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What's With This Section? It's Not About Model A's.[Image]

Although we drive and restore 80+ year old vehicles, we use modern technology and computers in our daily lives. Sometime, that's as daunting as looking under the hood of a modern car and trying to identify ANYTHING that you see there. On this page, we'll give you some tips on using 21st Century Technology to help you get your task accomplished, both on our website and in other tasks.

Refreshing Your Web Browser - By Rick Black

From time to time, a website will make changes and when you view them, you can't see them. On our website, the A OF THE DAY changes each day. If you see the same photo you saw in days passed, your browser program (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc) is giving you the image from the "cache" stored on your computer. If the image or page exists there, it's displayed without actually going to the website.

The "fix" is to force your browser to go to the website for the latest page/image. So read the article Refresh Your Web Browser. Then click on the link for your PC and Browser combination for specific help.
Posted 01/20/14

Sending Big Files - By Rick Black

From time to time, it may be necessary for you to send someone a really big file. How big is big? Well, that depends on the restrictions of your internet provider or email program. But a good number might be a file larger than 10mb.

There are several solutions out there, some free, some for pay, some for Mac, some for PC. But I've found one that works on either platform, is free, and is easy to use. Check out Sending Big Files.
Posted 01/20/14

Last Updated: 07/05/23