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PublicationsBack to Top
*New* Revised Paint and Finish Guide - 4th edition US $42.50
The new Model A & AA Paint & Finish Guide is the 4th edition of this valuable reference. This is a must have book to guide you in the finishing of your Model A or AA. The text has been updated and some illustrations are now in color to enhance the details. The paint chip section has had an extensive upgrade with the color sample size increased to approximately 2"x 7" with only 4 colors per page. This greatly enhances usefulness of the colors for comparison. Original Ford Factory Model A paint chips were used as the masters for the new color samples. This is the definitive work captures how a Model A should be painted.
*NEW* The Victoria Book US $29.95
Great new book with 251 pages of color and black & white photos throughout. Information from material published in The Victoria Bustle, The Restorer and Ford Service Bulletins.
The Coupe Book US $24.95
This is a superior compilation of all of the articles ever published in The Restorer on Model A Coupes, plus some written by Les Andrews and never before published, until now! The book has a terrific introduction written by Alex Janke, which includes all of the data sheets with the original fabric, paint, and stripe combinations available on the various Coupes.
The Tudor Book US $17.95
In response to many members seeking a book devoted to a particular body style, MAFCA is proud to introduce the Tudor Book. Developed from articles appearing in The Restorer, this new book focuses on the Model A Tudor from 1928 through 1931. The emphasis is on the body and the interior to help the owner / restorer of a Tudor Sedan. This book is the first in what will be a series of "How To" type books focusing on a single body style.
Restorer Scrapbook US $20.00
NEW - Restorer Scrapbook A collection of over 140 Model A era Black and White photographs of the people, the cars, and the Ford Factory. Some of these have been tucked away for 90 years and never seen before.
Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook Vol. I US $38.00
Written by Les Andrews, a legend in the Model A hobby, this is one of the first books that every new Model A owner should get! This 400-page book, with over 500 illustrations, contains the step-by-step instructions to remove, repair, and replace each of the major mechanical parts and assemblies on your Model A. It includes instructions for carrying out routine preventative maintenance, for common service adjustments, and for simple troubleshooting. Spiral bound, so it lays flat on the bench at the page you opened it to, while you follow the instructions.
Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook Vol. II US $32.00
Once you get a handle on the basic Model A topics covered in Volume I, you may want to tackle some of the more advanced topics contained in Volume II. Also written by Les Andrews, this book covers such topics as body wood installation, hydraulic brakes, and the installation of over 60 accessories including fender wells, electronic ignitions, turn signals, 12-volt conversions, brake floaters, lighting, alternators, overdrives, radios, air conditioning, rumble seat conversion, hood and door alignment. This book is also spiral bound, so it lays flat while you work.
Model A Ford Troubleshooting and Diagnostics US $27.00
Also written by the legendary Les Andrews, this is probably the second book that every new Model A owner should get! The Model A is a very simple and reliable machine, but every now and then something will not work right, often at an inconvenient time or place. That's when you need this systematic guide to help you diagnose the problem, fix it, and get rolling down the road again! Years of experience have gone into these troubleshooting guides. You'll be glad you have one with you the next time you are having a problem by the side of the road!
Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards with Revision 4 included US $55.00
After 5 additional years of research and documentation, the latest and most complete version of the authoritative MODEL A Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards. Delivered with a 3-ring binder and tabs. 500 pages of reference, with over 800 detailed photos, is something you will refer to often as you restore and repair your Model A and AA car or truck. This book is not just for people who are restoring a show car. It is for anyone who wants to try to make their car as authentic as possible, even though their goal is to not show.
