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a picture1929 Phaeton owned by Tom Pedersen from Denmark, who writes:

Here is a recent photo of me and my Phaeton 1929 bringing in our Christmas Tree in December 2018. Passenger in front seat is my father-in-law Ingvard Poulsen, aged 99 (yes) and in the back seat my wife Hanne (ageless).

Ingvard was a skipper in the Maersk Fleet and a pilot in Danish waters for three quarters of a century, and is still in ship shape. Photo location is the small island Aeroe in Denmark. Population: approx. 6.000 people and nine Ford As, ship shape as well. Happy New Year !

Posted 01/06/19

1929 Phaeton owned by 2015 MAFCA Technical Director Jim Cannon of Spring Texas.
A wonderful example of an open car, this Phaeton is one of the best.
Posted 12/22/15

1929 Phaeton owned by Art & Marlynne Pugsley from the Beaver Chapter in Portland, OR. The occasion was the wedding of Granddaughter Rachel in September, 2011. This early 1929 phaeton has a drum tail light, vertical flute lenses, single bulb headlamps, two wire lamp conduit with the correct diameter holes in the shell to receive them. The date stamped on the fire wall is 3 7 29. "I had the good fortune to purchase the car from the original owner, in 1967."
Posted 12/10/11

1929 Phaeton owned by Bjorn Sand, Norway
Sending a picture of my 1929 Phaeton, taken during fall.
Posted 10/08/11

1929 Phaeton owned by David S. Crocket of Easton, Pennsylvania
David getting ready for the 2007 Halloween Parade in his hometown.
Posted 2/5/08

1929 Phaeton owned by Matt Hinson from Wilmington, NC, who writes, "In 1996, I bought 1931 Briggs Town Sedan. When I first bought it, I had a very enlightening experience driving it home. It was about a 5 mile drive. It was starting to get dark. Most of the lights did not work, the brakes were barely existent, and the steering gear had a lot of loose play in it. I picked the car up and thankfully I made it home without hitting anything or getting hit. I soon began the work that made it safe to drive. In 2001, I decided to do a full frame off restoration. I could not bear the thought of not having a Model A to drive, so I began the search for another Model A to drive while I restored the Town Sedan. I ended up finding a 1930 Deluxe Coupe that had been restored by a member of my local AACA Chapter. After buying the coupe, I decided to freshen up the restoration and correct a few things that had not been restored up to my standards.
Posted 6/20/06

1929 Phaeton owned by Craig A. McAllister from Boise, Idaho, who writes, "After dropping out of the Model A hobby in 1985 to focus on raising children and making mortgage payments, an old Model A friend suggested in the fall of '04 that I take a look again at the old car market. After checking around, I found this phaeton only 2 miles from home! The car seems to be about a 30 year old restoration of a very low mileage machine. It had been stored quite a while and needed some 'freshening' to make it road worthy and reliable.

Various friends and contacts in the Treasure Valley Model A Ford club have helped me learn what I never knew and relearn what I had forgotten about how to keep an 'A' on the road. A special thanks to Dave Anderson, Bert Colwel, Glen Clayton, Elvin Hightower, and Jack Mc Daniel. Half the fun owning an antique car is being around wonderful people like these folks. Being around this machine the past year has reopened an entire world for me. Model A Ford Forever."
Posted 11/11/05

1929 Phaeton owned by All and Angie Collins of Maumelle Arkansas, who writes, "This photo was taken on Avery Island in Louisiana, the home of Tabasco. I purchased this car two years ago after getting the A bug again. My wife Angie and I truly enjoy driving our phaeton at every opportunity!
Posted 2/12/05

1929 Phaeton owned by Tomas Jutebring of Stockholm Sweden. The car is a 28/29 and has been driven for two years now. There is still a lot of small improvements needed before a paint job. Thanks to everyone that helped with critical parts and information.
Posted 6/10/02

1929 Phaeton owned by Bob & Margaret Land of Medford Oregon.
Posted 8/28/02

1929 Phaeton owned by Lew Robeson of Cochiti Lake New Mexico. Here is a shot of Millie at the far side of the lake here at Cochiti Lake. The car is a 1929 Standard Phaeton and is driven on a regular schedule.
Posted 5/1/03

Cabriolets Top

a picture

1929 Cabriolet owned by Agustin Hernandez, who writes:

This is my 1929 cabriolet here in Zaragosa Spain.
Notice the front turn signals that are very rare
and the shades over the headlights.
The jewels on top of those shades
Make it easy to tell at night if the bulbs are working correctly.

