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1930 Phaeton owned by Tom Fotinos , Sonoma A’s of the Sonoma A's.

Tom writes, "This car was purchased new by my grandfather in San Francisco for his grocery store business. He would get fresh produce at 4 am every day and bring it back to his store. My father and I both learned how to drive in this car. Dad was born in 1925 and I was born in 1965.

Notice the car seat, My daughter and I took the A out for a 100 mile drive.
Posted 06/22/09

1930 Standard Phaeton owned by Ed Robinson of Pueblo, CO
Posted 01/05/08


1930 De Luxe Roadster owned by Ricardo Sánchez Solé of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who writes,

I bought my Ford A in January 1982, 28 years ago! I was twenty years old, I was at the university and also I was working. Since I was a child, I like very much old cars, and I remember that when I was maybe eight or nine years old I saw a roadster ( I supposed it was a Ford). I think in that moment started my connection with those nice antique cars. [ReadMore]
Posted 07/11/10

1930 De Luxe Roadster owned by Carl Brown of Steward, Illinois, who writes,
"The 1930 roadster was a race car for years around Byron IL called the "Triple Nickel" and won most of it's races. When the former owner was done racing it, he tore it all apart and stored it in a shed till I bought and restored it to it original state. The black pickup belonged to my wife's uncle, who was the original owner. The car was sitting in a shed long enough for it to sink past the running boards. We restored this ourselves also.
Posted 7/6/08

1930 De Luxe Roadster owned by Don Maw of Thorntown Indiana, about 30 NW of Indianapolis, who writes,
"I purchased car from an elderly gentleman in Atlanta 4 years ago who could no longer drive. Restoring had been started and has been completed since. Keeping it original was most important. Paint is Vermilion red with tan interior. Still has the 6 volt system. Very popular at local car shows and great to tour. "
Updated 03/26/08

1930 De Luxe Roadster owned by Randy White of Sebastian Florida, who writes, "This is Jezebel - we call her 'Jezzy'."
Posted 5/26/07

1930 De Luxe Roadster owned by Ralph and Mary Lou Koch of Ottawa, Illinois, who write, "We are the proud owners of a 1930 Model A De Luxe Roadster. Original, off-frame restoration. The finished product reflects many pleasant hours. We have received many trophies, including a First Place in September 2005. This was the reward for diligent hours spent."
Posted 09/2005

1930 Roadster owned by Michael Wade of Artesia New Mexico, who writes, "I started restoring this 1930 Standard Roadster in 2002 and have almost got it done in 2005. I don't think you ever finish completely. I did a frame off restoration and did 90% of the work myself. I really had a great time restoring this neat car. This car has an all steel body, no fiberglass on the car. All the wood was replaced and the wood around the top of the body I made in my wood shop. This was my first Model A to restore. I think it came out great and it has won many trophies.

"The frame was powder coated and the underside of the body and fenders were sprayed with a type of rhino-lining to water proof and protect the under side of the car. It has a complete rebuilt engine & trans. The top was done by Le Baron Bonney and installed by a friend of mine. The car has a '20 foot' paint job so I can drive it and not be too concerned with a little scratch or two."
Posted 9/25/05


1930 Cabriolet unrestored - owned by Mike Brauch, Canaan, Vermont
Posted 01/01/2017





1930 Cabriolet owned by Dave and Carol Habersang of Thomaston, CT. This car was originally assembled in the country of Denmark at the Ford assembly plant in Copenhagen. It is one of 323 assembled and sold that year. I purchased the car from a woman in Erie, Pa. It was in very poor condition. A twelve year restoration has brought her back to original condition. I did all of the restoration work myself, including a lacquer finish in seal brown and Bronson yellow, which was considered the Cabriolet color scheme.

She has won many first place awards and was on the cover of the Sept/Oct 2000 issue of the Restorer. We call her "Suzie-Q". My wife and I are members of the Northwestern Connecticut A's car club. We enjoy going on club tours through the back roads of New England each year.
Posted 12/22/14

1930 Cabriolet owned by John Bryerton of Lock Haven PA who writes:

My car was purchased from a man who described it as "Fixed Up". Fixed up meant gallons of body filler, deck screws, rotten wood and poor paint job. This included chrome restored with silver paint. It looked good at a distance but not what I called restored.

