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Travel Blogs

Blogs (online diaries) related to the Model A are becoming plentiful as people document their travels.
Here are some you may enjoy:

Jim Morris & Julie Costie 05/13/15 - will be blogging on the way to Lobsters & Lighthouses in une
Steve and Judy Lewis Jan 24, 2012 - Our trip to the Northwest Regional Meet in Cottage Grove, Oregon, July 2009
Steve and Judy Lewis Dec 17 - Our journey from Sebastopol California to Marquette Michigan to attend the 2012 MAFCA National Convention
Tom and Madeline Zappala May 28 - Minuteman member Tom and his daughter Madeline are taking their 1930 Woody again to California. The trip will take about two months. Tom ventured out to CA about 3 years ago and stopped in Dallas for the MAFCA/MARC World Meet.
Natchez Trace Tour March 29 - Garth Shreading and friends


Last Updated: 01/06/2020