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1928 Phaetons

 picture1928 Phaeton owned by John LaVoy, who writes:

I started my phaeton journey in 1965. I was a judge at a regional meet and saw Mal Staley's 1929 phaeton. I thought how great is that having a convertible that had a back seat so more people could go on a ride. I was a college student and figured on double dates etc.

I located a basket case 1928 phaeton and brought it home Labor Day of 1965. I set out to restore it and get ready to drive to the MAFCA National in 1966 at Albuquerque, NM. Well, I got it done and made the trip, my roommate from college and my cousin went with me in the car. There were two other cars from the Golden Feather Chapter and we had a great trip.

As my story progresses, I got married, the car was in the wedding, we drove all over the Western United States taking in conventions at various locations. I finally decided to go back through the car and do some corrections. I have put this back to very close to the May 1928 build date. The color I went with is Niagara Blue light. The color choice was my daughter's who wants the car since she grew up riding all over in the back seat!

Posted September 2, 2021

1928 Phaeton - owned by Fred Chapman of Philadelphia PA

Posted 05/12/21

1928 Phaeton - owned by Sourajit Palchoudhuri, Calcutta India
Driven by his daughter.

Posted 04/11/19

1928 Phaeton - owned by Newton Wells. The latest restoration to come out of Mike Brauch's shop in Canaan Vermont. Mike writes:

Newton bought this car on line a couple years ago and it was a real wreck! A right hand drive car converted to left very poorly. I think the body was used as a dump truck to haul rocks! Dents every inch of it! The doors wouldn't even come close to closing, latches falling right out, etc.

I spent a little over a year restoring it and it really tested my patience! I had to fix every part of this car! It's painted Rubelite red and black with Tacoma cream wheels and stripe. I did all the metal work, body work,paint, stripe, top and upholstery. I think it came out great.

Posted 10/27/18

1928 Phaeton - owned by Richard Fischbach, Shelbyville Illinois. It's a mid-year model that Rich bought in 1997 and did a mechanical restoration. He also has a 1928 AR Tudor and 1928 AR Roadster Pickup.

Posted 03/10/14

1928 Phaeton - owned by Doug Vieyra, Eureka, California. who writes:
Driving around the Victorian Seaport of Eureka, California, one finds hundreds of restored Victorian Homes. In the photo is our daughter and grand daughter joined by my wife Lily Vieyra (middle) in front of our home (built in 1878), for a ride in our 1928 Phaeton. The car belonged to my grandfather's (he bought it new in 1929) and I've owned it since 1964. Both my daughter Susan (on the right) and grand-daughter Jennifer (on the left), have been riding in this car since they were born. Today, the car is still driven on a daily basis, along with our 1931 Deluxe Coupe.
Posted 10/15/12

1928 Phaeton owned by Loukie Smith of Hampton, Virginia.
Husband Hugh writes, "This 1928 Phaeton is the Model A we drove Coast to Coast Driving the Old Lincoln Highway to San Francisco and back. The Phaeton ran great, like a top, all the way, only two flat tires!! Plus we pulled a Trailer! Back roads America is Beautiful and to see it in a Model A Ford was an extra special treat!"
Hugh also has a 1929 Sport Coupe; they are a two Model "A" family.
Posted 07/26/08

1928 Phaeton - Mark and Deb Zacchio of Avon, CT, who write"
I grew up around A's, we had several cars, and a family project (Dad really loved them) and did a ground up restoration on 31 Sport Coupe. Wanting my boys (ages 10 and 12) to catch the bug, my wife and I recently bought our 28 Phaeton, and have loved every minute of it. We like to go out for Ice Cream, go to local shows and Parades, and occasionally head out to dinner with friends.

