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The following videos feature MAFCA events:
2024 National Awards Banquet Preview [Image] An introductory video to the 2024 NAB.
Posted 06/29/24
2023 National Tour   1929 Model A truck tour, Auburn Indiana, Kalamazoo Michigan
Posted 08/04/23
2023 National Awards Banquet   2023 NAB Santa Maria, CA
Posted 04/07/23
2022 National Awards Banquet   2022 NAB Golden, Colorado
Posted 07/29/22
2023 National Tour   2023 National Tour, Auburn, Indiana
Posted 07/29/22
Kerrville Grand Tour   MAFCA Texas 2022 National Convention Grand Tour Kerrville to Bandera
Posted 07/03/22
Recap of the 2022 Convention   MAFCA Member and YouTuber Paul Shinn with the help of his wife Tina recaps the 2022 MAFCA National Convention in Kerrville.
Posted 07/03/22
Review of Show Cars   MAFCA Member and YouTuber Little Zebra Dragons created a video with her son at the review of the show cars. This was their first MAFCA convention.
Posted 06/19/22
Kerrville 2022   MAFCA Member and YouTuber Tina Shinn shows some of the cars at the 2022 Convention and interviews Restorer Editor Andy Scheer.
Posted 06/16/22
2021 Model A Day Hall of Fame   MAFFI President John Begg narrates the MAFFI Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
Posted 10/11/21
The Restorer Magazine and How It's Made   This video sent by 2020 Publications Director Doug Linden
Posted 12/05/20
2019 National Tour - Kanab

This video shows highlights of the 2019 MAFCA National Tour of Canyonlands and Kanab Utah
Posted 01/06/21
2018 National Awards Banquet
A preview of the 2018 MAFCA National Awards Banquet in Tucson Arizona.
Posted 01/06/21
2017 National Awards Banquet
Oklahoma City
A preview of the 2018 MAFCA National Awards Banquet in Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Posted 01/06/21
2017 National Tour - California Coast A preview of the 2017 MAFCA National Tour of the California Coast
Posted 01/06/21
2016 National Awards Banquet
This video shows preview of the 2016 MAFCA National Awards Banquet in Reno Nevada.
Posted 01/06/21
2016 National Convention A preview of the 2016 MAFCA National Convention in Colorado
Posted 01/06/21
2015 National Tour Maine   Photos from the 2015 National Tour in Maine
Posted 11/02/21
2014 National Awards Banquet
Little Rock
This video shows preview of the 2014 MAFCA National Awards Banquet in Little Rock AR
Posted 02/28/21
2014 National Convention
A preview of the 2016 MAFCA National Convention in Puyallup, Washington
Posted 02/28/21
2014 MAFCA Spring Tour   "A" Texas Spring - Tour of the Hill Country.
Posted 04/07/14
2012 MAFCA Board sings the 12 Days of Model A Christmas   Santa Rosa California - Recorded and submitted by Palmetto A's editor
and webmaster Happy Begg.
2011 MAFCA National Tour   Garth Shearing uploaded this video of the Natchez Trace tour to YouTube
Posted 11/29/12

The following video links were sent in by our readers. Enjoy, but use the information at your own risk.

