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De Luxe Phaeton - 180-A

1931 De Luxe Phaeton - owned by Gerald Grizzard

of Oxford, Alabama, who writes:

I just purchased a De Luxe Phaeton that has not been cranked in 16 years. Cleaned the gas tank, installed a new switch (still had a pop out switch) and installed a rebuilt distributor, it cranked right up and sounds really good, no valve noise, knocking noise or anything, runs great after 16 years.

Posted 07/27/18


1931 De Luxe Phaeton - owned by Russ and Lois Smith of Salem OR.
My wife purchased the car for me as a surprise Christmas gift in 1958. She traded our 1930 standard coupe (a $100 car) plus $300 in cash, which was about all we had at that time. We were "poor starving college students" at the time.

After graduating from college in 1960, I began the restoration, finishing in 1962. I have only done a few minor up-grades since that time. The car has given us many hours and miles of enjoyment in the 42 years we have owned it.

Posted 2/03

1931 De Luxe Phaeton owned by Bob Travis, Arcadia CA.
Bob Travis' 1931 De Luxe Phaeton carried Grand Marshall NBC Newsman Tom Brokaw in the 2001 Rose Bowl parade. Bob is the President of the Santa Anita A's Chapter in Arcadia, CA. Travis showed his car at the Kansas City National Convention, earning 367 points in the Blue Ribbon Division.
Posted 12/15/00


Standard Phaeton - 35-BTop


1931 Phaeton owned by Wayne Graydon of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Posted 03/8/08


1931 Phaeton owned by Jack and Linda Hubby of Cupertino, California. The photo was taken on a recent tour to Pikes Peak, where the Phaeton carried its happy owners to the 14,000' summit.
Posted 06/23/05

1931 Phaeton owned by Ralph & Mary Lou Koch of Ottawa, IL. We are proud of our 1931 Standard Phaeton.
Posted 7/04


De Luxe Roadster - 40-B Dlx

a picture

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by Kay Lee of Washington IL. Kay was the MAFCA Secretary from 2017-2020.

Posted 04/16/21

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by William "Russ" Cochiolo of Clovis California, who wrote:
I acquired "Blue Lulu" in October of 2014. The car was cosmetically restored before 1997. George Hawkins, the previous caretaker, from 1997 to 2014, rebuilt all the mechanicals. I belong to the Sierra Chapter in Clovis California.

Posted 10/04/2018


1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by Everett Oliver of Carson CIty Nevada, former member of the Sagebrush Chapter,
who passed away in 2013.
Posted 06/04/13

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by Tom & Kathy Kipp of Key Largo, Florida
Posted 05/12/13

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by Charles Davis of Sidney, NY who writes, "I thought I should relate my very recent accomplishment of getting my '1931 A De Luxe Roadster' back on the road after perhaps 50 + years. I bought the car that a friend told me about in 1965, located in an elderly lady's garage  in Vestal, NY. It seems her grandson had acquired the car as a teenager, too young to legally drive and did lots of tinkering and some clever artwork with a paint brush. When I found the car it had no top at all and although pretty solid, the interior was totally shot. After some negotiating by phone and mail I bought the car from the owner, a  man who was by then living in California.

The body off rebuild of the chassis was done by me, and the body by G & B Body Shop in Otego, NY where Gordy Hitchcock did lots of body and paint work and installed the interior and top. The car is nearing completion of restoration to original appearance throughout, although it still needs pin striping and side curtains.
Revised 04/08/15

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by Karen Crutcher of Scottsdale Arizona who writes, "Oh, now special! My "new" car is coming from the Boston area and she's due to arrive in Scottsdale, AZ, my home town, tomorrow. It's a 1931 De Luxe Ford Roadster. I've nicknamed her "Latte" because of the color. I'm SOOO excited! We have a 1914 Ford Model T, "T-4-2", but it's hard for me to drive, but now I'll have Latte. We've already joined the MAFCA and we're planning to do tours and attend the national meeting."
Posted 09/14/08