2020 MAFCA Membership Roster US $16.00
New 2020 Membership Roster will be mailed out in April 2020. Free Shipping if ordered by January 31, 2020. This Roster is your trusted travel companion when you tour anywhere in your Model A. If you have trouble on the road, you can turn to the names, addresses and phone numbers of other MAFCA members for help. Also included are contact details for businesses that sell Model A parts and service providers. Don't leave home without it! International Roster will be charged $22
The Coupe Package - Includes Coupe Book & Coupe Polo Shirt US $45.00
Includes The Coupe Book & Coupe Polo Shirt. This is a superior compilation of all of the articles ever published in The Restorer on Model A Coupes, plus some written by Les Andrews and never before published, until now! The book has a terrific introduction written by Alex Janke, which includes all of the data sheets with the original fabric, paint, and stripe combinations available on the various Coupes. Included you will enjoy your Navy Blue "I LOVE MY COUPE" Polo Shirt with pocket. Preshrunk Cotton/Polyester. I LOVE MY COUPE on the front and large Coupe on the back.
Revision 4 Model A Restoration Guidelines (2016) US $30.00
330 new pages and over 500 detailed photos and illustrations for restoring your Model A Ford to factory original. Revision 3 and Revision 4 together will give you a complete set of the Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards.
** NEW ** Revision 3 Model A Restoration Guidelines (2011) US $16.00
Revision 3 is the most comprehensive text and detailed photographs available for the Model A hobbyist. Over 150 new photographs & illustrations. 16 Areas have been revised with additional technical data in this 178 page revision. Revision 3 will supersede almost half of the current Model A Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards book.
The Ford Model A by Bob Kreipke US $39.95
The Model A Ford was a perfect replacement for the long-running Model T. And, the Model A is still enjoyed today by thousands of enthusiasts around the globe. Now, Bob Kreipke, former Ford Company Historian, has prepared a pictorial journey through the life of the Model A Ford. In over 120 pages, there are hundreds of photos (many in color), charts and drawings. Bob offers comments about the historical significance of each. You will enjoy this journey through the development and manufacturing of the car we all love.
First 50 Years of The Restorer Magazine - Flash Drive US $85.00
If you have always wanted a complete collection of The Restorer Magazine, here is your opportunity. The First 50 Years of The Restorer is a complete unit. You just plug it in, open the files (PC or MAC) and hit start. The files are actually JPEG and no special software is necessary to view them. The app is part of the USB drive. It includes the first 50 years and 300 issues. It goes from Volume One, Issue One [May / June 1956] through Volume Fifty, Issue Six [March / April 2006]. There is a brief tutorial with the app and help is available while using. The articles are indexed like the index that appears on our website so you can find articles by author or subject or volume/issue. It is a very handy tool and will allow folks who do not have an extensive collection of Restorer Magazines the opportunity to read past articles.
Ford Model A Standard Hardware US $9.00
Ford documented the size, shape and finish of the hardware used to assemble a Model A and all of its major subassemblies in 11 chassis parts books issued throughout the Model A Era. The contents of those 11 books have been compiled and organized into this 36-page manual. It is a valuable source, together with the Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards, to research the correct hardware to be used on any car or truck, across all years.
Tiny Tips Book US $14.00
Have you ever noticed that the old timers seem to know how to do things on their Model A faster and easier than everyone else? This 250 page book features "old fashioned tips - tried and proven" that have been passed on by members past and present, to help make maintenance and restoration tasks easier when working on your Model A. The Tiny Tips in this book were written and compiled by Tiny Snell, Red E. Powers, and other MAFCA members for over 50 years. Learn the secrets of these knowledgeable Model A mechanics and restorers to apply to your car!
"The Ford Model "A" As Henry Built It" US $45.00
Three great Ford men wrote and produced this consummate book about the birth and production of the Model A Ford. These men all worked for Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. As employees of Ford, they had access to files, photographs and production records of this great time in Ford production. These 247 pages show an utmost amount of detail and facts with great Ford images and drawings. A must for every Ford owners library!