Technical Videos

Under the Hood    
Carburetor/Fuel System   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Carlburetors and Carbohydrates
Vintage video produced by Victor Duncan discussing Zenith Carburetors
Posted 10/24/22
Setting float level   Short video showing how to adjust the float in the Zenith Carburetor
Posted 11/13/21
Carburetors   Master Model A Mechanic Bob Guimarin on Zenith Carburetors
Posted 09/29/20
Drain Gas Tank & Clean Gas Line   Paul Shinn shows how to empty that old gasoline from the gas tank and clear the fuel line.
Posted 06/19/21
Remove 1930 Gas Tank - Part I   David Gillespie shows how to remove the gas tank so that it can be cleaned out.
Posted 09/11/22
Remove 1930 Gas Tank - Part II   David Gillespie shows how to remove the gas tank so that it can be cleaned out.
Posted 09/11/22
Cooling System   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Back Flush Your Cooling System   Flathead Terry shows how to assemble the parts needed to back flush your engine and radiator.
Posted 05/20/21
Leakless Water pump rear bushing Installing new leakless rear bushing in Water Pump
Posted 05/16/21
Cylinder Head   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Cylinder Head Removal   Evergreen Chapter's George Sage discusses several ways to remove a cylinder head.
Posted 02/08/22
Cylinder Head Removal Part 2   Evergreen Chapter's George Sage - Part 2 of ways to remove a cylinder head.
Posted 07/23/22
Cylinder Head Installation Part 1 Parts, Tools, and technique to properly install your cylinder head.
Posted 07/08/21
Cylinder Head Installation Part 2 Final Preparation before installing your cylinder head
Posted 07/08/21
Cylinder Head Installation Part 3 Head Gasket Break-in procedures
Posted 07/08/21
Cylinder Head Tighten/Torquing Cylinder Head Tightening and Torquing considerations.
Posted 07/08/21
Before installing a new head Preparatory steps to take before installing a new cylinder head on your Model A Ford.
Posted 04/23/21
Distributor and Timing   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Adjusting Stock Points   How to align points for best performance.
Posted 05/24/23
Model A Timing Part 1 of 2   Les Andrews goes into all the details of how to properly set up the ignition timing on a Model A. (Part 1 of 2)
Posted 12/30/22
Model A Timing Part 2 of 2   Les Andrews goes into all the details of how to properly set up the ignition timing on a Model A. (Part 2 of 2)
Posted 12/30/22
Relbuilding the Distributor   Paul Shinn shows how to rebuild a Model A distributor.
Posted 08/06/22
Lower Distributor Plate   Making sure the lower distributor plate doesn't ground out and prevent the engine from running.
Posted 07/24/22
Distributor Stuck   How to remove a distributor that's stuck in the cylinder head
Posted 02/04/22
Assembling the Distributor   Paul Shinn shows how to assemble all the parts into a freshly cleaned distributor housing.
Posted 07/08/21
How to Rebuild the Distributor George Sage from the Evergreen Chapter shows how to rebuild a distributor
Posted 04/08/21
Setting the Timing   Paul Shinn shows how to time the Model A engine.
Posted 10/26/20
Timing Check   Posted October 2010
Automatic Spark Advance   An old idea from the 1930s; it's still around today.
Posted 02/11/22
Engine   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Balancing Flywheel and Clutch George Sage shows how to balance flywheel at home. Also discusses clutch finger adjustment
Posted 01/24/24
Restarting a Rebuilt Engine OneWhoCollects recently released a new video called "How to Start a Rebuilt Model A Engine"
Posted 04/06/23
Removing Head Studs More methods to remove head studs.
Posted 01/22/24
Removing Head Studs   Several methods to remove head studs.
Posted 10/19/22
Generators and Alternators   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Converting a 12v Alternator to 6v Positive Ground Bob Guimarin shows how to convert a cheap GM alternator for use in a Model A.
Posted 07/16/22
Repairing the Generator   OneWhoCollects shows how to disassemble a generator and clean and repair parts.
Posted 05/19/21
Converting a 12v Alternator to 6v Positive Ground   OneWhoCollects shows how to convert a cheap DelcoTron alternator for use in a Model A.
Posted 07/16/22


Removing the Starter
How to remove and replace the Model A Starter without a lot of sweat.
Posted 10/08/22
Rebuilding the Starter Switch
George Sage showe how to rebuild the Model A starter Switch
Posted 10/26/22
Rebuilding the Starter Switch   Brentwood Bob shows in detail how he rebuilds starter switches and things to watch out for.
Posted 10/21/20
Stuck Starter Jack Baum discusses what to do if your starter stops working and how to prevent that in the future.
Posted 03/11/21