Our car was originally purchased as a wedding gift, deemed the "Honeymoon Special", by the bride's father in August of 1929. They were the original owners and parked it in a barn in 1950, where it sat until the second owner purchased it, did a ground up restoration (8 years), and spent 10+ years trailering it to National Events, eventually winning the National Preservation Award. It's had 2K miles since then and shows 46K original miles. The car has all of its original parts, and is just as Henry built it in late October 1928, save for the Motometer! The car has been in CT all of its life.
Posted 7/20/08

1928 Phaeton - Alan DalMaso and Dad, Lidio DalMaso of Redwood City, CA. Here's the newest photo of my 1928 Phaeton. It's become a father and son project because my Dad is so handy. He learned how to drive in a Model "A" and we have a great time driving around together. He and the car are actually the same age!! I've dressed it up a little with a few accessories and it keeps us busy on weekends touring around the neighborhood. It's fun to see all the "thumbs up" and smiles from passers by. Maintaining these old autos is really a labor of love.
Posted 7/04/05

1928 RoadstersTop


1928 AR Roadster
owned by Rachel d'Entremont of
Aiken, South Carolina

Posted 04/17/20

1928 AR Roadster owned by Jeff and Sue Hawkins of Williamsburg, Michigan who write:

Here is our 1928 “AR” Roadster "Buster." . Numbers match, and the serial number is lower than 10,000, so it was manufactured in the first week or two of January, 1928. That's me, Jeff Hawkins in the photo. It was taken in our driveway in Williamsburg, just outside Traverse City, Michigan, prior to a recent Autumn drive.
Posted 10/29/18

1928 Roadster owned by John Ramsay, Reno Nevada

Photo taken during the 2018 MAFCA National Convention in Reno/Sparks Nevada
Posted 07/01/18

1928 Roadster owned by Michael and Janet Leighton, who write:

This is my wife's 1928 Roadster. It was given to her by her father who put it together from whatever parts he could beg, borrow or trade for. His goal was to get another Model A on the road. He did four of them before he passed. Soon after we took possession in April of 2004, the engine blew. After pulling it for a rebuild, it looked to be an easy task to pull apart the whole car for a rebuild. It was. The rebuild, however took three more years. With the help of fellow Moon on A Model A Club members, we now have a wonderful Model A we drive proudly on almost a daily basis as weather permits.
Posted 02/28/13

1928 Roadster owned by Ruben Caballero of San Juan Puerto Rico, who writes, "This is a Picture of my 1928 Roadster at a simulated gas station on an antique auto show in San Juan."
Posted 2/16/08

1928 Roadster owned by Phil Niemeyer of Rochester, Minnesota, who writes, "I acquired the roadster March 2005. It had been left to neglect by its third owner for the past seven years in a musty garage and had grown very grungy. I approached the owner and he indicated the car had been a disappointment to him, as he found it would not go 60 MPH! At this point in life, I don't want the heavy restoration stuff, and I have had great fun bringing the roadster back to life. I have enjoyed the hobby for 50 years and have owned quite a number of cars over the period of time. Funny how I migrated back to the first car I owned; a Model A Ford!"
Posted 11/25/05

1928 Roadster owned by Tom Witten of Richlands, Virginia. Except for an alternator, the car has been restored to the Judging Standards. Only thing Tom needs is the correct windshield wiper. This is one Fine A!
Posted 03/05/05

1928 AR Roadster - owned by Dale Duffield of Marysville, Washington, who just purchased it from Robert Lasua. Very early car.
Posted 6/29/05

1928 Roadster PickupsTop

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Jason and Tina Carne who writes,
"This 1928 roadster pickup is owned by Jason and Tina Carne of Atlanta, GA.
I found this Model A in 2002 rusting away in someone's back yard.
I finished the restoration in 2005."
Posted 12/03/12

28 RPU

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Richard Farrow New Bern, NC who writes:“
I bought this garage find through a mutual friend with the AACA. It has been in the same family since 1960’s and garaged since 1990. According to the history I am the third owner. The previous owner started the restoration with tires and wheels and numerous new parts. Currently (Dec 30110) the cab and box are off the frame and awaiting paint (Valley Green). I installed new sub rails, cowl panels and doors. Found and joined MAFCA, used the tech support and the Classified section to find the doors. Try my best to keep it as original when possible. With an 400915 engine number, I figure it’s a September of 1928 model and because the frame was rusted out laying around in Elizabeth City, NC a 1930 frame was put under it. At present brakes, steering and prep work are the challenge. First time owner/restorer and enjoying this labor of love.”
Posted 12/11/11