Model A Shop Drawings (22 page set) US $28.00
The talented technical artist Howard Barnes has created for us a 22-page set of detailed, exploded view drawings of many key Model A components, such as the differential, the steering box, the distributor, the generator, the horn. The list goes on and on. Each 8-1/2 x 11 laminated card has drawings and/or detailed part lists (using original Ford part numbers) on both sides. You will find these drawings provide a helpful visual guide to use when repairing or assembling major component of your Model A. They are ideal for shop use with their easy-to-clean laminated surfaces. Order a set for you and a Model A Friend!
How to Restore Your Model A Vols. 1-9 US $14.00
Over the past 50 years, some of the most useful articles have been written about the restoration and maintenance of your Model A and published in The Restorer magazine. But even if you have all of the magazines, it is difficult to find the exact articles you want, when you want them. That is why the best articles have been compiled for you into a 9 book series that is fully indexed and reprinted from new masters. A must for every Model A owner!(Note: Books priced separately.)
A Book of Fashion Facts US $32.00
Released July 2006 - contains reprinted articles from The Restorer and other fashion facts of the era. More than 400 pages, this book has over 1,200 illustrations, covering EVERY facet of Model A era fashion. This comprehensive book is a must for every serious Model A era fashion collector.
The Fashion Files 1928 - 1931 US $25.00
This full color book is a thoughtful collection of 118 articles on mens, womens, and childrens fashions from the Model A era. Originally written by MAFCA members and published in The Restorer magazine between 2000 and 2015, these articles cover a variety of topics in over 200 pages. This book will help you explore that fashions that were in vogue at the time of your car, and help you define your look. It's definitely a book you want to add to your collection!
Fashion Guidelines US $38.00
Many people find that dressing in clothes that are fashioned after those worn in the year their Model A was built really adds to the overall experience. This guide to fashions of the Era was recently revised and expanded with extensive illustrations and newly discovered material for men, women, and children to help you put together authentic outfits. It now also includes information on reproductions and a glossary of fashion terms used in the 20's and 30's. Complete with soft cover binder, tabs and updates.
Advertising The Model A Ford US $39.99
Besides being a manufacturing powerhouse, Ford was also a marketing machine. This book describes 316 different U.S. Model A Ford passenger car and light commercial vehicle ads used to sell “The New Ford.” There is a summary of the ads for each Model A body style, the total number of ad versions that were produced, and their magazine insertion information. This is all captured in a master list of the 931 Model A ads published in U.S. magazines. This book also provides each of the 931 ad listings, magazine names, publish date, page number and an "ad rarity" rating. Contains over 400 color and black and white photographs. Hardback 8-3/4 x 11-1/2 inches, 304 pages.
"Grandpa, Tell Me About The Model A!" US $5.00
A delightful little story, written by former MAFCA President Jack V. Crawford, that you can share with your little ones before bedtime, or any time you want to have a special moment with them. Follow the story of Henry Ford, where he grew up and when he started building our cars. The book talks about all of the different body styles of the Model A that were made, and other special, fun things from the ah-OO-ga horn to the rumble seat. There are 13 adorable pages of text and illustrations that you will enjoy every time you read it with MAFCA’s next generation!
Restorer Back Issue Special US $40.00
Enjoy a mixture of 20 past Restorer magazines from 1990 - 1999. Volume 39/6 Mar/Apr 1995 - Volume 40/1 May/Jun 1995 - Volume 40/5 Jan/Feb 1996 - Volume 41/2 Jul/Aug 1996 - Volume 41/4 Nov/Dec 1996 - Volume 41/5 Jan/Feb 1997 Volume 41/6 Mar/Apr 1997 - Volume 42/1 May/Jun 1997 - Volume 42/2 Jul/Aug 1997 - Volume 42/3 Sep/Oct 1997 - Volume 42/4 Nov/Dec 1997 - Volume 42/5 Jan/Feb 1998 - Volume 42/6 Mar/Apr 1998 - Volume 43/1 May/Jun 1998 - Volume 43/3 Sep/Oct 1998 - Volume 43/4 Nov/Dec 1998 - Volume 44/1 May/Jun 1999 - Volume 44/2 Jul/Aug 1999 - Volume 44/3 Sep/Oct 1999 - Volume 44/4 Nov/Dec 1999
Technical DVD Seminars & Other DVDBack to Top
Stepping Out in Style CD US $11.00
Menswear Fashion Catalogs. 58 pages scanned in high resolution. Full color CD. Shipping and Handling charges will not be processed as the price includes the shipping.
