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[AA Truck Supplement] AA Truck Supplement to Model A Shop Manual
By Jim Schild, soft back. Details on the "Big Iron", the large version of the Model A Pickup. 96 pages.
[Body Parts Price List] Advertising the Model A Ford - A Collector's Guide to Model A Ford Magazine Advertising.
By Jim Thomas. ISBN: 978-0-9815638-2-4, hardback, 304 pages.
This new book provides the "master list" of all U.S. Model A Ford ads appearing during 1928-1932. Using over 400 B&W and color photographs, it lists and describes 316 different Model A ads. Magazine, date and page number listings are provided for each of 931 ads -- along with an "ad rarity" rating for each. It also contains information about locating, organizing and preserving ads and the 44 magazines containing Model A ads.
[Body Parts Price List] Body Parts Price List Ford Model A and AA
Ford Motor Company, 1932, soft back. This book is a reproduction of the original body parts list Ford dealers used. Lists many Model A body parts with year/model application and number of pieces required per vehicle.
The Ford Model A as Henry Built It
By George DeAngelis, Edward P. Francis, and Leslie R. Henry, 1971, hardback, 208+ pages. Library of Congress Catalog No. 72-28017. Motor Cities Pub Co; ISBN: 0911383042.
A Color, Upholstery and Production Facts Book. Excellent history and general reference book on the Model A Ford. Many charts and facts that are found no where else. Authors all worked for Ford Motor Company and had access to Company archives.
[Ford Model A Restoration Manual A-1] Ford Model A Restoration Manual A-1
Ford Motor Company, Copyright 1955, reproduced by Polyprints, Inc., soft back, 72 pages.
Billed as a "Model A Ford Restoration Manual", this little book is noteworthy for many side-view "blueprints" of many body styles with measurements. Also noteworthy is a list of colored advertisements that were published between 1928 and 1931 listed by year and body style, including the color of the car, the name and publication date of the magazine where the advertisement was used.
[The Fords; an American Epic] The Fords; an American Epic
By Peter Collier/David Horowitz, Summit Books, 1987, ISBN 0-671-54093-9.
Biographical study of Henry Ford and Henry Ford II by the authors of "The Kennedys" and "The Rockefellers." Interesting historical background on the man behind the Model A and his family. Lots of gossip and detail.
[Henry's Fabulous Model A] Henry's Fabulous Model A
By Leslie R. Henry, 1959, soft back, Clymer Publications, Los Angeles, CA, 112 pages.
One of the first books about the Model A Ford. Mr. Henry was the curator of the Transportation Collection in the Henry Ford Museum and drew from that facility and the Ford Archives for research into this book. Loaded with historical background information about the Model A and highlights of the many changes made during the production run. Also contains production and assembly plant statistics.
[Henry's Lady] Henry's Lady
By Ray Miller, 1972, Evergreen Press, hardback. 320 Pages, 1029 photos and charts. ISBN 0-9113056-03-0. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-77244.
Photographs are recent and primarily of restored cars. Lots of close ups of details. Other interesting data.
[How to Restore the Model A Ford] How to Restore the Model A Ford
Several contributors, published by Floyd Clymer, Los Angeles, CA, 1961, soft back. Parts of several other books incorporated into this one; Victor Page's book, FoMoCo's engineering side-views with measurements, Floyd Clymer and Les Henry's archives photographs, the Ford Service Bulletins, and a history of the Model A from Henry's Fabulous Model A Ford, by Les Henry. 224 pages.
[How 2 Restore MAFCA] How to Restore Your Model A
Published by MAFCA. Reprint of restoration articles from The Restorer magazine. Several volumes available.
Available from the MAFCA Store.
[The Legendary Model A Ford] The Legendary Model A Ford
By Peter Winnewisser, hardback, published by Krause Publications, Iowa Wisconsin. First edition 1999, 272 pages, $34.95. Second edition 2006, 304 pages, $39.95
A history of the Model A Ford by an author who has written more than 270 published articles on automotive history and who is has been a columnist for Old Cars Weekly ("Watching the Fords Go By") since 1983.