1928 AR Roadster Pickup - owned by Richard Fischbach of Shelbyville, Illinois.
Posted 10/08/11

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Shawn Voss of Holland Michigan, who writes, "Here is a picture of my roadster pickup. I am 21 years old. My dad and I restored this pickup when I was in high school. It has been completed for 6 years already and I try to drive it as much as I can."
Posted 05/22/08

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Jason and Tina Carne who writes, "This 1928 roadster pickup is owned by Jason and Tina Carne of Atlanta, GA. I found this Model A in 2002 rusting away in someone's back yard. Here is the finished restoration."
Posted 12/03/12

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Tom and Nancy Johnson of Ohio, who writes, "This photo was taken at the 1855 Indian Camp (Ohio) covered bridge, near Cambridge. It is our 1928 Roadster Pickup. I have owned it for 5 years. My father was the previous owner. I have installed a L-B interior and top. Pressurized the radiator. Rebuilt the transmission. Made the side boards from oak. Installed new shocks and front spring and lots of other improvements. It is a driver. We travel all the back roads in eastern Ohio, gravel and paved. We trailered to Newport, Indiana last October and competed in their annual hill climb. The next project is getting an overdrive unit installed."
Posted 10/29/04

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Joe Setka of Culver City, CA. The photo was submitted by Steve Newton, who writes, "Joe is Vice President of SCREENLAND A's. The pick-up was built as a father/son project in 1980. At that time it was a closed cab. In 1990, Joe switched cabs. The car now sports a down-draft carb & manifold and a B/W overdrive. This picture was taken at one of Culver City's oldest parks, behind the old M.G.M. Movie Studios. The park in the early 1900s, was the sight of the old banked wooden board race track where famous racers like Barney Oldfield raced. "
Posted 1/8/05

1928 Special VehiclesTop

1928 Town Car Prototype - owned by Doug & Debbie Clayton, Manteca CA

One of two LeBaron bodied prototypes produced for Ford in April 1928 (the other one was destroyed by fire in 1962). This one has the top covered with leather while the other prototype was painted. Both bodies were made of aluminum.

Eleanor Whiting had suggested the idea for a Model A Town Car to the Chicago Ford Dealer. The other Town Cars available at the time were too big and bulky. Henry Ford had sent this car to the Chicago dealer to see if this would meet with Eleanor’s approval. She reportedly told the dealer that she approved and said: “I will take it”. The car was gifted to Eleanor Whiting by Henry Ford afterwards.

Eleanor Whiting passed away in 1931 and the car was inherited by her son, Larry Whiting. The original key is still with the car and bear Larry’s name and address. Acquired by David Uihlein (heir to the Schlitz Brewing Company) from Eleanor Whiting’s son Larry in the 1950’s.

Originally painted a two-tone tan color including the tops of the fenders and aprons. Repainted at David Uihlein’s request (“the brown color was ugly”). Acquired by Tim Kelly in approximately 2005.Purchased by Doug Clayton in 2018.

Posted 01/15/20



piccture piccture

1928 CoupesTop

1928 Sport Coupe - owned by Richard Crocker of Holden MA,

I saved a basket case from a hot rodder in 1999.
Finished a complete restoration in 2014

I call my coupe "Problem Child" because every thing I touched was a problem

Posted 06/11/18

1928 Sport Coupe - owned by Ron Rude of Quincy California, who writes:

This is a very early car, built in November 1927.
The serial number is 566.
Posted 09/06/07