Posted 03/26/21

1929 Cabriolet owned by Jackie Freeman of the Antonio Alamo A's.
Posted 03/26/21

1929 Cabriolet owned by Ben Hardeman of Bryan Texas.
Posted 03/26/21

1929 Cabriolet owned by Steve and Judy Lewis of Sonoma, California.
Posted 03/26/21

Roadsters Top

a picture

1929 Roadster owned by Carl & Ellie Pease of Anaheim California, who write:

This is our 29 roadster, we purchased approximately 5 years ago.
We belong to the Orange County Chapter..
Posted 03/24/16







1929 Roadster owned by Von and Katherine Wolfe of Columbiana, Ohio, who writes:

I bought this roadster from a gentleman in Greeley, CO in 1993. Katherine and I toured all over Ohio and Pennsylvania in this roadster, UNTIL we finished our '29 Town Sedan in 2001. Now she has been relegated to our "back-up car". I'm a Past Director of the Penn Ohio "A" Ford Club.
Posted 10/18/12

1929 Roadster owned by Bill Alexander of Albion, Maine
Posted 02/17/12

1929 Roadster owned by Al and Sheila Friesen of Carstairs, Alberta, Canada, who write:
"We enjoy participating in tours with the Stampede City Model A Ford Club and taking drives in the countryside in central Alberta. I have fond memories of afternoons with my Dad in the passenger seat.
Posted 03/14/09

1929 Roadster owned by Dick Phinney of So. Hero, Vermont, who writes:
"Thought that you would like to review my 1929 40A roadster. It took me nine years to complete. I'm a Member of Vermont Maple A club celebrating our 40th year."
Posted 05/27/08

1929 Roadster owned by Andrew and JoAnn Jackman of Damascus, Oregon, who write:
"Greetings. I thought you might enjoy this shot of our 1929 Roadster taken in the fall of 2007 during a drive to Brightman Oregon. I have owned the car since I was fifteen; I finished restoring it after 5 plus years of work. We drive it every time we have a chance."
Posted 01/19/08

1929 Roadster owned by Mike and Una McLaughlin of the Beaver Chapter Oregon, who writes:
"Picture features our Baby Susie vintage 1929 roadster and our grand daughter Malia vintage 2002. Both gorgeous and in peak condition, both run like a dream."
Posted 7/11/07

1929 Roadster owned by Doug Hallmark of Olla, Louisiana. Doug says "I have a 1929 Model A Roadster which I've been working on for about 5 years (a little at a time) and it is 95% restored. I always look forward to receiving the Restorer magazine every 2 months and wish there were more of them.
Updated 5/26/06

1929 Roadster owned by David Brandt of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. David is a member of the Dakota Territories Model A Club.
Posted 2/2/06

1929 Roadster owned by Paul and Penny Ruocchio of Raleigh, NC, who writes, "Here is a shot of our '29 Roadster. She was my first Model A, and as a newbie I got very lucky. I'm only the fourth owner, and the car has only 47,000 miles on her, and I'm responsible for 6,000 of those. She runs like a top, and I drive it every chance I get - I've been known to drive it to work when my modern car is sick.
Posted 1/28/05

1929 Roadster owned by Bill Newland of Keller TX, a new MAFCA member. Mighty fine roadster, Bill. Thanks for sending in the photo.
Posted 12/17/04

Roadster Pickups Top


1929 Roadster Pickup - owned by Fred Zumwalt of Morenci AZ who writes:

Here's a photo of my 1929 roadster pickup next to a truck tire
that they use on the haul trucks at the Morenci Mine in Morenci, AZ.

Posted 07/17/18





1929 Roadster Pickup - owned by Albert Welledits, Vienna, Austria who writes:

Purchased in February 2014 from another Austrian in Tirol, who imported the vehicle from the US in 2007, did some mechanical repairs to the older renovated vehicle to get it working, but not complete and not to perfection. The vehicle never left Iowa before Coyote Classics sold it to Austria, I know about four previous owners before Coyote Classics had owned it for a few years. I was told the vehicle was a display car at a car dealer in Osage, current mileage is about 34.000mi

My 81 year old father, active like a never tired Duracell Bunny and me bought it for 22.000 Euros - and we invested another 25.000 for doing paint and fixing some mechanical issues to perfection plus buying a spare engine from the US. This vehicle will be active as a show car for our brewery restaurant as much as possible, of course only, when the sun is shining. Also participation at classic car rallies are planned.

The new top is already in house and an experienced restorer will do final stitches in July and then, "mission completed"..
Posted 04/24/14

1929 Roadster Pickup - owned by David Block of Santa Cruz, California, who writes:

"This is a 1929 Roadster Pickup that I built out of parts. It's a ground up restoration with a Model B engine. At first I built a speedster body for it. I got so much attention (people screaming at me in excitement when I would drive past them) that I thought I'd go a little more subdued. So built a Roadster. But after all that, I realized what I really like is the Roadster Pickup. so it became a roadster pickup."
Posted 1/27/05

Coupes Top

1929 Coupe owned by Mike Kelly, former MAFCA Technical Director,
Kent Washington.




Posted 01/20/22

a picture

1929 Business Coupe owned by Kelly Timco from Sylva, North Carolina, who writes:

The car was my father's from sometime in the 1950s. I was born 1970. Recent specs include a 6:1 high compression head, AER touring motor, 340 stipe cam, v6 alternator, Bert's radiator, Mitchell synchronized transmission. Rebuilt rear end from Bentley, V8 clutch/flywheel.