Stepping Out in Style Direct Download US $5.50
Direct download of Menswear Fashion Catalogs. 58 pages scanned in high resolution. When you purchase a MAFCA Digital Download, your file will be sent to you electronically through a website called That site allows us to send files up to 2gb in size to one or more people, and since we use that service, it avoids the attachment size limit of many email systems. You will get an email from advising you that your file(s) are ready and that you have 7 days to retrieve them. A link to start the download will be included. When you click on the link, the file will be downloaded to your computer. Depending on your system, it may go into your DOWNLOADS folder or placed on your DESKTOP. Once you have located the file, you may double-click on it to extract the files to your computer. Adobe Reader or equivalent program can be used to read the PDF files. If you have any questions about this process, email: with the subject DIGITAL DOWNLOADS
Rebuilding Generator US $24.95
Disassembly and reassembly of 6-volt and 12-volt generators. Evolution of generator designs. 65 minute DVD
Overdrive Installation US $24.95
Removing the rear axle and drive shaft, then installation of overdrive assembly. 31 minute DVD
Rebuilding Starters US $24.95
Disassembly and reassembly of 6-volt and 12-volt starters. Evolution of starter designs. 75 Minute DVD
Rebuilding Springs US $24.95
Disassembly and reassembly of leaf springs. Adjustment of proper arcs. 42 Minute DVD
Rebuilding Shock Absorbers US $24.95
Done in four part format, covering the history of shock absorbers, how to disassemble & clean old shocks, how to reassemble the shocks the correct way, and a bibliography if you would like to learn more.
68 minute DVD
Engine Replacement US $24.95
Removing and replacing an engine from the front end of the vehicle. 65 minute DVD
Selling Ford's Dealer Service 1928 DVD US $10.00
This Ford produced film demonstrates how Ford salesmen made a sale and how customers were treated for service afterward.
Rebuilding a Distributor US $24.95
Disassembly and reassembly of a distributor. Timing steps. 32 minute DVD
Rebuilding a Differential US $24.95
Disassembly and reassembly of the differential. 61 minute DVD
Rebuilding a Transmission US $24.95
Disassembly and reassembly of the transmission. Inspection tips. 42 minute DVD
Installing Flathead Ted's Brake Floater Kit Installation US $24.95
Step-by-step instructions for installation of three generations of Flathead Ted products. 66 minute DVD
Engine Bearing Clearance Adjustment US $24.95
Measuring and adjusting the main bearings and piston bearings on the crankshaft. 28 minute DVD
Cylinder Head & Head Gasket US $24.95
Removing and replacing a cylinder head and head gasket. 50 minute DVD
Brake Drums and Brake Shoes US $24.95
Safety inspection steps. Swedging lugs into drums. Riveting linings to shoes. 26 Minute DVD
Annual Tour Preparation - 38 Steps US $24.95
38 maintenance checks to do before each new season of touring. 54 minute DVD
Roof Installation - 1930 Coupe US $24.95
Once the wood is installed, instructions for installing roof components. 45 minute DVD
Roof Installation - 1930 Pickup Truck US $24.95
Installation of wood and instructions for installing roof components. 40 minute DVD.
Roof Installation - 1931 Murray Fordor US $24.95
Once the wood is installed, instructions for installing roof components. 52 Minute DVD
Rebuilding 2-Tooth Steering US $24.95
Covers disassembly, inspection, reassembly & final adjustments, it also hits on what tools you'll require.