AdjusTABLE Drag Link
Paul Shinn demonstrates how to install an adjusTABLE drag link to help your car steer better
Posted 12/10/22
Adjusting the 2-tooth Steering Box   Paul Shinn demonstrates how to adjust the Model A 2-tooth steering box.
Posted 07/09/22
Removing the Steering Column   Doug Fiero describes the procedure in non-technical terms
Posted 04/06/23
Reproduction Steering Wheel Cleanup   Tina Shinn shows how she cleaned up a reproduction steering wheel.
Posted 11/08/23
Sealing the Steering Box   Astra-Werke shows how he stopped the steering box leaks with a sector housing modified by Paul Shinn .
Posted 11/26/21
Miscellaneous   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Comparing the two most popular oil filter conversions   A new video of a gent comparing the two most popular oil filter conversions.
Posted 04/30/23
What Oil Should I Use In My Model A   Paul Shinn discusses what oil he uses in his Model A's and why
Posted 02/05/22
Preparing to Install Mitchell Overdrive   Dave from the Sacramento Capitol A's demonstrates the use of the tools in a Mitchell Overdrive Installation kit to disassemble and reassemble the drive shaft at the differential.
Posted 11/20/21
Installing an Oil Filter   Astra-Werke considers the choices of adding an oil filter to his Model A Ford.
Posted 08/06/21
Engine Block Pit Sealing   Repairing block surface pitting with JB Weld ExtremeHeat
Posted 07/08/21
Fixing an Exhaust Gasket Leak   Master Mechanic Paul Shinn shows how to find an exhaust leak.
Posted 07/25/20
Oil Pump Removal   Teardown Garage shows how to remove an oil pump and examine the internal parts
Posted 11/25/20
Transmission/Clutch/Rear End  picture
How to rebuild Ford Model A shift tower with Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell with Paul Shinn shows us how he rebuilds the Model A shift towers he uses in the Mitchell synchronized transmissions and also rebuilds for stock transmissions.
Posted 11/10/22
Adjusting the Pressure Plate   Paul Shinn shows to adjust the clutch fingers on the pressure plate
Posted 04/16/22
Assembling the Transmission   George Bell shows how the parts in the transmission are assembled.
Posted 12/27/20
Transmission Parts Inspection   George Bell explains in this video how to inspect the internal parts of the Model A transmission
Posted 12/27/20
Removal of the Transmission   George Bell explains how to remove the Model A Ford transmission.
Posted 12/27/20
How the Transmission Works   George Bell of Hudson Wisconsin explains how a Model A Ford transmission works.
Posted 12/27/20
Installing a Mitchell Overdrive Paul Shinn and helper install a Mitchell overdrive in a 1930 Standard Coupe.
Posted 01/26/21
Overhauling the Transmission   John Karal shows how to disassemble and rebuild the Model A Transmission
Posted 10/21/20
What your Model A is Telling You Paul Shinn investigates the drips under his Model A and what they're telling him
Posted 02/13/21
Chassis/Brakes  picture
Front Axle Straightness   Bob Guimarin shows us how to check front axle straightness
Posted 04/23/22
Packing Front Wheel Bearings   Paul Shinn shows us the way to easily pack the front wheel bearings
Posted 11/20/21
Servicing Real Wheel Bearings [Image] Doug Fierro shows us the way to remove the rear brake drums to check the bearings.
Posted 04/25/24
King Pin Removal   "Flathead Terry" shows how he disassembled the front spindles to fix worn king pins.
Posted 03/22/21
Disassembling the Front Axle/Spring   Although this video features a 1932 front end assembly, the steps are similar for Model A's.
Posted 01/10/21
Front End Alignment
  Paul Shinn shows how to align the Model A using a Toe-In Gauge
Posted 07/25/20
Adjusting Model A Brakes   Paul Shinn shows how to adjust Model A brakes
Posted 07/25/20
Fixing Loose Brake Anti-rattle Springs   If a "stop" on the brake rods is worn so the anti-rattle spring goes through it, check this easy fix.
Posted 01/01/21
Electrical  picture
Installing a New Wiring Harness [Image] Paul Shinn shows how to install a new wiring harness; including turn signals, in Gandalf, the 1930 Deluxe Coupe.
Posted 04/20/24
Replacing the Wiring Harness   Paul Shinn shows us how he rewired his 1931 Coupe, including the addition of turn signals.
Posted 08/21/21
Starting a Model A with a Dead Battery   Paul Shinn shows how to start your Model A if it has a dead battery.
Posted 08/12/23
Adjusting the Model A Generator   Steve Blancard shows how to adjust the 3rd brush of a generator to change charging rate.
Posted 07/29/22
Crank Starting the A and Electrical Troubleshooting   George Sage from the Evergreen Chapter shows how to properly crank start the Model A to help with electrical system problems.
Posted 06/09/22
Cutouts: Service, adjustment and repair   Steve Blancard gives the viewer tips on servicing and adjusting original cutouts.
Posted 07/29/22
The Danger of using 12V Battery Cables in a 6 Volt System
Join Magic Dave, Master Mechanic, for a discussion about choosing the correct size battery cables, along with cut-off switches, current, and voltage.
Posted 11/29/22
Horn Breakdown and Assembly   How to disassemble, inspect, and rebuild your Model A Horn.
Posted 08/30/22
Installing a Fuse Block on Starter Model A's didn't come with fuses; this video shows how to install a fuse block under the hood.
Posted 05/22/23
LED Headlights - New Warm Lights   Paul Shinn demonstrates the new "warm" LED headlight bulbs vs. the original "cool" LED's