It runs all LED lights and a Marvel carb. And sometimes the Allstate manifold heater with it. Runs well around the smokies.

Posted 05/08/21

1929 Sport Coupe owned by Bob Codeglia of Livermore, CA.
Although he's only owned this Model A for a short period of time, he's thoroughly enjoyed driving it with his chapter, Henry's A's.
Posted 11/23/12

1929 Sport Coupe owned by Bud Toye of Montecito, California.

Bud restored this car when he was a teenager in the 1950s and now is enjoying it with his family including his teenage grand kids.
Posted 09/02/16

1929 Sport Coupe owned by Bob Codeglia of Livermore, CA.
Although he's only owned this Model A for a short period of time, he's thoroughly enjoyed driving it with his chapter, Henry's A's.
Posted 11/23/12

1929 Business Coupe owned by Ray Horton of Portland, Oregon, who writes, " Here is a photo of my 1929 54A Business Coupe in front of my home in Portland, Oregon. I looked for a '29 54A for over ten years but have had this car just one year on August 31, 2012."
Posted 08/28/12

1929 Special Coupe owned by Chad Eaves of Rutherfordton NC, who writes, "I just had the car repainted. The car is stock except for the hydraulic brakes. It runs and drives very good. I joined the Thermal Belt Model A club. My favorite time with my Model A was when I got to drive my grandmother around in it. She said grandfather and her had one when they got married and drove from Rutherfordton to Wilmington in 1933. She said it took all day. They were married at 8:00am that morning and the trip was their honeymoon. She passed away at a 102. That make my car more special to me because of the stories grandmother told about driving her Model A Ford. I am very proud of my Model A."
Posted 2/7/09

1929 Sport Coupe owned by Hugh Smith of Hampton, Virginia, who writes, "Here is a picture of my early, January 1929 Sport Coupe, Rose Beige in color. This Model A is driven all over the Country to National meets!! "
Posted 7/26/08

1929 Sport Coupe owned by Jack Smith of Saint Cloud, Florida, who writes, "Here is a picture of my 1929 Sport Coupe, "Old Yeller" pictured just as I purchased her in February of 2006. The former owner called her "Blanche" after the TV show GOLDEN GIRLS. Either way, she is a real joy to me. She is pretty much stock with the exception of hydraulic brakes and a five speed synchromesh transmission. A 30 or 40 mile jaunt in the country raises my spirits and lowers my blood pressure."
Posted 08/06/06

1929 Business Coupe owned by Steve DeBoer of Montebello NY, who writes, "This car has been in my family since 1963 and was given to me in 1970. I used the car to take the road test for my drivers license and drove the car throughout high school. It underwent a 30 month full restoration in 1997 and continues to bring enjoyment every time we drive it. I recently purchased another Model A for it to share the garage with, a 1929 Town Sedan that my son and I will restore together."
Posted 05/06

1929 Coupe owned by Marty Benko of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.
Marty writes, "Here's a picture of my 29 coupe that I've had for about 15 years. It's as Henry built it. I did a body off restoration ten years ago with the help of some friends in the Beaver Valley Chapter of MAFCA. I took out the rumble seat and fabricated a flat floor trunk! The car has taken 2nd place several times at local car shows. A coupe is what I always wanted and now I have one!"
Posted 2/03

1929 Sport Coupe owned by Darryl Coe of Redwood City CA.
Darryl bought this car recently to have a touring car while he finishes the restoration of a 1928-29 Roadster Pickup. Not too shabby, Darryl!
Posted 3/05

1929 Special Coupe owned by Bonnie Gregori of Steilacoom, Washington. Picture supplied by Dick Burton. Bonnie's late husband Jack purchased the Coupe from a 75 year old Gentleman in Fairview, Oregon around 1995. This was Jack's 5th or 6th Restoration and his last one.
Updated 1/30/05

Tudors Top


1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Jesse Eaton of Vienna West Virginia.

Dad Jamey Eaton sent in this photo of his son's 1929 Tudor which he purchased in 2019 as a junior in high school. Jesse will graduate this year with the class of 2020.

Pretty sharp car for a high school senior to be piloting, right?