I did a complete restoration which took me 4 years and half the stuff in Mikes-A-Fordable catalogue. I think it is now very close to original condition with a few minor changes. Leather interior and powder painted wheels.
Posted 09/20/10

1930 Cabriolet owned by Roy and Barbara Cail of Bixby, Oklahoma, who writes: "Bixby is a suburb of Tulsa. We bought the car on eBay from a gentleman in New York. It is a very nice car and a good example of a Cabriolet. The car was restored about 18 months ago and only had about 1000 miles since restoration. We are members of MAFCA and the Tulsa Model A Club. My wife, Barbara, is Secretary and I am Treasurer of the chapter --- have only been members since April of 2007 and have enjoyed every minute of it."
Posted 8/28/08

1930 Cabriolet owned by Robert Greenhaus of New York.
Posted 6/30/07

1930 Cabriolet owned by Alan Mitchell of Savannah, GA. The car is painted Bronson Yellow with Seal Brown trim and an Orange stripe. The wheels have stainless spoke covers. Very sharp, Alan.
Posted 4/15/06


 picture1930 Coupe owned by Rich Nestler, Evergreen Chapter

In 2013 a car crashed through Rich's garage door and totaled his 1930 Model A that had been handed down to him by his aunt and uncle who had bought the car new. Rich grew up with this car and wasn't about to let it go to the scrap yard. Instead he reached out to the Evergreen A's, and not only did they help him rebuild his car but he gained new friends who share his love of the Model A.
Posted 11/10/22
1930 Coupe owned by Gerry Allen, Washington State, who writes:
"This is my daily driver parked in the shade near Birch Bay Wa. I average 700 miles a month from April through September.
Posted 06/16/18

1930 Coupe owned by Greg Moreno of Sacramento California, who writes:

I am a member of the Sacramento Capital A's here in Sacramento, Calif. I am sending you my 1930 coupe's photo. It's originally from Oklahoma and ended up with a earlier restoration in Chicago. But now I own it here in California.

I'm currently replacing this coupe with the correct fasteners and some part found unjust to this car that were not correct. When I first Joined the Capitol A's, one of the club members had told me "Your Model A will talk to you". I didn't quite understand what he meant by that, but now I do. You would have to be an owner to know what I'm talking about. Happy Motoring To All That Own a Ford Model A!
Posted 01/13/15

1930 Coupe owned by Michael Morton of Swansboro North Carolina, who writes:

Here is our Christmas picture of our 1930 Model A standard coupe, We are now the third owners of this beautifully restored coupe when we purchased it from the original owners family last April. In the background is my father in law's 1928 roadster.
Michael J. Morton, Welding Instructor, Swansboro High School, Swansboro N.C.
Posted 12/15/14

1930 Coupe owned by Bryan Duncan, a California Highway Patrol Officer, who writes, "We hope you enjoy the photo of the 1930 California Highway Patrol Model A Coupe. The photo was taken by Gene Eagle when my wife and I were at the McCloud (California) Heritage Days, where we took first place vintage stock vehicle. I am a real CHP officer and my wife is a real CHP wife.

The car was purchased in 1985 as a near "basket case" Model A. It has been created into a 1930 CHP Patrol Car with the assistance of a lot of people. It's first public presentation was in 1988 for the opening of the (current) Northern Division CHP Office.

Although privately owned by my wife and me, it has been on official duty many times, from running with other "modern" patrol vehicles in parades, carrying "Chipper," en route from a parade and backing up an officer on a traffic stop and first at an accident scene, to static display at CHP Academy's Retirees Day.

The CHP traffic safety angle is that our car is now installed with aftermarket seatbelts. People are pretty observant and the seatbelts always stimulate conversation. We recognize that the Model A does not hold up well in a roll over or protecting the occupant inside the passenger compartment. So, based upon my dad's suggestion (CHP ID #1723), we promote that seatbelts keep you behind the wheel and in control of the vehicle, thus allowing you to recover from and not be involved in an accident. (Wear your seatbelt, stay behind the wheel, regain control & avoid the accident.)