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by O Alex (Bud) Hicklin, III, MD of Clemson, SC who writes, "We've had a 31 Coupe for years, but here's the car my dad and I always wanted, but never could find or afford when I was a teenager, a 1931 De Luxe Roadster. I am now 45 and my dad's not around to see it, but I found this car and all it needed was a paint job and a little work. We live in Clemson, SC and drive it to the University ball games for fun. I said just trust me, orange and purple would look great!" Bud, we think your dad's looking down and smiling at that Roadster!
Posted 8/8/07

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by Ed McCreery of Shelton, CT who writes, "The car was already restored when I bought it in 2003 but my 12 year old son and I had to finish up the engine. In 2002, on a business trip, I saw a sport coupe for sale in Tucson AZ. I thought - now there's a car I could work on with my son - no computers. Ha. So I did some research and settled on a roadster or cabriolet as my desire and the hunt was on.

We looked at some for sale in Maine, in barns, and all over. Then I stumbled on the internet that this one was being sold by someone in the adjoining town. I emailed him that I would not buy a car over the internet but would be happy to stop by and look it over. When I did - we got chatting and turns out that he was the father of my neighbor! I should have recognized the name but it never dawned on me. What a small world indeed.

Well that was the selling pitch to my wife - it was meant to be. Our neighbor's father had just about finished the car's second restoration in its lifetime. While there is no title to prove it - I am told it has always been a Connecticut car."
Posted 9/27/05

1931 De Luxe Roadster owned by Dick & Nancy Sparks of Highland Village, TX, who write, "We purchased this car in Eugene, Oregon and brought it home to Texas for restoration. We completed the job in July of 2001. We have a very nice 1930 Briggs fordor but wanted an open car for parades and short tours. The grand kids love the rumble seat and help us find the way to Baskin Robins quite often. All Model A's attract attention but it seems roadsters are especially popular. The car always draws a crowd and kids love to honk the horn. Nancy and I are members of MAFCA and The Dallas Model A Ford Club where Nancy served as secretary in 1999. I was V/P in 2000 & elected president for 2001. We have never met nicer people than those involved in this hobby.
Posted 9/9/01


Standard Roadster - 40-BTop

1931 Roadster owned by David Wacker, Hastings, Nebraska.

Enclosed is a photo of My 31 Model A Standard Roadster that was restored by my Father Larry and I. The Car is painted Bronson Yellow/ Seal Brown with orange wheels and pinstripe. The Car has a balanced engine and Factory High Compression "B" Police Head. The Frame and running gear on the car have been powder-coated gloss black.

Part gathering included 17 states and Canada to complete the restoration. The car is a Head Turner wherever we go.

Posted 8/03



Cabriolet - 68-B, 68-C (Late 1931)Top

Cabriolet 1931 Cabriolet 68-C owned by Jaye Steinbrick of Riverside CA
Jaye is an active member of the Pomona Valley Chapter.
Posted 05/13/22
1931 Cabriolet 68-C owned by John & Nancy Firth of Grants Pass, OR
"I bought the 68C Cabriolet December 2019. Due to Covid-19 in 2020, I had a lot of time to work on the restoration. The car is now complete except for pin striping in March 2021."
John is a past president of MAFCA.
Posted 03/13/21
1931 Cabriolet 68-C owned by Jason Ellis of Dallas TX, who writes:
"I took the 68C Cabriolet out for a drive in the snow today and snapped a few pictures and posted them on the Ford Barn. I thought you would like to see one of them!"
Jason is the webmaster for the Dallas Chapter. Sharp Car, Jason!
Posted 02/06/11

1931 Cabriolet 68-B owned by Larry Kolodziejski, who writes,
"Here's a recent photo of my car. I just got my wheels powder coated. They came out so well that I COULDN'T put the old blackwalls back on, so I upgraded to WW. I had my doubts if I wanted to do that, but seeing how good it looks and all the compliments I've received, it was worth it. The trunk is a recent addition, too. I am currently working on getting a rebuilt engine ready to drop in."
Posted 06/06