[Ford Model A Album] Ford Model A Album
Compiled by Floyd Clymer and Leslie R. Henry, soft back, 144 pages, Floyd Clymer, Los Angeles. A pictorial history of the fabulous Model A Ford from beginning to end. Many photographs of virtually all Model A Cars from Ford Archives photographs. Excellent source of information for detail on what the cars looked like when they were new. Wonderful addition to your Model A book collection.
[Model A Ford Carburetors] The Model A Ford Carburetors
By Paul Moller, 1972, soft back. This little 58 page book is loaded with excellent information, pictures, and sketches of the variations of Model A carburetors. Covers the Zenith and Holley carburetors as originally outfitted on Model As, and a section on the replacement Tillotson and mention of other aftermarket brands.
[ Construction Operation Repair] Model A Ford Construction Operation Repair for the Restorer
By Victor W. Page, Post Motor Books, 1961, 1973, hardback, 530+ pages, ISBN-0-911160-31-0, Library of Congress 73-83509.
Originally published in April 1931, this commemorative edition has been republished with additional era advertisements in the back. It offers everything to make the amateur hobbyist a master mechanic. Explains all systems in simple terms. Lots of photos and illustrations.
[The Model A Generator] The Model A Generator
By Paul H. and William H. Mcree, 60 pages.
This book has sections on the Model A generator and starter, the cutout, and the starter switch. It is an excellent book, packed with information on the rebuilding and testing of Model A electrical parts. The information on powerhouse generators is rarely seen. If you are considering rebuilding the starter or generator on your A, this is the book to have.
[Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook] Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook
By Les Andrews, published by Cottage Hill Publishing 1997, softbound, 400+ pages, ISBN-0-9568240-0-4.
Designed for the novice and master mechanic alike, this book offers simple step-by-step disassembly instructions for the repair of virtually every major Model A component. Also include is a complete guide to lubrication, a safety inspection checklist, complete specification list, thread and tap sizes, and other references not seen before. Extensively illustrated with hundreds of drawings and tables. Also included are sections on trouble analysis and service adjustments.
Available from the MAFCA Store.
[Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook Volume II] Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook II
By Les Andrews, published by Cottage Hill Publishing 2003, softbound, 330 pages and over 700 illustrations.
Includes: Increasing Model A Speed, Power, and Performance, Reducing Vibrations, Installing Hydraulic Brakes, Installing Wood in all Coupes, Tudor Sedans, and Pickups (1928-1931), Frame Straightening, Hood Alignment, 6 to 12 volt Conversion, Installing Electronic Ignition, Installing Fender Wells (Patterns included), Installing Halogen and Seal Beam Headlights, Mallory Distributor installation and timing, Installing Borg Warner and Mitchell Overdrives, Rear Window Stop Light, Seat Belts, Tachometer, Temperature Gauge, Tube Shock Installation, Parts Interchangeability, and MUCH MUCH More.
Available from the MAFCA Store.
[Model A Ford Restoration Handbook] Model A Ford Restoration Handbook
By Gordon E. Hopper, published by Floyd Clymer, Los Angeles, CA, 1960s, soft back.
"Authentic photos - specifications. Step-by-step restoration procedure" said the title page. This was "state-of-the-art" in the late 1960's. Parts of several other books incorporated into this one; Victor Page's book, FoMoCo's engineering side-views with measurements, Floyd Clymer and Les Henry's archives photographs dominate this 184-page book.
[Model A Ford Service Bulletins]

Model A Ford Service Bulletins Complete
When the Model A was new, FoMoCo sent monthly service bulletins to their dealers' mechanical staff to inform them on service routines, changes in parts, service tips, etc. A complete set of these are very rare. In 1957, Dan Post published a 5"x8" soft back version of the Service Bulletins (gray cover). This was followed by a hardback version (yellow cover, 320 pages) about 1972 that's still being sold today. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-90821. ISBN 911160-28-0

About 1974, the service bulletins were reproduced almost exactly, even down to the dark blue covers, string binding, and original sized shiny paper by Ben Staub, Dayton Carrier Company of Dayton Ohio, who also sold Model A Trunks. This reproduction has grown to be VERY valuable recently.

