The core task of the JSC is the process of gathering documented information that could be included in future revisions of the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards. Changes are necessarily slow to prevent mistakes, but your assistance and information is extremely important for future updates. We are actively collecting any information from our members who can identify areas where the manual is not specific or clear enough to aid restorers in authentic restoration.

The single most important accomplishment of the JSC from 2004 to 2016 was publishing Revision 3 (2011) and Revision 4 (2016) updates to the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards. Tens of thousands of hours by scores of Model A experts from both MARC and MAFCA worked together to update all 24 areas (23 areas plus the Canadian Test) and create several new supplements for specific body styles. The AA truck section alone added more than 100 new pages of text, pictures and charts that will fill in prior informational gaps and aid the restoration of a more authentic vehicle.

The MAFCA Model A Judging Procedures Manual is a very helpful guide which includes the collective wisdom of many people who have been involved in planning and executing sanctioned MAFCA national, divisional and regional meets. This manual was created in 2000 and has had several updates, including the most recent update in the Fall of 2016. This manual can be downloaded from the MAFCA web site. It is strongly recommended that future Chief Judges and host Event Coordinators follow its protocol and report to the Judging Standards Committee any additions or corrections that could make this manual more useful.

The Judge's Certification Program is a core activity of the JSC. The ongoing task has been to upgrade from paper to electronic data bases for keeping track of individual judging experiences. The electronic data base makes it possible to rapidly and easily retrieve information that helps the JSC send judges new Certification Cards when a judge has advanced to another level. It also makes it easier for Chief Judge to look at the judging experience database to logically place individuals into the best place for judging vehicles.

The JSC also maintains and updates all tests on the 24 judging areas and encourages judges to advance by taking them. We have evolved from paper to digital methods to increase our efficiency, reduce costs, and provide more rapid service to those wishing to take the tests. All tests are open-book and the tests can be found on line.

In recent years the JSC has created additional options for those seeking advancement to the position of Master Judge. It is now possible to get advancement credit by creating a technical article published in The Restorer. It must be reviewed by the JSC prior to submitting for publication. Another avenue to achieve advancement to the Master Judge level is by presenting a technical seminar at a sanctioned meet. The seminar must be reviewed by the JSC prior to presentation. One or more JSC committee members will also attend the seminar to ensure the presentation was JSC approved.

The JSC developed and has continually improved the Apprentice Pamphlet since 2004. It has evolved to its current form by including feedback from experiences shared by many participants. Information in this pamphlet is specifically created to help first-time users become familiar with what is expected in judging at a Model A Meet. This manual should be provided to all Apprentice Judges planning to participate in a judging event.

In 2016 the JSC developed an informational and outreach type video designed to be used by any Model A Club member. It has been presented at regional meets in California and at the 2016 National Meet in Colorado. It presents informative highlights on what is new in the Guidelines manual and how the JSC members can provide assistance on virtually any area concerning judging at a MAFCA sanctioned event. This video can be downloaded from this website.

The JSC is developing a test for establishing baseline qualifications for judges for the Modified class of Model A vehicles. It is anticipated that there will be only a single test, similar in format to the established 24 judging tests, to qualify members as a judge. The Modified Class Judging has evolved since the mid 1990's including a variety of scoring sheets used at Model A events. Anyone wishing to send in their ideas for possible test questions are encouraged to contact the JSC.

Last Updated: 07/23/2017