Era Fashions Judging Tests

If you are interested in becoming an era fashion judge or learning more about era fashions, you can order the Era Fashion Judging Tests1-6 from MAFCA headquarters.  These tests will be provided at no charge.  You can also get the tests (see below) and print them yourself.  

If you are already a judge but have not judged in the last 5 years, it will be necessary for you to take the Era Fashion Re-Certification Test.  

These are open book tests and you will need MAFCA’s Fashion Guidelines book as the tests and the answers are developed from the information contained within the Fashion Guidelines.  The Guidelines can be ordered from MAFCA headquarters. 

When you have completed the tests, send them to MAFCA headquarters (see below.)  The Era Fashion Chairperson will review and grade your test(s).  You will receive a letter informing you of your results.  You must correctly answer 90% of the questions to pass.  Your results notification will indicate only if you passed or did not pass.  If you would like further feedback on the actual test results please contact the Era Fashion Chairperson within 30 days of the receipt of the results.  Otherwise, no additional feedback will be provided as it relates to the results. 

  If you have questions, you may contact MAFCA Era Fashion Chairperson at the address below or send an email to fashions @ If you don’t already have Adobe Reader to open the PDF files it can be downloaded for free from Adobe's web site.

Test 1 Revised 06/30/17 General Guidelines
Test 2 Revised 06/03/18 Major Garments
Test 3 Revised 06/30/17 Headgear
Test 4 Revised 06/30/17 Coordinated Apparel
Test 5 Revised 06/30/17 Accessories
Test 6 Revised 06/30/17 Footgear
Test 7 Revised 06/30/17 Re-certification test for existing judges

Please mail completed tests to the following address:

MAFCA Era Fashion Committee
250 So. Cypress Street
La Habra CA 90631-5515


Last Updated: 11/26/2018