Posted 04/03/21
LED Headlights vs. Standard Bulbs   Paul Shinn demonstrates LED vs incandescent headlight bulbs in a road test at night.
Posted 03/06/21
LED Headlight Bulbs and focusing Headlights   Paul Shinn shows us how to install the new LED headlight bulbs and then focus and adjust the headlights.
Posted 12/14/20
Making Sure your Ammeter won't start a fire   Paul Shinn shows several ammeters, original and repros, and how to modify a repro so it won't start a fire.
Posted 07/23/22
Repairing 1928-29 Stoplight Switch   This video shows us how to check a shorting stoplight switch.
Posted 01/03/21
Replacing the Distributor Bushings
Randall Strickland shows how to replace the distributor bushings if your Model A is running rough
Posted 02/12/23
Body  picture
Installing A Top on De Luxe Roadster [Image] LeBaron Bonney installer shows how he installed a top on a De Luxe Roadster.
Posted 06/24/24
Installing A Vinyl Top on a Coupe   Paul Shinn shows how he installed a vinyl top on his 1930 Coupe.
Posted 05/27/23
Installing A Vinyl Top on a Tudor
One Who Collects shows how he installed a vinyl top on his 1929 Tudor and what he had to do to make it fit.
Posted 11/05/22
Installing Wood Kit in a Tudor   One Who Collects shows how he installed a wood kit and what modifications had to be made for proper fit.
Posted 05/15/22
Cleaning the Gas Tank   Paul Shinn shows how to clean a Model A Gas tank
Posted 03/05/22
Repairing the Gas Gauge   Paul Shinn shows how to repair the gas gauge float mechanism.
Posted 10/30/21
Shoulder Seat Belt Install   YouTuber alexiskai0 shows how he installed shoulder seat belts in a 1929 Coupe
Posted 04/30/21
Trico Vacuum Wiper Rebuild
Father and son rebuild a Trico KCX-1 vacuum wiper.
Posted 11/22/22
Trico Vacuum Wiper Resurrection   Astra-Werke in Germany shows how he rebuilds a Trico vacuum wiper for his 1930 Coupe.
Posted 04/23/21
Reworking 1930-31 Front Fenders   Expert metal man shows how he reworks Model A Fenders
Posted 12/29/20
Rebuild 1930-31 Door Latch   Brad Schneider shows how to rebuild the 1930-31 Driver side door latch
Posted 12/29/20
Removing Hood Hinge Pins   From 2007, this video shows an easy way to remove hood pins without damaging anything.
Posted 01/05/21
Wheels & Tires  picture
Installing Metal Valve Stems [Image] Paul Shinn shows how to install metal valve stems into inner tubes.
Posted 04/30/24
Kingpin Installation   Installing kingpins covered in this video
Posted 04/30/23
Adjusting the Front Wheel Bearings   Paul Shinn Resolving "the death wobble" or How to Pack and Adjust the Front Wheel Bearings
Posted 02/12/23
Restoring Wheels   One Who Collects shows us how he selects and restores wheels
Posted 06/07/21
Mount Tires Without Tools Young Man shows how he mounts tires on Model A rims without using any tools
Posted 05/10/21
Hubcap Replacement   October 2010
Tools  picture
Cylinder Head Puller Tool II   Another version of a cylinder head puller, design from
Posted 12/26/20
Cylinder Head Puller Tool   Pulling the cylinder head can be quite a chore if the head has been on the engine for some time. Make this tool to lift the head without damaging the gasket or the head.
Posted 12/25/20
Interior  picture
Rebuilding the seats in a '29 Tudor- part 7
In this video, OneWhoCollects rebuilds the front seats of his '29 Tudor'.
Posted 02/12/23
Rebuilding the seats in a '29 Tudor   In this video, OneWhoCollects rebuilds the front seats of his '29 Tudor'.
Posted 12/21/22
Maintenance  picture
Servicing the 1928-29 Speedometer   How to service the Speedometer.
Posted 09/18/22
Servicing the 1930-31 Speedometer   How to service the Speedometer.
Posted 09/18/22
Servicing the Model A Speedometer   Paul Shinn demonstrates how to service the Speedometer.
Posted 03/26/22
How to Store Your A for the Winter   Paul Shinn discusses the things that you should do when storing a Model A for a lengthy time.
Posted 12/18/21
10,000 Service on your Model A   Paul Shinn and helpers show what they do to perform a 10,000 mile service on his Model A.
Posted 01/01/21
Change a tire in 15 minutes on a Model A Ford   Domenic DeMenna demonstrates how to remove and replace a tire in under 15 minutes with simple hand tools.
Posted 12/15/20
Winterizing your Model A
Assembling the Distributor
  Paul Shinn shows us how to winterize a Model A, and then how to assemble the parts inside the distributor.
Posted 11/25/20
Checking and Changing Fluids   Paul Shinn shows how to check and change fluids on his daily Model A driver.
Posted 06/12/20
Lubing a Model A Ford   Mark Hayward and Christine demonstrate the steps needed to do a lube job on their Model A Ford. Posted 06/12/20
Why Won't My Model A Start   Paul Shinn presents a troubleshooting session on why your Model A may not want to start. Posted 07/31/21
Restoration  picture
Removing Hinge Pins   Removing hinge pins, which is one of the hardest restoration chores, is convered in this informative video. The video would be helpful to other Model A restorers.
Posted 04/30/23
Restoration of a 1931 Victoria Body   Mark Clayton of A Road Less Traveled with Restore Cars shows us the restoration steps:
Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 - Episode 5 - Episode 6 - Episode 7 - Episode 8
Posted 12/25/20
New Paint and Interior on Old Restoration of 1930 Fordor   YouTube's "onewhocollects" takes an old restoration and replaces interior wood, interior, and giving the car a fresh paint job. Posted 12/25/20