1931 SW Cabriolet 68-C owned by Dick and Nancy Sparks of Holly Lake Ranch, East Texas. We completed the body off restoration in Sept. 2004. The interior is Bedford cord and the body color is black with apple green wheels and stripe. The transmission is from a 1939 Ford and a Volvo overdrive and modified engine complete the drive train. We enjoy long trips and the maiden voyage was to Mountain View, Arkansas. The trip covered 1800 miles with beautiful mountains and fall colors to enjoy. We have several Model A's but always wanted a cabriolet. We are very happy with our new addition.
Posted 11/10/04

1931 SW Cabriolet 68-C owned by Perry & Sue Baxter of Snohomish WA. This 68-C was restored in the very early 70's and shown at the MAFCA Convention here in Seattle in 1972. It received a fourth place. The owner passed away shortly after and the car was put into storage for the next 30 years. There were fewer than 200 miles on the car after restoration when put into storage. In 2001, the widow of the owner sold it to her neighbor who knew nothing about Model A's. We purchased it from him in July of 2002. The Cabbie wasn't running when we got it. After changing all the necessary fluids, installing a battery and going through the ignition system, she started right up, runs and idles perfectly. It has found a good home and will be kept in good company with our three other Model A and 35 Ford Coupe.
Posted 2/3/03


Convertible Sedan - 400-A

a picture

1931 Convertible Sedan owned by Bob Mather of Boise Idaho.

Bob writes, "Please find attached a photo of my Model A 400. It's taken me 5 years of buying and selling Model A's to save enough money to buy and fix up this Model A.

Sorry for the 17" wheels but I like them better than 19's. The car is located in Boise, Idaho and I'm a member of the Treasure Valley Model A Club. A great group of Model A'ers ."

Posted 09/29/09


1931 Convertible Sedan owned by Marlies & Joop Plaggenborg of Ashland, MA. Joop writes, "We have owned this 400A since late June 2007. Original color as found in 1957 (in Seattle, WA) was the elusive Aqua Gray/Green. Restored in early sixties by Andy Andersen in that color and re restored in the mid seventies by Warren Cobb in Washington Blue. Owned by last owner for 25 years and only used for 2 weddings and 2 car shows (he told me). We have driven it on several club tours already. The car is in pristine condition and purrs like a kitten. Looking to find more owners of this very different looking Model A."
Posted 8/07

1931 Convertible Sedan owned by Joseph and Lois Gensley. Joe says, "My wife bought it, so it's hers. I get to work on it, clean it, and drive it most of the time. We travel around the Northwest where we earned a 5000 mile award. We are members of the Sonoma A's and the Gra-Neva A's. We both have been officers in both clubs.
Posted 7/04

1931 Convertible Sedan owned by Ray Foppiano of Foster City, CA.
Posted 02/06/11


De Luxe Coupe - 045-B DlxTop

a picturea picture

1931 De Luxe Coupe owned by Justin Bright of Redding California, who writes:

Here are a couple photos of my 1931 De Luxe coupe. I am a new member of MAFCA having only signed up in January 2013 at Turlock. The second photo is of my 5 year old son Jack and his “28 model A” pedal car behind my coupe.

Posted 03/28/09


1931 De Luxe Coupe owned by Garry & Carol Reece of Muncie, IN Garry literately put this car together from parts, starting with a front and rear axle and frame purchased from a friend. Between Christmas and New Years 2002 they drove to DeSoto Wisconsin to pick up a body they purchased on e-Bay, only to find that it was a wrecked body. Returning to Indiana, they feared it couldn't be restored, but two of their friends told them that they had seen worse bodies that had been saved. After eight years of acquiring parts and two years of restoration, the car was nearly completed when they departed for the M.A.R.C. National Meet in Madison, WI in 2004. The car is now complete and has been to 4 national meets and has 13,160 miles of touring on it."
Posted 03/28/09

1931 De Luxe Coupe owned by Cliff Cherry of Vero Beach Florida, who writes:
"The coupe is a 1931 De Luxe model and I live near MAFCA Director Jerry Wilhelm who has helped me get the old "barn find" on the road along with your help and others at MAFCA. I am new at this hobby and using the internet. Thank you to all who have helped me."
Posted 05/2008

