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The Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA) is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Ford Model A and AA cars and trucks, as manufactured from 1928 through 1931. We are an active, family-friendly organization whose members share a passion for these historic vehicles, plus other aspects of life in that era, such as fashions.

MAFCA is a not-for-profit corporation with members and local affiliated chapters all over the globe. This makes us the largest car club in the world dedicated to one make of automobile. We hope you enjoy looking through our site, and we invite you to join us!

Left: our award-winning magazine The Restorer.


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Website Feature of the Week - SITE INDEX

April 9 - Have you ever wanted to find a specific page on the website and couldn't remember which menu contained that reference? Cheer up - same thing happens to many members. Fortunately, there's an index of most of the pages on the website.

At the top of every page, you'll see one of the menu items is SITE INDEX.  picture

It is a list of most of the pages on the website. By clicking on any of those entries, you'll be taken right to the page you're looking for. Next time you're looking for a topic, give the Site Index a try.


MAFFI Bus Restoration Project


March 21 - MAFFI has released the latest newsletter documenting
the progress in the Model A Bus restoration.

Check it out on the Bus Project page.


Iron Trap Garage visits the Gilmore

March 21 - Matt from Iron Trap Garage visits the Model A Museum at the Gilmore to give a behind-the-scenes tour of all of the exhibits. Check it out by clicking here.


check your engine number

March 21: On the Model A House website, there’s a page where you can type in your Model A’s engine number and it will show you the date the engine was stamped. Give it a try by clicking here. And check out all the interesting Model A information elsewhere on his site.


Nominations for Board of Directors

March 18 - It's not too early to think about nominations for next year's MAFCA Board of Directors. Check out the elections page and click on Download Director Nomination Form.


Restorer Delivery Challenges

March 2 - Due to disruptions related to COVID-19, delivery of the Restorer by mail in the United States and to international members is delayed, often by months.

MAFCA has received many inquiries regarding the delivery by mail of the January/February 2021 issue of The Restorer. Members are entitled to receive their copy of The Restorer in digital form at no extra charge.

If you wish to receive the digital version of each issue of The Restorer, you must notify the MAFCA office ( and register with your email address. Also, upon renewal of your MAFCA memberships annually, there is an option to add digital copy delivery on that renewal form.


2021 National Tour Early bird Newsletter

February 28 - the 2nd Early Bird newsletter for the 2021 National Tour in New England is now available on the tour website. Click here to check it out.


Era Fashions Facebook Page

February 28 - The Era Fashions Committee also has a Facebook page. To make it easy for you to get there, notice that on the left menu, under Era Fashions, a new link has been added.

Check out the Facebook page for additional Era Fashion information!


"I don't see the new a of the day"

February 28 - If you don't see a new A OF THE DAY, it's because your computer's browser is showing you the image you previously saw. Each browser has a button that allows you to "refresh" or reload the page. Once you do that, the browser goes to the website for the current version of the page.

If you're not familiar with refreshing the browser or clearing the cache, there are several help files in our DOWNLOADS folder to assist you, depending on which computer you use (PC or Mac) and which browser. The help files can be found here:


2021 National Tour


February 28 - You can read the February edition of the National Tour Update by clicking here. The plans for the tour are fully described in the Jan/Feb issue of The Restorer magazine.

A second hotel has been added, the Green Granite Inn. Complete information can be found on the tour website. They will honor the same $129 group rate as the host hotel. Code: National Model A Tour 2021

Green Granite Inn & Conference Center - Email
1515 White Mountain Highway (Route 16),
North Conway, NH 03860
Phone: 800-468-3666 or 603-356-6901

You can also read the January Edition of National Tour Update by clicking here.


Paint and Finish GUide Revision 4


February 28 - The new Model A & AA Paint & Finish Guide is the 4th edition of this valuable reference. This is a must have book to guide you in the finishing of your Model A or AA. The text has been updated and some illustrations are now in color to enhance the details.

The paint chip section has had an extensive upgrade with the paint chips size increased to approximately 2" x 4" with only 4 colors per page. This greatly enhances usefulness of the colors for comparison and for scanning. This much-improved edition includes larger color samples remastered to original Ford colors. This is the definitive work that captures how a Model A should be painted. Book is available in the MAFCA Store. Order yours TODAY.


Recent Videos

The following videos have been added to our VIDEOS page:

Category Video Title Date Posted
Technical [Image] How to Rebuild your Distributor 04/08
Technical [Image] New "warmer" LED Headlight Bulbs 04/03
Member How to get a Model A that has been sitting for years to run 03/27
Miscellaneous Iron Trap Garage tours the Model A Museum at the Gilmore 03/21
Member Charge your mobile device on a stock 6 volt electrical system 03/13
Member LED vs Incandescent Headlights 03/06
Technical What Your Model A is Telling You 02/13
Era Fashions What to Expect as an Era Fashions Entrant 02/06
Miscellaneous Model A Day 2020 at the MAFFI Museum in Hickory Corners 02/03


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Please describe your car's year and model, and include your City and State in an email to Webmaster. Don't forget to tell us who is in the photo and where it was taken.

Photos that are at least 250 kb in size work the best.

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April 16-17 - Greenwood SC
16th Annual Swap Meet

April 25 - Columbus IN
57th Annual Model A Swap Meet

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