Posted 04/24/20


1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Ted and Ingrid Lobley from Canada, who write:

"This Model A is the pride and joy of Ted and Ingrid. We have had the car since 1994 and love it. It is an original car with about 50,000 miles on it. The fenders have been painted and the balance is as it came off the line in Denver on June 14, 1929. Insofar as it is possible, this is a numbers matching car. The engine number, the chassis and the horn all fit with June, 1929 judging standards.

"We have driven the car on many tours notably to Post Falls, WA with the Stampede City Model A Ford Club to the NWRG Meet where the car won a second in unrestored. The roof wore out after 81 years and we are in the process of replacing it in time for upcoming driving season."
Posted 03/05/13

1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Sherry Winkinhofer of Smithville, Missouri. This beauty has already won several awards and is a pleasure to drive
Posted 03/06

1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Peter Rines of Maine who writes,"Here are some pictures of my 1929 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan. I just got it on the road (March 2006) and it's almost done!"
Posted 03/06

1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Kent Hazelwood of Stayton, Oregon, who writes, "Here are some pictures of my 1929 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan. I have owned it for the last 2 years and have completely rebuilt the power train and body. As with all Model A's, there are still a few things to do, but we enjoy evening drives, parades, and touring around the Willamette Valley. Pictures were taken in front of the historic Covered Bridge in Stayton, Oregon (Salem area). This is my second Model A. My first was my very first car purchased by my dad when I lived in Trenton, Michigan as a 16th birthday present. It too was completely redone."
Updated 03/06

1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Paul Hohman of Paso Robles, California, who writes, "Here is a photo of our car, 1929 Tudor, birth date 5/20/29 in the Twin Cities Plant. We obtained the car in 1980 from the second owner who moved to California from Oregon. The first owner was in South Dakota. We restored it with the help of the Santa Barbara Club Members Ron Ryker and Aaron Machado. Color is Bonnie Gray and Chelsea Blue. It is stock. We drive it all we can. We are now in the Paso Robles Model A Club in California. We enjoy MAFCA events and CCRG events here also. I am currently President of the Paso Robles Club."
Posted 06/05

1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Eddie Collins of Charleston, SC. The photo was taken near Walthourville, GA at a reconstructed early 20th century town owned by local, Danny Norman. The very unusual site is an annual gathering place for clubs in the Georgia, South Carolina and Florida area.
Posted 7/04

1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Leo R. Lavigne of Brooklyn, CT. "Here is a picture of our first Model A. It is a 1929 Tudor Sedan that is now totally restored and enjoyed doing tours of the New England countryside. This Tudor was purchased from a member of the Little Rhody Model A Club in Rhode Island. A very dependable solid driver which has provided many enjoyable miles."
Posted 10/5/03

1929 Tudor Sedan owned by Lance and Charlie Selkirk, of Lodi, CA. "My wife and I have always been interested in old cars. One day on our way home from Sacramento we spotted a man driving a Modal A Coupe along the frontage road, we followed him to his house and spent the next two hours talking about the different cars. He suggested we come to a club meeting (Tokay A's Lodi, Ca.) and see if we would like to join. We did and we did, a month later the club president, Noel Stetson called and said he got an e-mail from a person in the Bay Area who had a 1929 Tudor for sale. My wife and I along with Noel made the trip; we bought the car and are having the best time. We drive her everyday we can, people smile as we go by, come up to us and ask about her. As we drive around we say " give us a smile and we will give you an Ahooga".
Posted 7/04


a picture1929 Briggs Fordor owned by Paul & Tina Shinn, who writes:

Our all original 1929 Standard Fordor sedan took "Best in Class" and "Best Unrestored Vehicle" at the 2016 Ironston Concours D' Elegance on September 24, 2016. Quite an honor to drive across the Concours award stage twice!
Posted 09/27/2016





1929 Murray Fordor owned by Eric Roberts of Long Beach California
Posted 03/25/14

1929 Model 60-C Steelback owned by Joan & Lew Lewis of Saddlebrooke, MO, who write:
"Elliott" is my 1929 60C Fordor Steelback that I have been agonizing over for the last several years and completed January 2006. Elliott comes from Chicago and used to run booze for the the "Untouchables" - hence the name. This effort was a full ground up restoration, not to judging standards, but to the way I wanted it to create the tightest, most reliable touring "A" I would ever care to own and drive.