1928 Sport Coupe - owned by Richard Barsky of Jacksonville Florida
Posted 12/12/06

1928 Sport Coupe - owned by Charlie Goddard of Fairfax IA, who writes, "We just finished the car after two years of work, so it's only been to Dairy Queen a couple times. We live on a gravel road, and the little car just seems to be born for them. I was really surprised how well it rides! I'm the second owner as my Great Uncle bought it new. All those years of wishing as it sat in his barn have finally come true. I love it!"
Posted 07/13/05

1928 Special Coupe - owned by Jim Morris of Ithaca, NY. Check the "Before and After" page for what this gorgeous car looked like when the restoration began.
Updated 08/26/10

1928 Tudor SedansTop

 picture 1928 Tudor - owned by new MAFCA member Paul Banchetti of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

On October 20, 1928, Paul's dad who was a junior in high school at the time, caught a train along with two other men from Lake Village, AR to Memphis, TN. All three purchased Tudors and drove them off the assembly line. They then drove them back to Lake Village, at the 25 mph break-in speed, the trip taking over eight hours.

This vehicle was "sold" by his grandfather to Paul for $1.00 in 1964. The engine was rebuilt at that time, along with a new interior and paint job. Paul has recently completed a more in-depth restoration, including a new paint job, new period interior, re-chrome job, new radiator, etc.

The vehicle is earmarked for one of Paul's sons ... "later".

Posted 01/24/16

1928 AR Tudor - owned by Richard Fischbach, Shelbyville Illinois.
MAFCA President George Pope found this car for Rich in Lancaster California back in 1964. He has driven it 65,000 Mlles since the ground-up restoration. Rich also has a 1928 Phaeton and 1928 AR Roadster Pickup. The black and white photo at right was taken in 1970 when Rich and wife were at a car show at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Rich was wearing his Palm Beach suit for the drive there.
Posted 03/10/14

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by Fred & Lorene Harrison, who writes:

My car has a very colorful history. Once the transportation of Miss University of Arizona 1973. I purchased the car January 15, 3011. Two months later, I decided to repair an oil leak. That led to an off frame restoration. All the work was done in home hobby shops except for the new safety glass in the windows and the paint. we are very pleased it took third place at the Sierra Vista, "Cars in the Park," Show in the Antique Car and Truck Class. The following week It took third in the Tucson Classic Car Show in the modified stock class 1928 to 1948. I built it to be a driver and had one too many upgrades to show in the stock class.
Posted 10/25/13

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by John Dyke, Peoria Arizona
Posted 07/21/13

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by Giuliano Ricci who lives in Curitiba, state of Parana, Brazil. They have a club dedicated to the Ford Model A - check out their website
Posted 12/13/09

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by Wiley Higgins of Cumming GA, who writes: "This is Henryetta, my early 1928 Tudor Sedan. She was purchased by me in July 1973 in Menominee, Michigan. Some restoration was completed before I served a year tour with the US Army in Thailand, Feb 1975 to Feb 1976. After retirement from the Army in February 1976, I completed restoration in the fall of 1977. The car, which was probably built around April 1928, has many of the Early 1928 Model A "AR" features, such as "red" steering wheel with 7-tooth sector steering gear, parking brake lever on the left side (which applies brakes to all 4 wheels), "AR" wheels (with carryover Model T style lug nuts), even length louvers on the hood, and early 1928 style front fenders and running board splash aprons. It is painted in five colors: Niagara Blue (light), main body color; Niagara Blue (dark), upper body color; Duchess Blue belt molding; French Gray stripe, and Black fenders, wheels, etc.

After being driven a little over 22,000 miles, the car was sold in 1985. I bought it back in March 2008, from the owner who had driven it only a few hundred miles in nearly 23 years. It was almost as if she had been in a "time capsule" all that time.
Posted 09/06/08

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by Dan and Terri Ulberg of Decatur Texas, who write: "This was one of three car bodies along with the rest of the parts to make them complete that I purchased in 1964 from a widow whose husband had taken them all apart to restore them. My dad gave me a 29 Sports Coupe and helped me make it road worthy so that when I turned 16, I would have a car to drive. So when I got the yard full of junk with three bodies, I told him to pick one and get all the parts to make it complete, paying him back for my coupe. He choose the 28 Tudor and he started a complete restoration. Before he completed the restoration, cancer got the best of him and took him.

