Hubley Cars - Member Built

Many of our members, both old and young, collect, build, and race Model A Hubley vehicles. Some of them have shared photos of their cars with us.

If you have a photo of your favorite Hubley that you' like to contribute to this page, send an e-mail to The Webmaster and attach a clear photo of each car.

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Dennis Romano

 picture Model AA Flatbed

I started with the Hubley wagon, then stretched the frame and used sheet metal
to make the back of the cab.

Posted 10/23/23

 picture Coca-Cola Delivery

I started with a Hubley wagon, then blocked out the side windows and added the
Coke graphics.

Posted 10/23/23

 picture Model A Panel Delivery

I started with a Fordor, removed side windows and rear doors and added back door.

Posted 10/23/23

 picture Model A Huckster

I started with a Station Wagon, removed side windows and built shelves for produce
and added a scale on the back.

Posted 10/23/23

 picture Coca-Cola Roadster Pickup

This is a roadster pickup with Coke graphics and racks for bottles.

Posted 10/23/23

John Guest, Cherokee Village, Arkansas


Model A Ford Drive train:

a. I try to provide a lot of engine detail
b. Distributor is brown as that was the color in my full size Coupe
c. Takes patience though the reward is worth it
d. For chrome treatment, I use Ultrabrite Chrome Foil by Bare Metal Foil

Posted 12/18/21


Fordor Blindback

Modified a Hubley Ford 4-dr Sedan kit as follows:
a. Shortened the rear window
b. Blocked in the rear or third side window
c. Modeled after a full size version
d. Modified radiator to reflect year 1931

Posted 12/16/21

 picture Panel Delivery. Changes made using a Hubley 4-dr Sedan kit
a. Scribe rear door outline in rear, add door handle, resized rear window
b. Close-in side windows, added Genuine Ford Parts Ad
c. Modify radiator to reflect year 1931
d. Add right fender side mount wheel & tire
e. Add pin striping and running board step plates

Posted 12/03/21
Hubley Victoria. Just a couple of things different from the standard kit,
modeled after the full size version.
a. Added luggage rack
b. Added running board step plates
c. Painted as close as I could to full size Model A

Posted 11/27/21
 picture Here are four pictures of my 1930 Town Car, made from standard Hubley Fordor kit as follows:
a. It is all about the roof changes
b. Make back window smaller
c. Fill-in rear windows
d. Add right side fender mounted spare tire
e. Kit comes with luggage rack and trunk, I square up and fill-in the open trunk back side
f. Cowl lights are included in the kit

Posted 11/27/21
 picture Here are four pictures of my 1931 Deluxe Roadster. Changed from standard Hubley kit as follows:
a. radiator modified to reflect 1931
b. chrome hood doors
c. luggage rack with trunk
d. wheel trim rings
e. added cowl lights and running board step plates
f. changed to reflect dual side mounts

Posted 12/03/21

Here is my conversion of a standard 4-dr kit to a 2-dr De Luxe phaeton. Changes made:
a. convert 4-door to 2-door
b. modify radiator to reflect 1931
c. added luggage rack w/trunk
d. converted to dual side mounts
e. added cowl lights

Posted 11/25/21

Mike Brauch, Canaan Vermont:


Mike has been building and collecting Hubley cars and other model cars for years.
Here's a photo of his collection.

Posted 08/06/21

Rick Black, Las Cruces NM writes:
I built my first Hubley Town Sedan 15 years ago and painted it to resemble my 1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan. A few years ago, I found a couple of used Hubleys at a Swap Meet and just recently decided to "restore" them.

The 1930 Roadster was built from parts from several kits and the Station Wagon I got at that swap meet.

1930 Roadster
1930 Town Sedan
1930 Station Wagon
1930 Coupe

My latest project finished in late 2019 is a 1930 Town Sedan that I bought at a swap meet, already assembled but with a poor paint job. A total "restoration" was required. . After assembling and re-assembling many times, it is finally "done". I learned that if you don't follow the assembly instructions, you have to take the car apart and assemble in the right order!

Another thing I learned is that after painting, it's a good idea to "chase out" the screw holes to make assembly easier. I use a vice grip on one of the longer screws to clean up the threads. Then when assembling with new screws, they go in SO much easier.

Posted 02/04/20

 picture picture

Bob Perry, Glendale, Oregon
Bob aims for detail in his models. Note the driver!
This car also has a detailed engine with fan belt! Nice work, Bob.

Posted 05/18/19



 picture  picture

Mark Seredowych, Santa Fe New Mexico, who writes:
"Rediscovered Hubleys in cleaning out my mom’s house. Built them as a kid, but now have 30 years experience building 1/43rds. I’m a doc in Santa Fe. Not a member, just looking to show my “work”. Daily driver is a ‘62 Volvo with bored and stroked vintage racing motor. Love ‘30’s Fords, ‘36 coupe my favorite, and Packards. These are as close as I'll get. Hope that you like them.

Posted 03/09/2018

 picture  picture

Tim Begley built a Hubley Victoria to resemble his father's 1930 Tudor Sedan.

