100K in a Model A


In 2017, MAFCA has set up a challenge for Chapters and members who don't belong to a chapter, the 100,000 mile challenge. The challenge is to see if we, as a club we can drive 100,000 miles in any one day.


The Goal

To get as many MAFCA members in their Model A’s on the road and excited about driving their Model A Ford. Have each chapter choose one day to tour and accumulate mileage that will then be added to an aggregate of MAFCA members trying to achieve 100,000 miles driven in a day.

The Reward

If we reach our goal, MAFCA will send window decals to all MAFCA member participants.

The Rules

  1. There will be no cost to the chapters or participants
  2. MAFCA will provide awards to chapters to distribute to participating MAFCA members.
  3. Chapters are responsible for collecting and reporting mileage on an honor basis only.
  4. Challenge is open to all MAFCA members.
  5. Chapter may choose one single day to participate. The day must be between January 1, 2017 and October 31, 2017.
  6. The tour shall consist of chapters choosing their own day, route and tour. Tours may be part of a multiple day event but the actual mileage used and tabulated must be driven on one day by the chapter.
  7. The chapter will report by email or by mailing a completed form (see Exhibit A). The form shall include the number of participants taking part and the total mileage driven on that one day. The chapter’s report should be sent to
    100k @ or mailed to MAFCA, 100-K, 250 S. Cypress St., La Habra, CA 90631-5515.
  8. Individuals not associated with a chapter, or whose chapter decides not to be part of the program, may enter by simply filling out and reporting his/her mileage as stated in #7.
  9. Chapters/members (individuals) may only submit one form with the first one received being the final.

The Form

For a copy of the form for the 100K Challenge, click here.

Any Questions

Questions should be directed to Garth Shreading at membership @

Last Updated: 01/03/2017