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Model A Era fashion patterns (1928-1931) are shown on the following pages. Some patterns also included have the “look” of the era but have no documented dates.

The collection of Model A Era clothing patterns that was previously known as the “MAFCA Pattern Project” was sold to a MAFCA member who is offering the patterns for sale through another company. See the MAFCA Suppliers page under ORDERING INFORMATION, below.

Scans of the three-hundred pattern envelopes will remain on the website for your enjoyment as well as an educational tool. We hope these pattern envelope images inspire you to create your own Model A Era ensemble.

There is also a hard copy catalog of these envelope scans available from MAFCA. There is some discussion of fitting and sewing Era patterns in A Book of Fashion Facts published and available from MAFCA. Go to the MAFCA STORE for both of these items.

If you have any pattern questions, click here to send an email.

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Ordering Information

A printed copy of the Pattern Catalog is available in the MAFCA STORE. “UPDATED”

If you'd like to order patterns, check the MAFCA Suppliers page and search for "patterns". 06/20/22

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