Historical Videos

Ford Engine Manufacturing Using 22 different archived videos spliced together, this video depicts the Model A engine being produced, from sand molds to being dropped in a chassis. Every Model A engine destined for one of Ford's 30+ US assembly plants was cast and assembled at the Rouge Plant in Dearborn, MI.
Posted 11/01/23
Ford Upholstery Manufacturing   From the Model A Archives Channel, this video focuses on the creation of upholstery. While this video does not show Model A production, the methods are similar to those utilized to make Model A interiors.
Posted 09/03/23
Model As in Law Enforcement   Here's a short video of Model As and Law Enforcement that just appeared on YouTube.
Posted 04/06/23
First Documented Model A Sighting   This short video documents the first known 1928 Model A sighting in the small town of Brighton Michigan in October of 1927
Posted 2/12/23
Model A That Runs on Wood   In the late 1930s when gasoline was in short supply, over 9 million vehicles were converted to run on wood
Posted 11/11/22
Celebrities and Model A's   Vintage footage showing various celebrities and their new Model A Fords
Posted 06/19/22
Ford AAs in Action   Vintage footage showing various AA trucks doing their work.
Posted 05/27/22
The Ford Assembly Line 1928 1929 1930 1931   Manufacturing nearly 5 Million Model A Fords was an extremely well orchestrated series of events that started from raw materials and ended with complete cars
Posted 09/30/22
How the Model A Name Came About   The Model A Archive Channel explains how the Model A got its name.
Posted 05/25/23
What is an AR Model A?   This video attempts to define what makes a Model A an "AR"
Posted 03/27/22
1928 Model A Sales Brochure   Another video from the Model A Ford Archive Channel
Posted 03/05/22
Model A Ford Dealers   Another video from the Model A Ford Archive Channel
Posted 02/05/22
The First Model A   The first Model A Photographed in 1927.
Posted 09/19/22
The First Production Model A Gifted to Thomas Edison   The Model A Archive Channel discusses how Henry Ford gave the first production Model A to his good friend Thomas Edison and reveals some interesting details.
Posted 10/27/22
The First Model A Ads Sometimes the deafening silence is all that you need to help create a buzz about your new product and that is exactly what Ford did in 1927.
Posted 12/12/21
AA Commercial Vehicles   Archival footage from back in the day
Posted 11/14/21
Open House Long Beach Plant   Archival footage of open house day at the Long Beach Assembly Plant from 1930
Posted 11/13/21
Inside the Long Beach Plant   Still photos inside the Long Beach Assembly Plant from 1930
Posted 03/13/22
Politicians and their Model As   Archival footage with commentary
Posted 11/09/21
The First Model A Archival footage of the first Model A to be produced in October 1927.
Posted 10/24/21
Model A's On the Move Short clips of Model A's in various Los Angeles locations - black and white, of course
Posted 10/16/21
Buying a New 1928 Ford Historical video made in 1928 of dealer preparing new car for customer.
Posted 10/16/21

