Copyright Policy

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to define the requirements to obtain MAFCA's permission to copy material contained in MAFCA publications, web-site, or in any other medium or form.

  2. Statement of Policy: Copying, reproduction, retransmission, or redistribution of any material contained in any of the MAFCA publications or web-site in whole or in part or in any medium or form is prohibited by the Model A Ford Club of America without its express permission. Permission is granted on a case by case basis.

  3. Guidelines for the Requester: The guidelines below must be followed when requesting permission to copy material from MAFCA publications.

    • All requests from Chapters, Regions or Special Interest Groups must be submitted on organization stationery and be signed by the organization President as well as the member requesting permission to copy MAFCA material.

    • All requests from non-MAFCA organizations must be made on official stationery and must clearly state the purpose for which the request is being made.

    • The request should specify the full name (date and issue number, if applicable) of the publication(s) and the specific material being requested.

    • When reprinted, credit must be given to the MAFCA publication from which the information was copied and to the original author.

    • Requests will not be granted when the ultimate use is for a profit-making venture.

    • All requests for reprinting shall be mailed to the following address:
      Model A Ford Club of America
      250 South Cypress Street
      La Habra, CA 90631.

  4. The time period for permitting the use of MAFCA’S copyrighted material shall not exceed one (1) year unless specifically requested and approved by MAFCA.