Byran Wm. Duncan, Sergeant, California Highway Patrol
Posted 09/06/11

1930 Coupe owned by Curt Cowan of Vacaville, CA who writes:
"This is a 45-year-old restoration, all stock except for the alternator, counterbalanced crank, lightened flywheel, and late model clutch. It's my daily driver. Shown at the Nut Tree Airport in 2007 with a fully restored C-47 that took part in the D-Day Invasion
Posted 05/22/11

1930 Coupe owned by Bill Williamson, Fresno California. "This is my 30 standard coupe and her name is Minnerva.
Posted 11/10/10

1930 Coupe owned by Jim Sanfelice
of Carmichael, CA, who writes, "This is my 30 standard coupe. I've had this one 10 years. It is my third model A. The only repair in 10 years is a new clutch and pilot bearing, That is for 15,000 miles of driving., and I still get about 23 miles per gallon."
Posted 07/12/08

1930 Coupe owned by Jarron and Erin Wickum
of Vancouver Washington, who writes, "My name is Jarrod Wickum and I have been a MAFCA member since 2006. This is a picture of my 1930 Rumble Seat Coupe and my two favorite girls, my wife Erin and our eight month old daughter Grace. This picture was taken Christmas Day 2007 our driveway."
Posted 12/29/07

1930 Coupe owned by Greg & Carol Clarke
of Douglasville, Georgia who writes, "Forwarded is a picture of my 1930 Ford Model 'A' coupe. It is a driver and not a trailer queen, and has taken us for quite a ride."
Posted 07/04/07

1930 Coupe owned by Peggy & Byron M. McGough of Fort Collins, Colorado, who write, "We have owned and driven a 1923 Ford Model T Runabout for thirty-seven years but have owned the Model A for just the last two years. However, a 1930 Model A Coupe was the family car that I learned to drive and when the two of us met during our college years, my spouse-to-be was driving her dad's 1930 Model A Coupe. When the Coupe pictured became available for purchase, we were happy to welcome, once again, a 1930 Coupe back into our lives. We have been married for 53 years and these wonderful automobiles have been very meaningful to us through the years."
Posted 1/14/07

1930 Coupe owned by Alberto Maza of La Pampa Argentina, who writes, "The car belongs to Jorge Luis Howe and Alberto Maza. We have shared both the car and the restoring work for several years. We got it running in 2003. It took part in several rallies with excellent performance. We belong to the "Club de Autos Antiguos" in Santa Rosa, La Pampa Argentina."
Posted 10/10/06

1930 De Luxe Coupe owned by John Costenbader of Reading, PA, who writes, "We purchased this 1930 Model A De Luxe Coupe in December of 2004 nearly as seen in the picture. The colors are versions of Copra and Chicle Drab but of a somewhat lighter shade than the original colors. These colors are easy to maintain because they do not show dirt and they catch a lot of attention. I did some minor 'tune up' on the carburetor, distributor, & brakes & had to replace the universal joint but otherwise the body, engine, and drive train are in excellent condition.

We've taken it to car shows, parades, and other gatherings with the Lehigh Valley Model A Club where we've gotten a few awards and a lot of attention. It's a lot of fun to drive the car and meet other Model A'ers. Our three sons, their wives, and our grand kids think it's GREAT. I've had experience working with engines like the Model A flat head and love to 'tinker' with this car. I also have a 1940 Farmall H tractor which I've restored and it's amazing how similar the engines are. We like to dress in Era clothing when we go to parades as you see in the picture."
Posted 10/4/05

1930 Standard Coupe owned by Bobby Chaisson of Jefferson, Georgia, who writes, "My 1930 Standard coupe was purchased in 1930 by my great grandfather. It was driven here on our farm for quite sometime, then parked in one of the barns here where it remained till 2 years ago. I heard about a guy nearby that restores model a cars, Benny Bohanan of Bentleys antique auto service. I met Benny and talked with him about working on the car. He said it would be a lot of work but it could be done. In November of 2004 Benny came to the house and picked up the car. Work started the next week on the car and continued till April 11, 2006 when I took the car home. I started helping Benny part time on my car and it has now turned into a full time job working for Benny. I was able to do a lot of the work myself. A big thank you to Bentley's Antique Auto Service in Maysville, GA. for the great job done on this car." Ed. note: Click Here for a look at the before and after photos.
Posted 04/23/06

1930 Coupe owned by Peter Noyes of Mertztown, PA, who also owns a 1929 Woody. Peter writes, "Some years ago I had bought a running Model A Coupe for $2400, but needless to say it really needed work thus a frame off restoration was started. After the project was well underway, I did an estimate of what it was going to cost to finish it and came up with $8000.