All main parts (not accessories) are absolute stock. The main differences on this car are: added a 26% Mitchell OD, the steering is the modified Ford F-100 box, cast iron drums were installed, stainless steel bumpers, all glass is safety, 90% of all the assembly standard nuts, bolts and wood screws have been replaced with Stainless Steel Hardware except where Grade 8 bolts were used, all nails were replaced with Stainless flat head wood screws and the quantity used was doubled from what Henry used (there are about 1,000 screws in the sheet metal to wood), there is 150 pounds of high density, self adhesive sound-proof and thermal barrier racing insulation material in the top, all sides, front, back and even under the floorboards (boy, does that make it quiet inside), there are 12 tubes of polyurethane chimney and flashing flexible rubber sealing all around the body (makes it unbelievably tight - it will float)."
Posted 11/17/13

1929 Murray Standard Fordor 165-A - owned by Mike & Janet Leighton of Everett Washington who write:

I bought this car in 2008 from a fellow Moon on A Model A Club member. He purchased it in about 2002 from a man named Edgar, another Moon on A member. When he got it home, he proceeded to dismantle it until there were almost no two pieces still together. There it sat until I bought it. All metal was in good shape and only the front two feet of the top wood needed to be replaced. I proceeded with a total restoration trying to keep the car as original as possible. I did move the spare tire to the front fender and added cowl lights. It came with a Kari-Keen trunk which needed professional help to get back into shape.

I have added Harley Davidson running/turn/stop lights and seat belts for safety. It is painted Andalusite Blue with Niagara Blue, Light reveals and a French Gray pinstripe. I will reupholster with a LeBaron Bonney Kit for the more deluxe 155-A and paint the inside window trim French Gray to match the pinstripe. The car is now being driven daily and is known as "Edgar".
Posted 02/28/13

1929 Briggs Sedan - owned by John and Trish Lavoy of Rocklin, CA who writes:

We had been using a 1928 Phaeton to tour with our family. While it was a great little car it was not what you would say was weather proof. I located this car at a swap meet in 1978 bought it and brought it home. Once in the garage I decided it was a much larger project than I wanted to tackle right then. The car sat in the garage until 2001.

We had taken a vacation to Colorado for the High Country Tour. Of course we encountered cold, rain wind etc. My wife asked about the possibility of windows. When we returned home I started on a frame off restoration of the sedan. The sedan body, being totally framed in wood, required extensive work. There were patch panels to install, along with changing the firewall to fix all the extra holes that were hacked into the area.

Trish chooses the color combination along with the interior fabrics from the MAFCA/MARC Judging standards. She even made me change from black walls with black wheels to the red wheels with whitewalls pictured here. This car was finished in time for the tour to Texas for the MAFCA/MARC national convention in 2008. We put over 5000 miles on it on that trip and another 5000 once we got home.

Since then it has gone on many local and regional tours and is a wonderful tour car. Of course it was built for touring, we mentioned the engine, it has a transmission (original) with all reproduction gears, the same with the rear-end. A Mitchell overdrive unit gives us the ability for highway speeds. But touring isn't all about engines and stuff, this car has an A/C unit, heated seats, stereo and safety items like seat belts and turn signals.
Posted 06/15/11

1929 Murray Town Sedan owned by Ed Schroeder of Gladstone, Oregon. Photo and story from Ken Lauderback of Milwaukie, Oregon, who writes:
Ed purchased the ’29 sedan in 1957 from the original owner. He drove it for 4 years to work, and it developed a rod knock. He parked it in a shed in 1961. In Sept. of 2007, after nagging him about it for 10 years, I finally convinced him to let me take the engine down and replace the rod. We got it fired up, and he has been enjoying it ever since. It is completely original, and he is the second owner.
Posted 01/30/09

1929 Murray Fordor owned by David and Doreen Turpen of Battle Ground Washington, who writes: "Battle Ground is just north of Vancouver Washington USA. I bought the car about five years ago and am slowly getting it together. The car was stored for approximately 27 years before I purchased her. The painter used this car to show his apprentices how the dents and dings were taken out of the body with pounding out and then finishing with the lead fill as was done originally. All of the wood was replaced, the top was replaced, so it is like a new car. I had 1934 wheels on the car in the picture but don't know if I will keep them on or go back to original size."
Posted 08/1/07

1929 Briggs Town Sedan owned by Bill Mitchell Jr of California.
"I purchased 'Tony' in October of 2004 and I am thoroughly enjoying this hobby. You can also see this "A" featured in The Restorer July-Aug 1961 issue and it has not changed much in the last 45 years as it has mostly been garaged. But now it often sees the Sunday morning California sun. I can not seem to find a picture of another '29 Briggs Town Sedan. 1929 was the first year for the Town Sedan, perhaps the first run was not very large! Would like to find out more about this model."
Posted 01/06/06

1929 170-A Fordor owned by Dick & Sabina Burton of Tacoma Washington. "This car was purchased from Fletcher & Linda Morse from Oregon several years back. The car was born and raised in the Arizona/New Mexico area which helped in keeping the Sheet Metal in excellent condition, so I am told."
Posted 1/28/05

1929 Leatherback Fordor owned by Jim and Valeri Brown, taken on on its very first outing. A nice foggy cold day.
Posted 1/28/05

1929 Murray Fordor owned by Ed Firth, Culver City CA. Writes Steve Newton, "Ed is the President of the SCREENLAND A's . His sedan was purchased new in 1929, from a Ford dealership in Selma Oregon. The car was restored in 1980 by it's second & third owners, Gene Gilbert and John Firth of Grants Pass Oregon. The Murray Body sedan was given to Ed by his brother John in 2004. Ed lives three blocks east of where the old Hal Roach Movie Studios and the famous Helms Bakery."
Posted 1/8/05

Commercial Vehicles - Light

1929 Pickup owned by Mike Kelly, former MAFCA Technical Director, Kent Washington.

This is one of several Model A's that Mike has in his collection. Mike learned to drive in this car that he got when he was 14 years old.




