyer for your own chapter,
get the Word version and modify it to suit.



Getting our youth involved is a critical - we're not getting any younger. The A-World Magazine is written for school children in grades K-12. Encourage your Chapter members to "sign up" their children and grandchildren and get them interested in the Model A. For more information, visit the A World page.


Last Updated: 02/07/24