Nice job, Tim!

Posted 09/05/17



Joop Plaggenborg owns an exquisite A-400 Convertible Sedan, and over the winter, he decided to build a Hubley replica of it.
Check it out.
Posted 04/06/16
The two photos at left are the Hubley.

The photo at right is the real A-400.
  Gary Bricken of Elmendorf, Texas, has been building Hubley Fords for about 30 years, in some unusual configurations. These are relatively "stock" Model A's but he's also built jalopies, race cars, and other makes.
Updated 04/28/16
1933 GAZ Russian Phaeton
1933 GAZ Russian Phaeton 1933 GAZ Russian Phaeton 1933 GAZ Russian Phaeton
Boom Truck
Fire truck
Woody (real wood body!)
Another Victoria
Town Car Delivery
Town Car Delivery
Town Car Delivery
Woody (real wood body!)



George Pope - California

My Father had a station in Arcadia CA. in 1930. Last year in a moment of passion made a scale model of the station and used the Model A Hubley cars for background. I found the original photo in a family album. I could not find "Shell" pumps, so mine is a Texaco station. It was really fun to make all the parts from scratch.


As many of you know, I had a Model A School Bus that I drove all over the USA in the 1960s. The bus has recently been restored and is now in the MAFFI Museum in Hickory Corners.

After attending the dedication of the MAFCA Museum, I came home and decided to make a replica of our bus, the "Huff and Puff Notsorapidtransit." I used a Hubley frame, cut in half to get the length. I have not done the lettering as yet.

Here are some photos of the Bus as of now. Just a fun thing to do. I made a balsa wood School Bus body for it. 03/03/14


a picture

Ove Alm - Sweden - 06/21/13
Member Ove Alm, Sweden recently found these two older Hubley models
and plans to restore them.

You're never too old to enjoy Model A's, even models!


Richard Palmer from South Africa modeled these examples. Nice to see that members are still putting these neat models together. Note the background painting - it really makes the models seem more real!
Updated 05/31/2012
Station Wagon
Another Victoria
Roadster, Fordor, and T Wagon

Roadster and two Fordors

Pickup, Roadster, Fordor, VIcky,
and Phaeton


Robert Greenhaus sent in these photos in June 2007.

Phaeton Victoria Town Sedan Roadster
Victoria Roadster Pickup Woody Packard Phaeton

Glenn Johnson, a member of the Orange County Chapter of Southern California, built the Hubley models below. He owned and operated Glenn Johnson Architectural Models Inc. for 40 years before selling the business in 2003 and retiring.

If you look closely at the pictures, you may notice some models that Hubley never made but were specially created by Glenn. Thank you Glenn for sending in these photos!

A400 Convertible Sedan
De Luxe Phaeton
De Luxe Phaeton
Roadster pickup
Special Delivery


Other Hubley Cars

[Hubley] Model A Hubley Collection - built by Rick Norman, Sweden
Posted 02/10/06
[Hubley] 1930 Woody - built by Gerrit v.d. Braak, The Netherlands
Posted 1/21/06

[Hubley] 1928 Sedan - built by Jim Gray, Nashville Indiana
Posted 3/27/05

[Hubley] Sedan Engine - built by Jim Gray
Posted 3/27/05
[Hubley] 1929 Station Wagon - built by Jim Gray
Posted 3/27/05
[Hubley] Wagon Engine - built by Jim Gray
Posted 3/27/05

[Hubley] 1931 Victoria built by Ewald Stein, The Netherlands.
Browsing the Internet I came across your pleasing site. As you ask for photo's on Hubley models, I'll be happy to make my contribution, even though I'm not a MAFCA-member. The pictures feature a 1930 Ford A Victoria and the original box it came in. As a kid I got this wonderful metal-kit in the early '70's as a present and I cherished it ever since. A few years ago I completely restored it but lack of information (those were my pre-Internet days) may have resulted in some incorrect detailing. Only the small lights in front of the doors are missing.
Posted 11/16/04

[Hubley] Maroon Victoria - built by Tom Pawelski
Posted 10-21-04
[Hubley] Green Roadster Pickup - built by Tom Pawelski
Posted 10-19-04

[Hubley] Blue Town Sedan - built by Tom Pawelski
Posted 10-19-04
[Hubley] 1931 Victoria submitted by A.C.van Nes from Nieuwegein, Holland
Posted 01/01/03

[Hubley] 1931 Roadster - built by redsidevil, Italy
"I assembled this one in the early 1980s. Will be repainted next winter. Needs also spare tires. Can anybody help?"
Posted 01/01/03

Dan Adelmann of Huntington Beach California built these models many, many years ago. If you look closely at the pictures, you may notice some models that Hubley never made but were specially created by him. Thanks Dan for sharing the photos with us!
Sport Coupe
Station Wagon
Station Wagon
De Luxe Coupe
(like Dan's)
De Luxe Delivery
Roadster Pickup
Fordor Sedan
Town Car
(rare aluminum hood)


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