I bought this second coupe for same $8000 and have since sold off some of the parts of the project, raising about $5000 and I still have a good supply of spares left. What you see is what I bought, which includes the neat pickup box arrangement, a modification I certainly favor as there's plenty of room for tools, chairs, and other stuff. I added the trailer hitch, but have yet to use the car to pull the neat FORD branded lightweight trailer I won some years ago at a car show raffle."
Posted 1/28/05

1930 Police Coupe owned by Steve Newton, Culver City CA. Steve is the secretary of one of MAFCA's newest chapters, the Screenland A's. He lives just a few steps away from some of the most famous movie studios (turns out there are way more studios in Culver City than in Hollywood.) Steve's Model A is decked out to resemble an era police car. Driving it around, he gets lots of stares, waves, and thumbs up.
Updated 1/3/05


Sport Coupes

1930 Sport Coupe owned by John and Lyn Pauling of Swanson Auckland New Zealand.

John writes, "I found this car nearly 2 years ago as an unrestored wreck, pulled it all apart, and rebuilt it all myself, including finishing work and rebuilding all the mechanicals. Lyn and I are heading off to the North Island Model A national run in Hastings New Zealand over Easter."
Posted 3/11/05

1930 Sport Coupe owned by new members Dan and Diana Carlson of Bellevue, CO
Posted 12/22/04


Tudor Sedans

1930 Tudor owned by Charles Higgins of West Chester, Pa. who writes:

Here is a photo of me alongside my 1930 Tudor Sedan. This was taken within the last several years in front of a historic building, a blacksmith shop circa 1750 in the township. The car was restored between 1955-60 long before parts became so easily available. I traveled throughout Pa. to Ford dealers and ex Ford dealers seeking parts and was very successful at very low cost. So the paint scheme is not correct for 1930 and other things. I just chose what pleased me. It was made at Ford’s Buffalo, NY factory in May of 1930 and I have a letter to attest to the exact date. I am the second owner my father being the first.

I learned to drive in this car, took my driver’s test in it and passed and drove it to work until I could afford a newer car. Incidentally the engine was rebuilt by Ford so it still has the original engine. While mechanically sound the paint being lacquer it has begun to chip in many places and it should be reupholstered with LeBaron Bonney materials which did not exist in 1955. I have not started the car since Sept. of 2014 when I had Australian friends visiting that wanted to ride around and take photographs of Pa. covered bridges which we did. I just find driving it to be too much for me so it sits.
Posted 08/29/15

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Graham and Heather Cheer of New Zealand. They are members of the Hawkes Bay Model A Club.
Posted 02/06/15

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Bill Crance of Washington Island, Wisconsin.

The car is an early 1930 and originally had the early "eyebrow" fenders. But a previous restorer had them removed for restoration and they were "misplaced." Bill's looking for a new set to bring the car back to its original form.
Posted 03/24/13

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Joe DeWall of Groveland, Illinois, who writes:
bought the car March 22, 2010 in Henry, IL. It was a basket case but we were able to start the car fairly easy. The seller said he had it rebuilt and when i took it apart, it had been gone through and bored .030 over. He also painted it green lacquer but that was the extent of it. I had to strip everything down to bare metal. I found out after i disassembled it that the frame was badly bent at the right side A pillar so it took little time for me getting that straighten out. The fenders are the original steel ones. With help from my best friend who is a welder we were able to salvage them.