The 15,000,000th Model T Ford's Model T was a pivotal moment in American history that brought the automobile to the masses. We take a look at how this pivotal car came to be, the legacy that it created throughout its nearly 20 years of production, and how Ford celebrated its monumental efforts with one last hurrah building the Fifteen Millionth Ford Model T.
Posted 07/06/21
New Jersey in the 1920s   This video was originally shot in black and white film and has been enhanced and colorized. A peek into the everyday life in New Jersey. Lots of vehicles and era fashions!
Updated 10/22/21
All the World Waited For It   This silent film from 1927 shows the beginning of the Model A production as filmed by Detroit News. Posted 11/22/20
Lincoln Highway   The Model A Touring Club posted this video of 100 years on the Lincoln Highway.
Posted 05/16/19
Model A Assembly Line 1929 Engines are built, fitted into chassis before being driven off the line at Highland Park factory. Posted 10/04/21
Model T Assembly Line   Interesting historical footage shot on the Model T assembly line, up to the 15,000,000th Ford
Thanks to Jim Pringle for sending this in.
Posted 03/07/16
20 Millionth Ford on Tour   Old film showing 20M on tour in Tennessee and Kentucky in June 1931.
Posted 07/19/15
20 Millionth Ford in Chicago   Old film showing 20M on tour in Chicago in1931.
Posted 11/13/21
Introduction of the New Ford   The features of the New Ford in 1927. Note that one of the cars shown in the film has open end front bumpers - a very early car. Thanks to Tom Anderson for this link. -- Posted 09/06/12
Introduction of the 1928 Ford   Produced in 1928, this silent black and white short film shows some of the manufacturing and assembly processes.
Posted 08/29/21
Harold Lloyd in "Speedy"   Filmed in New York City in 1928, this excerpt from the full movie is a 5 minute series of wild rides through downtown. You will probably recognize one of Harold's fares as they head for Yankee Stadium.
Updated 07/12/20
The Race that Changed Everything   Edsel Ford II talks about his great grandfather Henry Ford's one and only race in October 1901, beating the famed Alexander Winton at Grosse Point Michigan -
Posted 12/20/12
Henry Ford: Creator of First American Car   Posted 01/03/21
The Life of Henry Ford   Posted 01/03/21

Member Videos

Making a Teardrop Camp Trailer
to Match our Model A
  Jim Frey shows how he build a teardrop camp trailer to pull behind his Model A Ford.
"Can We Survive America's Lonlinest Road"   Day 1 Jim Frey travels in his 1930 Fordor from his home in Reno to the 2023 MAFCA Tour in Breckenridge on Highway 50 - the lonliest road in the USA.
"Can We Survive America's Lonlinest Road"   Day 2 of our 2500 mile trip to Breckenridge Colorado, for the High Country tour, in our Model A.
"Can We Survive America's Lonlinest Road"   Day 3 - we suffer a breakdown. Will this end our high Country tour?
Posted 06/28/23
"Can We Survive America's Lonlinest Road"   Day 4 - Will a 11,539 ft pass and a June snowstorm stop us?
Posted 06/28/23
"Bill Persich and his 1931 Model A Ford Tudor"   Ahna Holder of the Evergreen A's presents Bill's Tudor and his acquisition story.
Posted 05/22/23
"Zip it Rack"   Bob Lafollette shows a reproduction of the era accessory luggage rack.
Posted 11/13/22
Rich Nestler and his 1930 Coupe   Ahna Holder presents Evergreen Chapter member's Model A story
Posted 10/24/22
Mike Kelley's Model A's   Former Technical Director Mike Kelley shows his Model A collecting in Washington
Posted 02/06/22
Paul Shinn interviews Tech Director Ed Tolman   Paul Shinn interviews MAFCA Technical Director Ed Tolman at Doug Clayton's Model A collection.
Posted 01/29/22
Prepare your Model A for a parade   Paul Shinn shows how to prepare your Model A for a parade.
Posted 12/04/21
Model A Buyer's Guide   Paul Shinn talks about what to look for when buying a Model A Ford
Posted 11/27/21
Grandson Changing Manifolds   Jacob (age 14), the Grandson of Happy and John Begg, changing out the intake/exhaust manifold on our newest A, a 1930 Panel Delivery truck.
Posted 07/08/21
How to get a Model A that has been sitting for years to run   Paul Shinn works on a Model A that hasn't run in 20 years and shows the steps he took to get it running again.
Posted 03/27/21
Charge Your Cell phone on 6 Volts   Paul Shinn demonstrates how you can charge your cell phone on a stock 6 volt electrical system.
Posted 03/13/21
Cooking on your Manifold   Paul Shinn demonstrates how to prepare a meal and place it on the exhaust manifold to cook. < br /> Posted 01/09/21
Model A as a Daily Driver   Paul Shinn discusses his adventures this year using his 1931 Sport coupe as a daily driver
Posted 12/05/20
  Driving the Lincoln Highway
Posted 05/16/19

