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TIMING Question:
I cannot detect a detent in my timing gear with my timing pin. A recent overhaul which replaced the timing gears must have overlooked this provision. Anyway it seems I will have to locate the TDC of cylinder #1 manually through the spark plug hole. my question... which cylinder is cylinder #1? I cannot find any reference to cylinder designation in any of my literature. is #1 next to the fan or next to the firewall? thanks for clarifying.

#1 cylinder is the front cylinder behind the fan. The detent in some of the timing gears is not very pronounced. With #1 piston at the very top of the cylinder, insert the pin in the timing gear cover and then use the fan blade to move the crank back and forth (may need to tighten the fan belt ) to locate the detent. It sometimes helps to grind a sharper tip on the pin to help locate the detent. Hopefully your timing gear was installed in the correct position with the crank gear. -- Les Andrews, 1998 Technical Director

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Last Updated: 01/03/09