Every part on the car has been sand blasted, ground smooth and primered at least 3 times before painting the pieces from the solid front axle to the rear end using PPG concept single stage paint. The interior is from Cartouche from MACS.
Posted 03/18/12

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Prof Eckart Wernicke of Bad Soden (near Frankfurt/Main), Germany. Photo taken at the Main riverside Oct. 03, 2011. Submitted by his friend and neighbor Claus-Theo Merkel.
Posted 10/14/11

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Bob Rusunen of Vancouver, Washington.
Bob writes, "This 1930 Tudor Sedan is a former Mid-America Old Timer Auto Association National First Prize Winner. It has been updated to be driven on nation wide Model A tours. This 2 tone Chicle/Copra Drab Tudor Model A has all new wood framing and steel body. Best of all, it is a great driver and good looker. "
Posted 09/07

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Frank Zollinger of New Albany, Ohio a suburb of Columbus.
Frank writes, "The green Tudor I've owned since 1967, and another Model A owner, friend Tom Marasek, restored it this past winter, frame up. I had the engine restored in 1968. The 1930 Maroon Tudor my son Frank repainted it completely four years ago. This one has 29,000 original miles, while the green one has 54,000---both are very nice solid cars, and both run great. "
Posted 09/07

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Herman Kihlstedt of Linkoping, Sweden, proud driver of this Model A.
Herman writes, "My Tudor was made in February 1930. From 1930 - 1931, it was owned by Ford Motor Company in Frihamnen Stockholm. From 1931- 1937, the owner was a merchant named Axel Hallin in Rystad Linkoping. In 1937, my grandfather, Herman Carlson (mother's father), bought the car on an auction for 1000 Swedish crowns where Axel sold his business. Since 1952 - I have been the keeper and owner of this car. The colour is Thorne Brown with an orange stripe. When the car was new in Sweden, it was possible for 50 extra crowns to have the wheels in the same colour as the stripe."
Three additional photos:
Posted 08/16/07

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by new member Harold Robertson of Redding California who writes, "The photo was taken by the person I bought the car from. The car is a bit different now because I replaced the wheel covers with proper Ford 4-cyl caps, and I painted the running board rubbers and top with black rubber bumper paint... looks good and should hold up well. I love the car and bought it because of it's looks: black with pinstripe, kelsey-hayes bent-spoke wheels, 16-inch tires... kind of a Elliot Ness Gangster look. I even got an old violin case to put in the back seat.

It's an old and tired restoration, probably done in the 80s, but it's a driver and that's what I wanted. I also think the Tudor has the best lines visually (although I'm sure I'd have been happy with a Fordor). Most everything it needs is cleaning and lubing, although I have replaced the cylinder head and distributor. Sooner or latter I'll have to tackle the interior...."
Posted 02/12/07

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by John Young of San Antonio, Texas, who writes, "You have such a nice site on the Tudors, I thought you might like to see my 55B with the Elkpoint and Kewanee greens. It has an amazing finish with the Elkpoint on the lower. I read where some were made this way and so who knows if this is the original scheme or even color? Anyway it is a beautiful machine and I only have the belt line pinstripe to finish it off. Your site is wonderful."
Posted 06/15/06

1930 Tudor Sedan owned by Creston King of New Orleans, LA, who writes, "Here is a picture of my Tudor which I have owned since 1949. We both have our birthdays in July, but my 1930 Model A is five years older than I. It is in good condition now and better than it ever has been in all the years that I have had it. I drove it through high school (1954) and then it was used by two cousins and finally left in a makeshift carport where it sat for many years. In 1980 it was brought from San Antonio, TX to New Orleans where it was disassembled and put back together again a few years later. My wife and older son did much of the work. The engine and frame numbers match and all the metal is original (except the running boards!). Since about 1985, I have put 12,000 miles on it. It was recently repainted and repaired by a member of the New Orleans's A's club, Vincent Culotta."
Posted 4/30/05

Fordor SedansTop

1930 Briggs Fordor Sedan, owned by David Frank, California

David volunteers at the California Car Museum in Sacramento and is lucky to be able to drive many of the Museum's cars during their monthly outings where the public can come along for the ride.

Posted 12/06/21


Early 1930 Briggs Town Sedan, owned by Steve Hanna, ,Carroll, Iowa.

This is my February early 30 Fordor. It has the eyebrow fenders. I average 2200 miles touring each year for five years since an AER touring engine rebuild 10,000 miles ago.