  Driving a 92-year old car - What could go wrong?
Posted 12/05/20
Doug Clayton Model A Collection   Paul Shinn received permission to video past MAFCA president Doug Clayton's collection of rare Model A's.
Posted 11/2/2020
Ironstone Concours d' elegance
  Paul Shinn takes us along as he participates in the Ironstone Concours.
Posted 09/29/20
Windshield Glass - Part 6   Part 6 concludes the windshield glass repair series by Brentwood Bob
Posted 9/23/20
Windshield Glass - Part 5   Part 5 continues the process of installing the windshield glass
Posted 9/23/20
Windshield Glass - Part 4   Part 4 continues the process of installing the windshield glass
Posted 9/23/20
Windshield Glass - Part 3   Part 3 discusses the parts, and materials including the windshield glass dimensions
Posted 9/23/20
Windshield Glass - Part 2   Brentwood Bob shows how reglaze the windshield glass
Posted 9/23/20

Windshield Glass - Part 1

  Brentwood Bob shows how to make a glass template and final glazing a windshield.
Posted 9/23/20
Windshield Glass Template   Brentwood Bob shows how to make a glass template and final glazing a windshield.
Posted 09/21/20
Making an engine stand   Brentwood Bob shows how to make an engine stand out of a bed frame
Posted 09/21/20
Timing the Model A Engine   Paul Shinn demonstrates his procedure for timing the Model A engine.
Posted 09/19/20
Relocating the Front License Plate and Fixing Body Lean   Paul Shinn shows how to relocate the front license plate to the front bumper. And a tip for you on why your Model A leans to the driver's side.
Posted 08/17/20
Best American Car Ever Made?   Paul Shinn gives a rundown on the simplicity of his 1931 Model A Sport Coupe.
Posted 08/06/20
"A" Love Affair   Featuring Leroy Palmer about his recent trip to Florida in his Model A. Video by Roger Banks
Posted 09/01/15
Big John's Rolling Model A Museum   I produce a YouTube channel, "RidesWithChuck". I recently had an opportunity to videotape a Model A Ford owned by John Berg. Enjoy. Chuck Derer, videographer
Posted 09/10/14
Model A Videos   Jack Bahm of Michigan has produced dozens of Model A related videos on YouTube.
Posted 03/22/14
A Model A Thinking Out Loud   Jack Bahm's Slant-Window Fordor "talks" to us in a video.
Posted 02/25/14
Model T Assembled in under 10 minutes   Okay, this isn't a Model A video, but we thought that you'd enjoy watching this team of Canadian Model T club members assemble a chassis and get it running in front of a watching crowd in under 10 minutes.
Posted 08/02/13
Lonesome and the Edison Machine   Another video from our friend Stoney Lonesome
Posted 01/27/13
1929 Panel Delivery   Created by the son of Steve Freeman Centralia, WA
Posted 01/14/13
1931 Phaeton   Created by the son of Steve Freeman Centralia, WA
Posted 01/14/13
Lonesome Overall   It’s Lonesome in an era of handmade craftsmanship, a time when workers took pride in their work and built things to last a lifetime. The Ford Motor Car, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Martin Guitar, and the Denim jean are all products of American hard work and ingenuity. That American spirit lives today, as this Lonesome journey demonstrates -
Posted 11/16/12
Nate and Steve in the Back Yard   Steve Lewis photographed some young family members learning to drive the Model A in their back yard.
Posted 6/10/11