Posted 01/20/22

a picture


1929 Pickup owned by Wayne Askew, Salt Lake City, Utah, who writes:

Originally from Teluride, CO, restored in 1969 by Larry Lowry in Denver, CO, I purchased it in 1971 while in the Army stationed at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, worked on it a bit, gave it to my Dad in Illinois, 1971-2007.

Restored it for the second time in 2008, moved it from Illinois to my home in Salt Lake City UT where I belong to the Salty A's Model A Club. I drive it weekly from 2008 to present.
Posted 06/15/18

1929 Deluxe Sedan Delivery owned by Terry Woods of Walworth Wisconsin. Terry uses this on his Farm. Gently.
Posted 01/29/13

1929 Deluxe Sedan Delivery owned by Annabelle and George Pope, Visalia, Ca. who wrote: Rick:
Here is a picture of our 1929 Deluxe Sedan Delivery. The car was restored for the 1962 National Meet in San Francisco. It was the only Deluxe Delivery at the meet. The car was in storage for many years. I purchased it in 1978. It is just like it was in 1962 except I have put many a mile on it. A really great touring Model A.
Posted 01/06/13

1929 Pickup owned by Steve & Kathy Shortsleeves, Pittsford Vermont. Wife Kathy writes, "Steve did a ground up restoration himself. The truck has been restored since 1995, The cab, hood, wheels, gas tank, and frame are original. We do a lot of driving and touring with the pickup approx. 500 miles a year. It is stored for the winters. We enjoy a few parades and taking rides, going strawberry and apple picking, and some car shows."
Posted 11/05/11

1929 Huckster owned by Fred Kroon, Banks Oregon, who writes,
"I have just finished restoring my old 29 Model A. This old rig I have had since I was in high school in the 1950's (a couple of years ago). At that time is was sort of a 29 CCPU. When I got it from my cousin, it had no motor in it, no bed and a few other things were missing. I did get the motor with it so I installed the motor and got it running. Then I proceeded in "customizing" the body. Cut the top off at the bottom of the windows, took the windshield off, took the fenders off. Thus in today's view of the old rig, it was a wreck. Then the old rig sat around in various places, got rained on (we live in Portland Oregon area), and thus ended up very rusty and not much left of it. Then about 30 or so years ago, I put it in a new barn we had built. So there it sat since that time. Late in 2008 after finishing the restoration of a Ford 8N tractor, I thought it was about time to do something with the old Model A. Due to the fact the CCPU body was a mess, I had to do something for a body. So I found a wooden Huckster body that a person could buy and just bolt on. It came complete. So I went back to Holland MI, picked up the complete body, bolted it on the redone frame, had the engine, transmission, etc. rebuilt, rebuilt the brakes, got some replacement fenders and other parts, painted everything needing painting so now the old CCPU is a 1929 Model A Huckster.
Posted 06/24/10

1929 Pickup owned by Benny Bohanan of Maysville, Georgia who writes, "Here are a couple of pictures of my '29 Commercial pickup. The interesting thing about this truck is the wheelbase has been extended 16". This was done when it was new, and was sold as a commercial truck in 1929 to a landscaping company. The frame extensions, and drive shaft extension along with the extension for the speedometer cable are all original to the truck. The bed wood has been replaced, but all the original hardware is in tact. The truck runs and drives great, and I use it almost every day."
Posted 11/9/08

1929 Pickup owned by Mike Hamper Sr. of Jefferson, Ohio, who writes, "I am sending a photo of my 1929 Closed Cab Pickup. I purchased it from original owner in Oct.1965. We raised -9- kids .....kept it the same with some little improvements - new top material and -1- piece of wood (header) in 1967. Just cleaned it up last week after setting for -18 - years for a Diamond in the rough local Antique show. We got it running...just fine...all original....has some paint and striping visible."
Posted 8/22/05