I have also installed a Mitchell OD and Ken Davis AC, painted Copra and Chicle Drab, hot water Arvin vintage heater, and installed 5.50/19 Radial tires.
Posted 02/25/16

1930 Briggs Town Sedan, owned by Albert Welledits, Vienna Austria

I found this unbelievable beauty, a 1930 Fordor Town Sedan with Briggs Body, an UK-assembled special luxury version with leather interior, sliding sunroof and cabin heating. This car was a special order of a bank director from Bergen in Norway. It is a RHD and there are currently known only two with this setup. In the late fifties of last century the car has been transferred to Sweden and restored there and continuously repaired. It looks, that we have a complete documentary of each repair, each maintenance, each spare part order since it´s arrival in Sweden.

The stunning thing is, this vehicle has never seen corrosion, under the seats everything is original, just like delivered from the UK-plant. After trailering it from Sweden to Austria, it needed to undergo some maintenance and perfection works to pass the technical exam by the Austrian Department of Traffic. These guys have zero tolerance, to pass this exam, the car has to be in perfect manufacturers roll out condition. This beauty is now our number 3 of our little Model A collection in Austria, I guess, we are the only ones with this in Austria. The Open Cab is the show car of our brewery, the Phaeton will be the pleasure car on warm days, the Fordor the pleasure limousine on all other dry days of the year…
Posted 01/09/16

1930 Murray Town Sedan, owned by Mary & Brian Carlson, Vancouver BC Canada. Brian and Mary Carlson, along with Tucker, drove our 1930 Town Sedan in Vancouver’s Pride Parade, in support of SMOC [The Society for the Museum of Original Costumes]
Posted 08/04/13

1930 Standard Two-Window Fordor 130-B owned by George & Annabelle Pope, Charter Oaks Chapter, Visalia, CA
George found this fine sedan in a barn, totally disassembled. You'd hardly recognize it now
Posted 06/15/09

1930 Briggs Town Sedan owned by Marcus Bullard, Douglasville, Georgia.
Posted 04/19/08

1930 Murray Town Sedan owned by Gary Cockerham, Wenatchee WA.
Gary's only the third owner of this beauty. The car sold new in Hemet California.
Posted 03/10/07

1930 Briggs Fordor Sedan 155-B owned by Steve Johnson of Sacramento, California.
Restored to original condition, and well done, at that!
Posted 09/29/06

1930 Fordor Sedan owned by Peter Satori, Perth, West Australia, who writes, "I purchased the Fordor in June 2000. It required a total body off rebuild which, with a lot of help from some club members, was completed at Easter 2005."
Posted 01/04/06

1930 Fordor Sedan owned by Bill Johnston Jr., Harpers Ferry, WV, who writes, "My name is Bill Johnston Jr. and have recently sent a check so that my Dad can become a member of your fine organization. The picture is of my mom and dad when I took them out to breakfast in a 1930 Murray Fordor Sedan. I have just recently purchased the car from my dad and thought the least I could do is make him a member! The car is original, I'm told that it spent about 30 years in a museum and another 20 years in somebody's garage so it's in pretty good shape as you can see! Looking forward to the publications that I'm sure my Dad will hand down to me after he's read them!! Thanks again for providing a fine source of information thru your web site!"
Posted 2/4/05


Commercial VehiclesTop

1930 Pickup Fire Truck owned by Ron and Liana Lucero of Ogden Utah
I purchased the truck from Oklahoma, and it was originally all black. It needed a paint job and some body work done. That is when I decided to make it into a fire truck. Since, then I have had nothing but praises and acolades of how the truck looks and what it represents. Local fire departments want me to display it at functions they are doing and it makes me proud that it is wanted.

I am a member of the Beehive Model A club, located in Ogden, Utah. I am also a retired firefighter thus making the truck into a fire truck.

I had other model A's but this one is an eye catcher during car shows.

Posted 11/03/22



1930 Station Wagon owned by Dave and Cyndy Krill of Paso Robles, CA.
Photo was taken at Scultura winery following Templeton July 4 Parade with the Paso Robles A's and the Cuesta Crankers.
Posted 07/07/22


1930 Station Wagon owned by John Trumbo of Kennewick Washington, who writes:

This 1930 station wagon soaks up summer sun at a 2013 July 4th picnic at the home of a Kennewick, Wash., member of Ye Olde Car Club. Many of Columbia Basin Model A Club members also belong to Ye Olde Car Club. Car owner John Trumbo, who bought the station wagon on eBay from the grandson of the original owner in late 2012, says that is original birch, oak and maple. And it runs great, too.
Posted 02/26/15

1930 Panel Delivery owned by John & Happy Begg of South Carolina.
John and grandson Jacob Ervin stand in front of their beautifully restored Model A. Photographer Happy is the 2021 MAFCA Vice President.

