Era Fashions Committee

The Era Fashions committee is an integral part of MAFCA. Era Fashions are a part of every MAFCA regional, divisional, and national meet, as well as most MAFCA chapter meets. The Era Fashions Committee oversees the rules for judging era fashions, assists MAFCA chapters and regions with their era fashions events, and researches era fashions.

Articles written by EFC members will acquaint you with Era Fashions Judging and how the committee operates. You may click on the articles to read them if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

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How It All Began - The Beginnings of the Era Fashions Committee by Lynette Marcione

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The Era Fashions Committee

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Laurie Elliott,San Jose CA
EFC Chairperson 2023-2024
Lynda Davis, Colleyville, TX
EFC Member 2022-2024
Pat Menz, Sacramento CA
EFC Member 2022-2024
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Perry Jones, Cypress, TX
EFC Member 2023-2025
Lois Przywitowski, Lafayette, CO
EFC Member 2023-2025
Peggy Gill, W. Sacramento CA
EFC Member 2023-2025


MAFCA's book on era fashions, The Book of Fashion Facts, Model A Era 1928 to 1931, was published in July 2006 and MAFCA's newest collection of fashion related articles previously published in The Restorer, The Fashion Files 1928-1931, was published in June 2016.

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To contact the EFC Chair, write to fashions @ - To contact the Fashion Editor, write to FashionEditor @

Last Updated: 07/01/2023