I was in the military and didn't a permanent address, so my brother inherited the car. Thirty years ago, he finished the restoration and drove the car and took care of it until this past November when I purchased the car from him.

My wife Terri and I love to go for drives in the Tudor and do as often as we can. We have named her "Tooter". We are currently members of the Cow Town A's in Ft. Worth Texas and the Wise County Antique Auto Club in Decatur Texas.
Posted 04/13/08

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by Richard and Jeanne Parrish of Anaheim California, sent in by Glenn Johnson, who writes:
"Last year my friend Richard Parrish and I spent a few weeks re restoring and detailing parts of his 28 Tudor before our trip to the Pikes Peak regional meet. When we finished, it looked so good, we stopped to take a few pictures of it in front of my 1929 mission revival style house.

Richard and his wife Jeanne are long time members of MAFCA and the Orange County Chapter. Back in the late 60s Richard and Jeanne appeared on the cover of The Restorer as Bonnie and Clyde.
Posted 06/10/06

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by George and Susan Fountain of Woodland Washington. "This is our 1928 tudor. It is a driver, not a show car. When I got this Model A it was a disaster. It was not restored - it was resurrected."
Posted 05/29/07

1928 Tudor Sedan - owned by John Fugina Sun Prairie, WI Attached is a photo of my 1928 Tudor Sedan. She was probably built in April or May at the Louisville Kentucky assembly plant. My dad bought this car in 1967 as a father-son project when I was 16 years old, and I acquired the car from him in 1985. I completed her second restoration about 5 years ago. She is dressed in Niagara Blue Dark/Light.
Posted 03/08/05

1928 Fordor SedansTop

1928 Murray Fordor Sedan owned by Larry Singler of Simi Valley, CA who writes:
" I bought my car in 1961 when I only had a learner's permit. I answered an ad in the L.A. Times for a Model A pickup truck in Azusa CA. and when I saw the truck, it was too rough and this sedan was in the back yard. I bought it for $110. It took me 3 months of paper route money to get it running, and I drove it to High School for two years. I lived in downtown Los Angeles in the same neighborhood with former MAFCA president John Firth and his brother Ed Firth who started the Screenland A's of Culver City CA. I belong to the Screenland club along with the Simi Valley A's. My car is a good reliable driver that I try to drive as much as I can. It's been a lifetime project that I enjoy. I have started another project, a Cabriolet March of '31 68B - a real challenge."
Posted 09/06/12

1928 Briggs Fordor Leatherback Sedan owned by Dwight Burgess, of Kingman, AZ who writes:

Here is a picture of my recently completed 12 year restoration project which may be useful for the "Paint Challenge". I've tried to adhere closely to the authentic paint scheme in the "Model A Paint & Finish Guide" (2nd Edition Revised) I hope this is helpful. The Upper & Lower Body is finished in Andalusite Blue, the Reveals are Arabian Sand - Dark and the Pin Stripe is Orange .
Posted 04/26/12

1928 Briggs Fordor Leatherback Sedan owned by Dean Zwicker of Norton, MA who writes:
"Attached is a photo of my 1928 Fordor, July production. The car has many early features, such as the left side cowl vent. It is an older restoration and the prior owner painted the wheels the incorrect color, but the car does show up better with the color wheels rather than the original black wheels."
Posted 02/03/08

1928 Town Car owned by Tim Kelley of Connecticut. Car formerly owned by the family of Hal Dye.
Posted 01/2008

1928 Briggs Fordor Leatherback Sedan owned by John and Judy Guzzetta of San Jose CA. This car was pictured here from 2001 until 2007 when it was owned by the Donlons of Los Gatos. The new photo is a picture of the car with grand kids (Kim & Lauren Guzzetta) that was published in "A" World newsletter as a memento trading card.
Posted 05/2007