Chapter Videos

Ladies Drivers Ed Course   Here is a link to one of our most recent activities that took place on July 8: “A Ladies Drivers Ed Course” conducted by the Orange County Model A Ford Club. A lot of happy ladies indeed. Video forwarded by Michael Edmonson.
Posted 07/16/23
Gymkhana at 2023 NCRG Mini Roundup   Gymkhana (car games) at the 2023 NCRG (Northern California Regional Group) Mini Roundup in Sonora, California and other shenanigans.
Posted 06/03/23
Hank Welsh Gets 60-Year Pin From Modesto A's   Hank is one of two Modesto A's members who have been members for 60 years
Posted 04/21/22
Model A Ford Club of Long Island Run to Stakey's Pumpkin Farm   Model A Club visits a local pumpkin farm in their beautiful Model A Fords
Posted 11/02/21
Sonoma A's Ready for Summer Touring Cindy Omoth of the Sonoma A's created this short video of her chapter getting ready for 2021 touring.
Posted 06/17/21
Model A Era Patterns Created in 2016 by the Santa Clara Valley Chapter, this video shows how the MAFCA Pattern Project came to be.
Posted 01/13/21
Diablo A's Videos   Excellent technical videos presented by members of the Diablo A's
Posted 01/02/21
Model A Ford Club of Long Island Riverhead Outing   The club visits the Suffolk County Historical Society and the gathers for a fall lunch.
Posted 11/27/20
Twin Cities A's   Watch their February 29 tour, bringing the Model A's asleep for the winter back to action.
Palmetto A's   Palmetto A's of South Carolina produced this video of their members and their cars
San Angelo Touring Club Part 1   Shot on various club outings in 2009
San Angelo Touring Club Part 2   Shot on various club outings in 2009
Pasadena High School Model A Club   Pasadena CA High School is the first school to be a MAFCA Chapter. This video shows how the Santa Anita A's Chapter worked with the school to ignite Model A fever in the students
Posted 01/05/17

Model A Era Fashions

Model A Era Fabrics Short Version   Sherry Winkinhofer presents Fashion and Fabric seminar at the 2023 High Country Tour in Breckenridge Colorado. 9 Minutes.
Posted 07/25/23
Model A Era Fabrics
Long Version
  Sherry Winkinhofer presents Fashion and Fabric seminar at the 2023 High Country Tour in Breckenridge Colorado. 44 Minutes.
Posted 07/25/23
Model A Era Purses   Patti Jones presents an Era Fashions seminar on Model A era purses.
Posted 07/03/22
What to Expect as a Fashion Model Judging Entrant   An Entrant shares her experience as a participant in MAFCA Era Fashion Judging.
Updated 03/13/24


Medical emergency behind the wheel [Image] Paul Shinn describes G.H.O.S.T - the steps a front seat passenger should take if the Model A driver has a medical emergency. WATCH THIS ASAP!
Posted 06/22/24
Tour of MAFCA Headquarters   MAFCA Office Manager Sandra Aguirre gives MAFCA Technical Director Paul Shinn a tour of the office in La Habra.
Posted 03/23/24
The New Ford Brochure - in Español!   Read the "New Ford" Brouchure from 1928 in Spanish in this video
Posted 04/06/23
Classic Car Insurance
Paul Shinn narates a short video on Classic Car insurance.
Posted 02/12/23
Preview of Model A Day 2022 John Begg narrates.
Posted 04/07/22
Model T Assembly under 15 minutes Students from McPherson College (Kansas) assemble a Model T in under 15 minutes and drive it away. Posted 01/26/22
Model A Era Advertising Artwork from Model A Advertisements.
Posted 01/15/22
Iron Trap Garage visits the MAFFI Museum at the Gilmore   Matt from Iron Trap Garage takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the MAFFI Model A museum in Hickory Corners MI.
Posted 03/21/21
Model A Ford Day 2020   Model A Ford Foundation (MAFFI) president John Begg takes us on a tour of the Model A Museum in Hickory Corners MI.
Posted 02/03/21
Cross Country and Back   Ryan Thibault takes 4 weeks to drive 8000 miles coast to coast and back in his 1929 Tudor Sedan
Posted 2020
Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech   Georgia Tech's mascot is a 1930 Sport Coupe that appears at most of the school's activities.
Posted 10/26/20
Model A's at the Gilmore Car Museum   MAFFI's permanent Model A collection in Kalamazoo, Michigan, opened in 2013
Posted 12/16/20


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