[Model A Ford Troubleshooting & Diagnostics] Model A Ford Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
By Les Andrews, published by Cottage Hill Publishing 1997, softbound, 400+ pages, ISBN-0-9658240-1-2.
Designed to give the driver an upper hand in locating and identifying the cause of a failure quickly. How to fix it in clear, non technical language and easy-to-follow directions that don't require a master mechanic degree to understand.
Available from the MAFCA Store.
[Model A Judging Standards] Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards
Published jointly by Model "A" Restorers Club (MARC) and Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA), 1989, 3-ring binder.
This book attempts to define the appearance of the typical 1928-1931 Model A Ford as it was driven off the assembly line. Twenty-three different areas are described in as much detail as is known about what the car looked like, with many illustrations included. A must-have book for a restorer or Model A owner alike.
Available from the MAFCA Store.
[Miseries and Cures] Model A Miseries & Cures
By Mary Moline (Rumbleseat Press, circa 1973).
As the title implies, this is a compilation of the many different troubles, or miseries, which commonly beset the Model A owner, and the cures for them. This is NOT a technical book, but a series of tips for the modern Model A driver to diagnose and correct operating difficulties.
[ Original Ford Model A] Original Ford Model A, the Restorer's Guide
By Jim Schild, hard back, published by MBI, 2003. ISBN 0-7603-1252-4.
A comprehensive and detailed guide to the original factory specifications, equipment, colors and trim of the 1928-1931 Model A Ford. Almost every body style is shown in 275 all-new color photos and more than 50,000 words of text that documents every car and details available nowhere else. 128 pages. $34.95.
[Parts Price List] Parts Price List Ford Model A and AA
(also called Chassis Parts Price List), Ford Motor Company, 1931, soft back, about 84 pages.
This little book is a reproduction of the original parts list Ford dealers used in their parts departments. Lists virtually every Model A part with year/model application and number required per vehicle. Very useful as a restoration aid to verify part numbers and variations. Also good section on finishes of fasteners.
[Restorer's Shop Manual] Restorer's Model A Shop Manual
By Jim Schild, soft back. This well-written and handsomely illustrated book is a "must" for anyone restoring a Model 'A' Ford. For the past 10 years, it has been the top selling book of it's kind. 224 pages. $24.95.
[Unauthorized Accessories] Restoring the Model "A" Pickup
By Mack Hils, published by Mack Products, Moberly MO 1982, soft back, 48 pages.
Describes in high detail the special features of the Model A Ford Pickups, both closed cab and open cab models. More than 1/2 of this book are photographs of trucks and details.
[Unauthorized Accessories] The Right Hand Drive Book the Model "A" Pickup
By Les Pearson. This book describes the differences between the Left Hand Drive Model 'A' Ford (1928 to 1931) and the Right Hand Drive version, showing lots of colored pictures and technical descriptions.
[Unauthorized Accessories] Tiny Tips
By Tiny Snell, spiral bound, Tiny Snell Publications, Burbank California, 1962.
Only 60 pages and crudely typeset (typewritten?), this book nevertheless has dozens of tiny tips on Model A restoration, maintenance and operation as originally published in The Restorer.
[Unauthorized Accessories] Those Wonderful Unauthorized Accessories for Model A Ford
By Murray Fahnestock, Post Motor Books, 1971, soft back, ISBN-911160-27-2, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 73-164930.
Manufacturers of all sorts rose to the occasion of outfitting The New Ford with all kinds of gadgets, from useful to frivolous, from anti-rattle tension springs to major components such as the Ruckstell two-speed rear axle. Original advertisements of just about every possible accessory and replacement part, none manufactured by FoMoCo (to their chagrin!)
[Zenith Carburetor Restoration Guide] Zenith Carburetor Restoration Guide
By Steve Pargeter. This 40 page guide provides detailed history of the Zenith carburetor, restoration and rebuilding instructions, and a full listing of all variations and combinations used. It contains detailed the theory of operations for the Zenith, instructions for flow testing jets, setting fuel levels, and troubleshooting problem carburetors
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Model A Instruction Books (owner's manuals) were included with each car when new. The MAFCA/MARC Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards discusses these in Chapter 17 - Tools.

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