1928 Briggs Blindback owned by Brian and Sue McGarry of San Lorenzo, California.
The car and nifty Mullins trailer was photographed at Donner Lake. It's an early 1928 with the cowl vent. The dash does not have a vent and the spare tire carrier has four bolts. A lot of usual 1928 stuff.
Posted 10/25/06

1928 Briggs Fordor Leatherback Sedan - owned by Rene Rondeau of Corte Madera, CA who writes "Since this was taken I have replaced the headlight lenses with the correct fluted style. I love the look of the 1928/1929 Fords. The tall wheels, deep curves and low radiator give them a wonderfully elegant antique look. Not to mention the little details, like the red steering wheel, drum tail light, mushroom shift knob..."
Posted 1/28/05

1928 Commercial VehiclesTop

1928 Panel Delivery - owned by Gerry Mills of Oklahoma City, OK

All mechanical work was performed by the Model A Medic, Wichita, Kansas.

Posted 09/04/21


1928 Town Car Prototype - owned by Doug and Debbie Clayton of Manteca, CA.
Posted 01/05/20

1928 Pickup - owned by James and Sue Bowers of Kennewick, WA. James writes, "I retired after 37 year on the fire dept in August of 2009. With that done, it was time to reward my self with an old car. I have had a few old cars, during the years, but was not able to complete any of them.

I joined the MAFCA in 2008, so when it came time to retire that was the first place I looked to find my old car. I found a 1928 closed cab pickup that had just had a four year restoration done on it. A MAFCA member had put it up for sale on the MAFCA web site. He was in Salem, Oregon, and I was 280 miles away in Eastern Washington. So, I brought it home on a trailer, built some side racks for it, joined the Columbia Basin chapter and I hope to drive the truck for many to most of the events. The local group is full of very nice and helpful Model A members. The pickup runs as sweet as she looks."
Posted 10/19/09

1928 Stake Bed - owned by Stan and Donna Rothstein of British Columbia, Canada.
Posted 09/8/07

1928 Deluxe Delivery - owned by Tom Philpott of Georgetown, TX, who writes, "It appears that this Delivery was a Pre-Production Model assembled in Chicago in late 1928 and was built on an AR frame (engine and frame number indicate it was a May 1928 engine.)

"Ford first announced that they would be introducing the Deluxe delivery in November of 1928 and awarded Budd Manufacturing the contract to build the deluxe delivery bodies. The Ford production records were destroyed several years ago in fire so exact production records are really not available. However, dealer invoices available show that the production lines didn't start delivering the Deluxe Delivery in any numbers until March of 1929. Budd Manufacturing did manage to make a limited number of Delivery body kits in November and December of 1928 and shipped a few to each of the Ford factories around the country. The Delivery shown was more or less hand assembled before the regular production line was set up at the Chicago Factory using what ever was available, i.e., the discontinued AR frame.

"The Delivery pictured just won a 1st Place award in the MARC /MAFCA fine point judging at the 2007 Texas Tour."
Posted 06/19/07

1928 Ford Pickup - owned by Larry Ingram of Yuba City, CA. I purchased the truck in 1971 for $100. Over the next 27 years I tinkered with it from time to time but due to military commitments, I was all over the world until my retirement in 1988. In 1997 I got real serious and completed the ground up restoration in the Fall of 1998. The truck is a great source of pride and enjoyment for my family. My wife and I, along with our Labrador Retriever Sam, ride in all of the areas parades. I try to drive it every weekend, weather permitting. I have shown the car in several of the areas shows and have finished first in most. I am an active member of the Butte View A's in the Marysville / Yuba City area of Northern California.
Posted 2/4/03

1928 Pickup - owned by Don & Lory Martell. My wife and I don't do many shows but we enjoy local parades and short trips with our old car friends. We also go to nursing homes and will give short rides to the people there. This has been a very rewarding thing.
Posted 10/7/02

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