Posted 11/04/21

1930 Dump Truck with Hydraulic Lift owned by John Taylor of Healdsburg, CA.
This truck was purchased by my Uncle Fantozzi from the city of Jackson, CA, shortly after WWII for use in his monument business. After his death in 1965, the truck sat and slowly went "back to nature" behind the shop. In 1989, his wife, my Aunt Kate, decided that I could haul it away the BEFORE photo The truck went through a 7 year, frame-up resurrection. I actually drove it back up to Jackson to show Aunt Kate the finished product.

The truck still earns its keep, being used weekly to haul food stuff for the local food pantry, frequently visits the dumps, and does heavy hauling for friends, and of course, is a participant in the local parades and stuff.

Updated 04/26/19

1930 Panel Delivery - 79-B - unknown owner

This panel delivery truck was spotted in the parking garage at the Nugget during the 2018 MAFCA National Convention. These old trucks are becoming more scarce each year.

Anyone know the owner of this fine vehicle?

posted 10/11/2018

1930 Roadster Pickup owned by Larry and Bettie Annie LaPatka, Parrottsville Tennessee, who writes: This has been a labor of love for about 2 years and it is finally completed. We take it out every chance we get here in East Tennessee. It's a 1930 Closed Cab original from front to the rear including sheet metal. I think I have disassembled everything and redone all cosmetics including the interior so now it is road worthy, reliable and it leaves a wonderful impression of the hobby for all to see.

It is the only stable mate to 5 Model T's, all brass and wooden trucks from 1912 to 1914. But with the Birds eye maple side boards and being a truck, the others have accepted her into the fold. The M&M girls are the latest additions to the Car corral to go along with the Gas Pumps signs and 78 neon signs that adorn the walls. Thanks for allowing me to share the "A" addition to the Ford collector Barn.
Posted 10/27/14

1930 Roadster Pickup owned by Bill Day from British Columbia Canada, who writes:
"I took this photo in July 2013 after "Nellie" spent a hard morning cleaning up brush at our local community park at Hedley British Columbia, a little old gold mining town in BC's southern interior.

"She is a 1930 Roadster Pickup, and still working hard at odd jobs around the village and our property. We and the villagers love her. The sign on her box says "Hedley Logistics". Despite her small quarter-ton rated capacity, she has actually hauled up to a half ton without complaint, although steering gets a bit dodgy.

"By sheer accident, the sun popped over Nickel Plate Mountain at the same moment, and "showered" Nellie with rays of light. Obviously, Henry and Edsel had been watching in benign approval."
Posted 08/13/13

1930 Pickup owned by Bill Wordon from Bend, Oregon, who writes:
This truck was restored in the mid 1980s in Yorktown TX. It was used as a farm pickup until 2001 when it was sold to a gentleman in Floresville TX. In 2007 it was sold to a gentleman in Rhode Island, to be a father/ son restoration project. The purchaser passed away as soon as the truck arrived. In 2012 it was then sold to Scott Connors in NY, and he placed it on the Mafca website.
Mr Connors sold it to a Lady in Elmore Ohio in 2017 who drove it for two years before being badly scared while driving it (major death wobble). She placed it for sale and it was purchased by my wife Susan and I in April of 2019. It spent the next 22 months getting a full restoration, and is now happy in Central Oregon as a daily/ weekly driver.
Posted 04/20/24

1930 Pickup owned by Kirby Martin from Bryce Valley Utah,who writes
I picked up the pick up truck (say that real fast five times) in 1973 from Bob Myers, one of my father's friends, from Martinez Calif. I gave $1400 for the truck, a lot of money for a run down model "A" back then in 1973 . I had to sell my 1959 Harley in order to get it. Forty-plus years forward, I am retired and living on my ranch in Utah. I took the last nine years doing a ground up and doing all the work myself, with some help from Bert's Model "A" in Denver CO..
Posted 10/03/12

