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Do you have a publication with good instructions/illustrations for door window glass and component installation for a '31 Ford Model A coupe? Or a DVD? ANY help will be appreciated. I thank you.
-- Grant Geister

I don't know of any printed information available on the replacement of door glass in the 1931 Coupe. I've done it a time or two and will try to work you through the process.

The first job is to remove the inside door and window crank handles and the lock button if on the driver's door. Some window handles have a pin holding them onto the regulator while others have a set screw.

Next will be to remove the metal trim piece at the top of the interior trim panel on the door. Then the trim panel is removed from the door. The panel is held in place with a series of trim clips around both sides and the bottom of the trim panel, and maybe a screw at the lower front corner of the panel. Pry gently from behind the panel near each clip to remove the trim panel. There is also a metal hook near the middle of the panel so you need to lift up a bit to clear it.

Next is to remove the door top cover plate by removing the screws. With the top plate removed you can raise the window glass high enough to reach and release the regulator from the door glass channel and remove the glass. The regulator is held to the interior of the door by three machine screws.

Hope this helps.
-- Chuck Christensen, Technical Director, 7/7/2011


Several months ago, before I became a member, I E-mailed you about the material inside the top bows of my phaeton. It has degraded and I need to know if someone has found an acceptable replacement. The material really turns out to be a tacking surface, and one that is covered by the top and padding. L&B has suggested laminating plywood. Has anyone used another tactic to solve this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a 1928 Phaeton, and before that I restored a 1929 Phaeton. They were both original cars when I got them. The tacking material in the top bows had to be replaced. It appeared to me that this old material was rawhide leather. I got pieces of rawhide from saddle TACK shop, glued the pieces in layers into the top irons, trying to slip the ends into the wrapped metal bow as far as possible. I then soaked the leather with water. The hard dried leather worked very well to hold the tacks. I hope this helps and work well for you.



Question: Another Model A fan and I disagreed about the rear seat upholstery in the l930 Model A four door Town Sedan. We noticed that a restorer had installed what he said was a LeBaron Bonney interior in his l930 four door sedan included a center arm rest that folded down in the center of the rear seat. One of us thinks that the original models did not have a fold down arm rest in the middle of the rear seat. The other contends that the arm rest was standard equipment on this model. Who is right? Incidentally, both of us are Model A Club of America members.

Answer: Your friend is right. The Deluxe Sedan (170-B) did have the fold down center arm rest. See page 163 of "The Ford Model A as Henry Built it". There's a photo of it and tells the story of its creation. Also page 17 of the Sep/Oct 1993 issue of The Restorer shows an official Ford Advertisement showing the fold down arm rest. -- Lyle Meek, 1997 Technical Director



I am looking for information on what the original type of interior was for a 1929 Fordor Ford Model A Steelback. Is it leather or a different type of fabric.

Seats : Brown Hairline Strip Cloth
Headlining : Brown Napped Cotton
Windlace : Brown Worsted Cloth
-- Les Andrews, 1998 Technical Director



Question: Hi can you tell me if I can still get the original upholstery for a Model A and if so, can you get me the address of those companies?

Answer: NOS (New old stock) upholstery is no longer available but you can come close. LeBaron Bonney Company in Massachusetts sells upholstery material and supplies and has patterns for the various Model A body styles. Their address is: 6 Chestnut Street, Amesbury, MA. 01913 508/388-3811. Call them for a catalog. -- Lyle Meek, 1997 Technical Director

Webmaster Note: There are now several source for upholstery material and kits. Check the Parts & Services Suppliers page for more information. -- Rick Black, 2009 Webmaster

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