42 minute DVD
Installing a Timing Gear US $24.95
Removing and replacing the timing gear. Various timing gear materials available. 28 minute DVD
Mounting a Tire and Inner Tube US $24.95
Removing a tire and innertube from a wheel. Remounting tires and innertube. 29 Minute DVD
Rebuilding a Water Pump US $24.95
Disassembly and reassembly of a water pump. 28 minute DVD
Rebuilding the Front End Assembly & BONUS video about freeing a frozen spring perch US $24.95
disassembly and reassembly of front end. Bonus video - freeing a frozen spring perch. 61 minute DVD
The Restorer First 10 Years DVD US $15.00
The first 10 years of "The Restorer", Volumes 1-10, 1956 to 1966.
Jewelry DVD US $13.00
Jewelry Of The Model A Era 1928 - 1931 124 Slides Men's, Women's, Children's Jewelry
AccessoriesBack to Top
"New" Key Holder US $10.00
Handmade leather key holder for your Model A
"New" Black Beanie / Stocking Cap US $16.00
New black knit beanie / stocking cap. One size fits all.
"New" Paper A's - Coupe US $15.00
New Paper Model A's Choose from five different models and challenge your friend to a race. The instructions for constructing your "Paper A" and how to build a racetrack from a vinyl, half-round gutter included.
"New" Paper A's - Fordor US $15.00
"New" Paper A's - Panel Delivery Truck US $15.00
"New" Paper A's - Pickup US $15.00
"New" Paper A's - Tudor US $15.00
Stainless Rib-Grip Travel Mug US $10.00
*** Special $10.00 each for limited time only! Stainless outer wall with stainless steel liner, Contour shape & rubber ribs for easy-grip action. Double wall insulation, Stainless lid with slide lock prevents spills, No slip bottom.
Model A Bumper Sticker US $2.00
New Bumper Sticker "My other car is a MODEL A Ford"
MAFCA Afghan US $39.00
Afghan 48"x60" Black and Gold with MAFCA logo, Soft cotton. Great gift for any Model A. Made in the USA
Swap Meet Tote Bag US $13.00
Swap Meet Tote Bag
Ladies Canvas Tote Bag US $13.00
Tote Bag is ideal for shopping, swap meets, or touring. Two zippered compartments and heavy nylon web handles. Black with gold MAFCA logo.
MAFCA Magnetic Reflector US $19.99
MAFCA Magnetic Reflectors - Think Safety First. State of the art reflective surface, removes for safe storage in seconds and will not scratch paint. 10 1/2 x6 Caution - all magnetic signs will leave a mark if left on the vehicle for long periods of time. We recommend removal after touring.
This Lady Drives A Ford Model "A" US $6.00
Great patch to recognize the ladies that drive a Model A.
Model A Sedan Die Cast Bank US $25.00
Sedan: L-6 1/2 inches, W-2 1/2 inches, H-2 3/4 inches & 1:25 scale..
MAFCA Static Decal US $4.75
Model A Ford Club of America static decal 2.5" x 4"
Model A Coasters Set 12 US $15.00
Each coaster has a beautiful picture of a Model A in a unique and beautiful setting. They make wonderful gifts for the Model A'r in your life. Each set has 12 different pictures.
Club Pin ("I'm a proud member of MAFCA") US $5.00
Club Pin ("I'm a proud member of MAFCA") Wear it on your hats, shirts or jackets.
Cloisonne Lapel Pin US $5.00
Great to wear on your jacket, hat or shirts.
Jacket Patch - cloth US $5.00
Embroidered Cloth
Model A Decal US $3.00
MAFCA club decal with permanent adhesive back. 2.5" x 4"
Name Badge US $3.00
Name Badge
ClothingBack to Top
Victoria T-shirt *New* US $17.00
New Victoria T-shirt."I Love My Victoria" With or without pocket.
