Be Prepared for Touring

The following list of tools, parts and supplies is a good checklist when preparing your car for a tour.

Why don't you post it in a convenient place in your garage?

Once you're prepared for a tour, you'll feell more comfortable knowing that if a problem occurs, you'll have the tools and the spare parts to repair the problem.


TOOLS PARTS (pre-tested if possible!)
Jack and handle Spark plug connectors
Starting crank High tension coil lead
Tire pump Fan belt
Ball peen hammer Radiator hose set
Socket Wrench set 5/16-7/8 Light bulb set
Adjustable wrench, small Water pump packing
Box wrench 5/8 x 3/4 (generator) Ignition Switch
Box wrench 1/2 x 9/16 (battery) Ignition points
Screwdrivers Condenser
Pliers Spark plug
Wire cutter/crimper/stripper Ammeter
Ignition tools (feeler gauge, file) Ignition cable
Grease gun Generator cutout
Flashlight Tie rod and drag link spring
Tube patch kit Timing gear
Electrical circuit tester Brake spring assortment
Distributor shaft wrench Stop light switch
Tire irons (2) Starter switch
Knife, Scout type Starter drive
Scissors (for gasket work) Coil
Emergency flares or flashers Fuel lines and fittings
Spark plug wrench that fits YOUR plugs
Model A adjustable wrench
Drift, 5/8" diameter, brass
Drift, steel
Socket, main bolts



Copper wire, #12 insulated, 10' Carburetor gaskets
Bailing wire, iron, 10' Sanding paper, find grade
Heavy string Soap and talcum (for tires)
Electrical tape Length of wood (2x4 x6")
Assorted bolts, nuts, cotter pins, etc Wheel bearing grease
Gasket sealing compound Service manual
Gasket material, 12" square MAFCA roster
Fuel valve packing Gallon of Water
Small springs assortment Fuses



For A Long Trip, Include These Too:

TOOLS PARTS (pre-tested)
Timing Gear Wrench (5-Z-1832) Water Pump, pre greased
Valve Guide Remover Water pump gasket
Valve Spring Compressor Fan (inspect for cracks!)
Rear hub puller, screw type Carburetor


Distributor lower shaft

Distributor cap, lid, rotor

Valves, springs, guides (2 of each)

Head gasket

Manifold gaskets


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Last Updated: 07/05/23