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MAFCA chapters sponsor our various events each year. If your chapter or region is interested in hosting a convention, tour or Awards Banquet. please contact the MAFCA Vice-President at vp @

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MAFCA has been holding national conventions every even numbered year since 1962. The convention is hosted by a MAFCA chapter (or chapters) in different areas of the country, giving everyone a chance to visit different places and enjoy new scenery.

The 2020 convention will be June 21-26 in Kerrville Texas, hosted by the Alamo A's Chapter. Click here for information. For a list of previous conventions, click here.

The 2022 Convention is open.



MAFCA began hosting a National Tour in 2010. The tours are held in different parts of The country, particularly on scenic roads that are off The "beaten trail", away from high-speed cars and trucks.

The 2010 National Tour was on The Pony Express Route.
The 2011 National Tour was held on The Natchez Trace Parkway.
The 2013 National Tour was of The Blue Ridge Parkway from Virginia to Tennessee.
The 2014 National Tour was held in the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio,
The 2015 National Tour was Lighthouses and Lobsters in Maine
The 2017 National Tour was on the California Coast
The 2019 National Tour was the Canyonlands hub tour headquartered Kanab, Utah.

On the horizon:
The 2021 National Tour is being planned in North Conway NH
The 2023 National Tour will be in the Dearborn MI area
The 2025 National Tour is open.

Annual Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet is held each year between November 15 and January 15 in a different location around the country, and hosted by a local MAFCA chapter. This gives the membership a chance to visit during the holiday season, review the year, announce and install the newly elected officers, and present awards for literary efforts, longevity, chapter website awards, and others.

The 2020 National Awards Banquet will be held in Fort Worth, TX.
The 2021 National Banquet is open.

For a list of chapter awards presented, click here.

For a list of previous Award Banquets, click here for the MAFCA Officials List.
For a list of current and future National Events, check out the calendar page.

Last Updated: 04/14/2020