1929 Pickup owned by Richard Armendarez of Culver City CA. Steve Newton writes, "Richard is the Treasurer of the SCREENLAND A's. He purchased the truck from a family member years ago. After rebuilding all the mechanical on the truck, Richard's garage caught fire, luckily he had blocked the wheel with a brick, rather than setting the emergency brake,so when the fire started, he was able to move the brick and pull the truck by it's bumper, out of the burning garage, (lesson learned). Only the top material melted and the paint bubbled ...Lucky !! Richard's backyard wall is sound stage 16 at the old Ince/Selznick Movie Studios, now called "THE CULVER STUDIOS".
Posted 1/8/05

1929 Panel owned by Don Mims of Cumming, GA, who writes, "I found this panel advertised in Hemmings back in March 2002 and it was located in New Hampshire. In April my wife, grandson and I headed north to pick it up. When I saw it I knew that was what I had been looking for. The panel was in decent shape but needing attention. Some wood was rotten/missing from the rear door and the paint was years old and weathered. However, we drove it on the trailer and headed back to Georgia.

After driving it around for a couple weeks I started a complete disassembly and restoration. Even to removing the sheet metal from all the wooden skeleton. In May 2003 it was completed to the stage shown in the photo sent you. We are now using this for our touring vehicle and have already driven it over 2000 miles. It is the most comfortable Model A I have driven. Of the 8 model A's I've owned it is so far the best one!"
Posted 1/29/05

1929 150-A Station Wagon owned by Peter Noyes Mertztown, PA, who writes, "Growing up along the New England coast, station wagons were referred to as BEACH WAGONS and for some 50+ years I had a dream of owning one. Just a few years ago I was able to buy this one. The wood you see is all original - the vehicle was restored to the standard of the time outside of Springfield, Massachusetts in the early 1960's. All I've done to it beyond regular service is to install new Firestones on powder coated wheels and to buy new side curtains. This is one neat old chugger carrying a 12 11 28 firewall dating and early features common to only two other old woodies leading us to believe that all three could be from the first production batch of five built in December of '28."
Posted 1/28/05

1929 Huckster owned by Mike Ryan of York, PA. Mike wrote in 2003:, "I would love to share before and after pictures of my 29 Huckster with the group. This was taken in October 2002 just before I had to put her away till next Spring when I'll have recovered from my back surgery and can once again work on it. Actually except for a week here and there and paint, she's road ready. I've taken her to a few 'retiree' breakfast with my buddies and it usually winds up as the subject for discussion. It started out life as a rusted chassis (A1732953) with a valid Pa. truck title and a picture in my mind of better things to come. I think it turned out OK for my first project. Even impressed the wife!"
Update: 2005: Truck is finally "finished" and Mike sent in a revised photo. Turned out pretty good, didn't it? Updated 2/4/05

Commercial Vehicles - Heavy Top

1929 AA Peter Pirsch fire truck owned by Gerald Grizzard of Oxford, Alabama.a picture

Here's a description of this original Model AA truck. The truck has all of the original equipment still intact. I have a copy of the build sheet, WWII gas ration coupons and 3 -1929 newspaper articles from the Carson City Gazette concerning this Model AA fire truck.

The truck carries 100 gallons of water and still pumps, this truck is equipped with a Warford auxiliary transmission, allowing it to ran over 60 mph. It is a big hit at parades and shows.

Take a look at a photo of left side - click here.

Posted 07/26/18


1929 AA Stake bed owned by William Sherman of Hyannis, MA.
He bought "Elmer" in 2006 in South Dakota. He's keeping the truck in "as found" condition, dents and all. Here's another example of a Model A that's still working!
Posted 01/27/11

1929 AA Flatbed Truck owned by Pete Myers of Tawas City, Michigan. who writes, "I totally restored the truck to enjoy driving with my family so I don't intend on showing it! It was originally a beer hauling truck from Whittemore, Michigan to Saginaw and back and took me a number of years to restore. Finally, my middle son wanted to take it to prom in his senior year and helped me finish it. It was the talk of our rural community, I still have truckers blowing their horns and people in yards waving. It's fun!!!!!"
Posted 04/14/08

1929 AA Platform Bed Truck owned by Dave Windecker of Waldwick New Jersey who writes, "My AA Platform Bed a 1929, but it may have been made around 3/30 as the wheels are stamped Budd Wheel Co. 3-30. I own a construction company and about 10 years ago, it was raining and I sent the guys home, and my brother and I went in office trailer to shoot the bull. We were discussing toys and I said he who dies with the most toys wins. He asked what other toys I would want? I said I always wanted an old truck to put the company name on and drive around. He asked if I was serious and I replied 'yes'. So he said 'let's go for a ride.'

We got in my truck and went to Edgewater NJ a few miles away. He brought me to this old body shop that belonged to a guy who had a shop in Fort Lee NJ when I was growing up. There in the back of the shop sat the AA, it was driven in sometime in the early 60's, the key was still in the ignition.

I said to my brother "isn't that the one we walked past everyday on the way to school." He said "exactly, you want to buy it?" Not even realizing what it would entail to to get it going, I said yes.