1930 Station Wagon owned by David M. Sanford of Provincetown, MA, who writes:
"I'm a new MAFCA member. I just got the car about 1 month ago and am thrilled. I've wanted one my whole life and was looking for over 2 years!" You found a beauty, David.
Posted 10/14/07

1930 Roadster Pickup owned by Thomas Thomas of Sausalito CA, who writes:
"Here's my 30 roadster pick up the day I bought it 3 years ago. It's now under full restoration and will be running soon.
Posted 07/09/07

1930 Pickupowned by Dave Windecker of Waldwick New Jersey, who writes,
"My father & mother had a 31 coupe when they brought me home from the hospital, that's probably were I got my love for the A's. My father always wanted a pick up but settled for the coupe. I bought this pick up after a long search of a lot of different body styles and conditions so I could send it down to Florida for them to play with. It was missing the interior and the doors weren't fitted properly, after a couple months of tweaking it's almost perfect.

By the way there's still no replacement for experience. I took the truck to Butch Kletcha's Obsolete Auto Supply in Clifton NJ, and when I pulled up he heard a clicking sound. He said nice truck but you'll probably want to change that aftermarket fan. Sure enough the taper on the two blade aftermarket didn't match the water pump taper and causes it to wobble and make a clicking sound. Butch had a perfect original in stock, so we went over to his shop and changed the water pump and fan. Why the pump? Because it's a "might as well". If it's this far apart, might as well check the pump - it had a crack in the impeller."
Posted 10/14/07

1930 Huckster built by Al Downs and friends, Wisconsin.
"There were 8 members of the Wisconsin chapter working on it one day a week. We started from scratch in April 2006. All of the wood was from local trees cut down, sawed into boards and kiln dried by another chapter member. It took eleven months to complete."
Posted 05/05/07

1930 Huckster owned by Nick Vamvakias of Houston Texas. This is one of the Model A's that Nick enjoys, the other being a 1930 Fordor. He's also a fan of aviation.
Posted 02/06

1930 Pickup owned by Robert Hall Jr of Lexington Kentucky. Robert is the owner of Farmers Feed Company of Lexington, which is handsomely painted on the side of the truck. Nice little shop truck! Thanks to Lee Hall for submitting this photo.
Posted 9/2005

1930 AA Tractor Trailer owned by Joel Champagne of Covington, Louisiana.
The former owner and restorer was Cecil Richardson of Muncie, Indiana. He bought the truck at a farm auction in 1976 for $190.00. It had set out and was in bad need of repair all over. The restoration was completed in 1982 as a short wheelbase grain bed farm truck. It has all original type parts. It has a stock Model A Ford engine under the hood that develops 40 horses. The transmission is a 4 speed that was built by Warner Gear (now Borg Warner) here in Muncie, IN in early 1930. The rear-end was originally a 6.6 ratio but was changed it to a 5.14. There is no history of the truck prior to Cecil purchasing it at the farm auction near New Madison, Ohio.

In the spring of 2001 Cecil saw an ad on the computer for a 30s era fuel transport semi trailer and thought it would be an interesting challenge to convert the truck into a semi. Over the years he had seen several photos of Model AA truck semis but had never seen one. So he contacted the owner of this trailer, Doug Smith of Ankeny, Iowa and purchased it. It is 3 compartments (150 Gal., 150 gal., 300 gal.). Doug told Cecil that his father was in the fuel business and had purchased the tanker used in 1939. He brought it home and used it as a bulk tank for this fuel oil. He even plumbed all three tanks to one valve.

Cecil managed to haul it all the way from Ankeny, Iowa to Muncie, IN nose down on a tandem axle car hauler. It was pretty straight and solid but he had to sandblast it, install patch panels on the rear compartment doors, cut and install new saddle timbers under the front of the tanker, install new dual wheels and tires and paint it. In the spring of 2003 he removed the grain bed and sold it in preparation of the fifth wheel to convert it to a semi tractor.
Posted 08/2005

1930 Gulf Oil Pickup owned by Jeffrey Berman of Pickerington, Ohio. Jeff got this truck as a Christmas present in 2003. The entire restoration took 5 months. "Most of the truck is original, and I have replaced the bed to its original condition. We made a frame for the 55 gallon drum, and then we painted the entire truck to match the colors of the Gulf Oil Company."
Posted 12/26/04

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