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Model A Era fashion patterns (1928-1931) are shown on the following pages. Patterns also included have the “look” of the era but have no documented dates.

Copies of these patterns may be ordered from MAFCA (see "Ordering Information" below). You will receive a full size, ready-to-use pattern printed on modern paper, which is more durable than the original. Most patterns only come in one size, as indicated. The sizes used in the Model A era are not consistent with modern sizing; the size listed on the pattern may refer to the bust size or may indicate the age of the wearer. You will need to fit the pattern to the wearer prior to cutting out your fashion material (you may want to use muslin the first time).

Some of the patterns have printed instructions while others have minimal instructions, or in some cases, none. There is some discussion of fitting and sewing in A Book of Fashion Facts published and available from MAFCA. There is also a hard copy catalog of these patterns available through MAFCA. Go to the MAFCA STORE for both of these items.

If you have any pattern questions, click here to send email to the Pattern Committee.

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Ordering Information

The Pattern Catalog is again available in the MAFCA Store.“UPDATED”

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