New Tan Twill Shirt US $48.00
Coupe T-Shirt US $17.00
New Coupe T-shirt."I Love My Coupe" With or without pocket available.
Tudor T-Shirt US $17.00
New Tudor T-Shirt "I Love My Tudor" with or without pocket available.
Baseball Hat US $16.00
Black hat with MAFCA embroidered logo. Wool blend with Velcro closure.
Denim Hat US $16.00
Blue hat with embroidered MAFCA logo
Polo Shirt "I Love My Pick Up" US $24.95
Polo Shirt "I Love My Town Sedan" US $24.95
Polo Shirt "I Love My Victoria" US $24.95
Polo Shirt "I Love My Coupe" US $24.95
Navy Blue "I LOVE MY COUPE" Polo Shirt with pocket. Preshrunk Cotton/Polyester. I LOVE MY COUPE on the front and large Coupe on the back.
Polo Shirt "I Love My Tudor" US $24.95
Navy Blue "I LOVE MY TUDOR" Polo Shirt with pocket. Preshrunk Cotton/Polyester. I LOVE MY TUDOR on the front and large Coupe on the back.
Golf Shirt US $24.00
The front of the shirt has a small MAFCA logo on the upper left hand side. Black or Gray Cotton/Polyester blend, Spotshield stain resistant. With or without pocket.
Dark Navy Embroidered Vest US $39.95
Dark Navy Embroidered Vest MAFCA Logo. Collar with zipper pockets.
T-Shirt with MAFCA logo US $13.00
Limited Supply - Gray or White preshrunk cotton T-Shirt with small MAFCA logo on the front and large MAFCA logo on the back. Small, Medium only.
Sweatshirt - pullover US $23.00
Pullover style sweatshirt is 50/50 poly cotton blend. MAFCA yellow emblem on the back and small emblem on the front.
Men's Jacket US $59.00
Men's Black Jacket. Elastic Waist, tailored cuffs and tab collar, two exterior snapped pockets, water resistant and MAFCA embroidered logo.
Black Unisex Jacket US $59.00
Limited Supply Medium - XXXL Available MAFCA Unisex Black Jacket. Microfiber, Concealed Hood, Durasoft Shell, Pleated Pockets, Water Resistant and MAFCA embroidered logo.
Sweatshirt with zipper & hood US $29.00
Zipper front and hood style sweatshirt is 50/50 poly cotton blend. MAFCA yellow emblem on the back and small emblem on the front.
Twill Shirts US $48.00
MAFCA Logo Twill Shirts available in Burgundy, Navy. Hunter Green & Tan
Denim Shirt US $37.00
Men's Black or Blue Denim Cotton/Polyester Shirt. Short or Long Sleeve, with MAFCA logo on front
Binders/Back IssuesBack to Top
Binders for The Restorer - Slipcase US $16.00
Binder holds 12 issues of The Restorer Magazines.
Seasonal ItemsBack to Top
Christmas Cards Set A US $14.95
Inside reads: "Hope all roads lead to happiness during the holidays and throughout the year ahead." 10 cards/envelopes per package.
Christmas Cards Set B US $14.95
Inside reads: "Warm wishes for a Wonderful Season and a very Happy New Year". 12 cards/envelopes per package. Designed by Patti Reeder Eubank, the daughter of the late Bill Reeder, 1969 MAFCA President.
Christmas Cards Set D US $14.95
Inside reads: "Wishing A Joyous Christmas and Much Happiness in the New Year". 10 cards/envelopes per package. Designed by Wayne Champagne
Christmas Cards Set G US $14.95
NEW 2017 Christmas Card. Inside reads: We Wish You A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 10 cards/envelopes per package.
Christmas Card Set H US $14.95
Inside reads: Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. 10 cards/envelopes per package.
Gift CertificateBack to Top
Gift Certificate US $10.00
A Gift Certificate can be purchased in increments of $10 up to $250.

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