The brother of the owner was still running the shop but about to retire and his brother already had. I asked how I could get a hold of his brother and he told me he only calls on Saturday morning. Then he told me "I think it's sold but make him an offer, since no one has picked it up." I made the first offer and waited.

After a week went by I called and he told me to make a better offer, so I did. That next Saturday night the phone rang and an older gentleman asked if I was one of the Windecker kids that lived up the hill from the Fort Lee body shop and I said yes. He then said if he sold me the truck it would be kind of like keeping it in the family and I agreed.

That following Monday morning I sent my brother and a few guys to pick it up. We tried to get it to crank over by hand but it was frozen so we tried soaking everything. We finally gave up and took it all apart, and the more we took apart the more we had to. Luckily, thru a friend, I met Butch Kletcha of Obsolete Auto Supply he had everything I needed and especially the knowledge. Now the truck runs and looks great and we drive it all the time."
Posted 10/9/07

1929 AA Dump Truck owned by Cliff Glidden, of Manteca, California who writes, "I've been a Member of the Modesto Area A's since 2005. I've been around old cars since I was a young kid in the 50's. The attached picture is of my 1929 Model AA Dump Truck with hand crank dump mechanism. I purchased it for $35 from the San Mateo Planing Mill Co. in 1959. I believe it was originally an Express Delivery and the lumber company converted it (roughly) to a dump truck. I am the second owner!

The engine number begins with AA and is original. It has two three speed transmissions, one behind the other, and the traditional worm-gear rear end. It was my high school transportation. My dad stored it for 35 years under the lean-to behind his barn in Volcano, California ..

The left side of the photo is what it looked like after being removed from the lean-to. The right side shows what it looked like after a bunch of polish and elbow-grease was applied. Check out the quality of paint!! It was painted in 1960 by a commercial truck paint shop. There's NO WAY today's paints would hold up for 40 years outside!!!!

Some history: when I was 16, three high school friends and I drove it from the San Francisco bay area to Yosemite, 15 hours! We parked it and left it for two weeks while we hiked the John Muir trail. When we came back it was still there (it was "rust tan" in those days and looked pretty ruff) and it started on the second crank! I have photos of it under the Hangman's Tree in Harden Flat, going thru the tunnel tree in Yosemite (now closed!), in the parking lot below Nevada Falls and coming down the original (mega steep, compound second gear) Priest Grade below Groveland.

It's one neat old truck. Like so many Model A's it has a personality and a history just waiting to be told."
Posted 10/9/07

1929 Huckster owned by John R. Sawyer of Hammondsville, Ohio who writes, "I am attaching photos of my recently completed build of a '29 Ford delivery truck. It is a project my dad and I started in 1987 and due to health and work delays it has taken till now to finish. The truck was built on a '29 AA frame that sometime in the 40's was converted to a standard Model A running gear by a local garage. Seems the grocery store owner wanted a little faster vehicle for deliveries. It started out as a closed cab truck but my plan was for a totally wood body from the windshield back and my dad's talents as a cabinet maker are evident throughout this project. I have owned Model A's since I was 16, some 44 years, and this is by far my most involved endeavor with an "A" I sought out this particular frame because it would provide better strength for the preservation of the wood body, less flex and movement! The fact it had the "A" running gear has been a real plus. Hope you and other fellow hobbyists enjoy the pictures."
Updated 4/27/06


1929 Sheriff's Sedan owned by Toby Thobaden of Big Horn, Wyoming. Photo supplied by Leon Wilmot, Yuma Arizona, who writes:
"Here is Toby's Ford 1929 Model A Model 55A Model 290A Squad Car Standard Police Unit with law enforcement equipment. Toby is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Portage County Wisconsin, He is currently restoring a 1928 Ford Model A Model 55A as a Sheriff's Office Squad Car that when finished will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers memorial in Washington D.C.
Posted 08/15/09

1929 Sheriff's Pickup owned by Leon Wilmot, Yuma Arizona, who writes:
"Being the Chief Deputy  (under sheriff ) for the Yuma County Sheriff's Office, I wanted to put together a vehicle that would be similar to  what a person would have seen in the late 20's early 30's working the remote areas of Arizona in Yuma County,    The vehicle is a 1929  Model 82A, with the Model 290A Standard police unit  with Law Enforcement equipment by Officer,  which includes, Lights, Siren, Model 1897 shotgun and additional Vintage era emergency equipment installed in the vehicle for the time period.  
Posted 08/17/09

1929 Lineup owned by Bill Brauch of Lebanon, CT. Bill writes, "Here is a shot for you. The yellow AR pickup is my girlfriend's truck. The tudor and coupe are mine, the green pickup was mine, but I sold it.
Posted 1/27/05

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