Passenger Car/Light Truck
Body Style Codes

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Body Style Years Description
35-A 28-29 Standard Phaeton, Rear Compartment
35-B 30-31 Standard Phaeton
40-A 28-29 1928 Standard Roadster1929 Standard Roadster
40-B 30-31 Standard Roadster
40-B Dlx 30-31 30 De Luxe Roadster31 De Luxe Roadster
45-A 28-29 Standard Coupe
45-B 30-31 Standard Coupe
45-B Dlx 30-31 De Luxe Coupe
49-A 28-29 Special Coupe
50-A 28-29 Sport Coupe
50-B 30-31 Sport Coupe
54-A 28-29 28 Business Coupe29 Business Coupe
55-A 28-29 Early AR Tudor Standard Tudor
55-B 30-31 Standard Tudor Sedan
55-B Dlx 1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan
60-A,B 28-29 Fordor Sedan (Briggs Leatherback)
60-C 1929 Fordor Sedan (Briggs Blindback)
66-A 1931 De Luxe Pickup
68-A 1929 Cabriolet
68-B 30-31 Cabriolet top down
68-C 1931 SW Cabriolet • SW Cabriolet Light  
76-A 28-29 Open Cab (A Pickup or AA)
76-A, B 30-31 Open Cab (A Pickup or AA)
78-A 28-31 Pickup Box
78-B 1931 Pickup Box (wide bed)
79-A 28-29 Panel Delivery
79-A, B 30-31 Panel Delivery
82-A 28-29 Closed Cab (A Pickup or AA)
82-A, B 30-31 Closed Cab (A Pickup or AA)
130-A 28-29 De Luxe Delivery
130-A, B 30-31 De Luxe Delivery
135-A 1929 Taxi
140-A 28-29 Town Car
140-B 1930 Town Car [Image]
150-A 1929 Station Wagon
150-A, B 30-31 Station Wagon
155-A, B 1929 Town Sedan (Murray) Town Sedan (Briggs)
155-C, D 30-31 Town Sedan (Murray, Briggs)
160-A 1931 Standard Fordor Sedan (S/W)
160-B 1931 Town Sedan (S/W)
160-C 1931 De Luxe Fordor Sedan (S/W Blindback)
165-A, B 1929 Standard Fordor (Murray, Briggs)
165-C, D 30-31 Standard Fordor (Murray, Briggs) [Image]
170-A 1929 Standard Fordor (2 window - Briggs)
170-B 1930 Standard Fordor (2 window - Briggs)
170-B Dlx 30-31 De Luxe Fordor (2 window - Briggs)
180-A 30-31 De Luxe Phaeton
190-A 30-31 Victoria
225-A 30-31 Panel Delivery (Drop Floor)
255-A 30-31 Special Delivery
295-A 30-31 Town Car Delivery
400-A 1931 Convertible Sedan

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