1931 De Luxe Coupe owned by Peter & Lois Wilson of Akron Ohio
We acquired our 1931 De Luxe Coupe about nine years ago from a MAFCA club member near Cincinnati, OH. This was our first "A" and Club members there vouched for the car's condition. The car came to live with us in Akron, OH and little by little we have made both mechanical and cosmetic changes to this driver. Re-building the brakes and converting from a trunk to a rumble seat are the two biggest improvement projects we've undertaken. Thank goodness for helpful technical manuals, nearby Model A friends and a helpful parts supplier in northeast Ohio.

We live adjacent to Cuyahoga National Park and its back roads and great scenery are incentives for us to take lots of summer drives. We refer to our car as a "twenty mile an hour car". If we drive by you at 20mph, it looks pretty impressive. When you get a closer look, however, you see all the stone chips and other evidence that this car gets a lot of regular driving.
Updated 09/07

1931 De Luxe Coupe owned by Lance Selkirk of Lodi, California.
My wife and I got interested in the hobby back in 2003 when we joined the Tokay A's in Lodi California. At that time, we didn't have a car yet but soon bought one, a 1929 Tudor which is also posted in the 1929 Photo Album. As one knows you can never have too many Model A's, so last year we bought this 1931 Coupe. We are the third owners, and it was built in San Francisco (Richmond plant) and originally purchased in Stockton Calif. So, three years later, with two cars, we started our own business, "Image In Time" accessories for the Model A Fords, mirror clocks and key chains and more to come. We are also the editors for our chapter's newsletter "The Grapevine" and are the tour directors. This has turned into some hobby, and we are enjoying every minute.
Posted 12/31/05

Standard Coupe - 45-BTop

 picture 1931 Coupe owned Chuck Christensen of Sunnyvale CA who writes:
Here is a photo that was taken in the early '70's of our 1931 Standard Coupe in front of the Summit Garage which is located on the Old Altamont Pass Road.

This was part of the original Lincoln Highway route before the Carquinez Bridge was built. The Garage was in operation during that time. The gas pumps are no longer there but I think that the building is, at least for the present. I've heard rumors about the property being sold lately and will likely be replaced with something non historic.
Posted 01/20/16

1931 Coupe owned by Ed Tolman of Chino Hills, CA who writes:
My 1931 Model A Coupe was my first car; restored in 1971-1972 at the age of 15 with the guidance of my grandfather Elmer J. Tolman in South Gate, California. Elmer was a charter member of the Downey Diamond Tread chapter and owned quite a number of Model A's, Early V8's and several Model T's. I drove my Model A to school during my Junior and Senior years in High School (Cerritos High School in Cerritos, CA) and when I married my sweet wife, Monika Sabutsch in 1978 she had no idea that we would tow this car around wherever we moved to for the next 30+ years.

I was tempted to sell the car several times especially when finances got tight, but Monika always intervened telling me I should keep the car for posterity sake. It has been garaged in somewhat running condition for all these years and I finally took the initiative to restore it right. It was finished in the summer of 2012 and we've been happy members of the Pomona Valley Model A Club for several years now. We look forward to attending our first National Meet this July in Puyallup and hope to make a lot of new friends.
Posted 01/20/14

1931 Coupe owned by Marlies & Joop Plaggenborg of Ashland, MA, who write:
"Found this car in 2009 but owner was reluctant to sell as he did not wanted it to be a Hot Rod. Finally where able to buy it last June. Seller owned it for 53 years, we are the fourth owner. Car is in unrestored original condition and has 47000 miles on it. The interior is in nice condition but has some stains. Car was original Lombard Blue but was painted black long ago. I am in the process removing the black paint to show its original paint and it works great. Won Best Original at New England Meet 2010."
Posted 09/28/10

1931 Coupe owned by KK & Chuck Kunstbeck of Vienna VA, who write:
"This is our 1931 Coupe, which we've owned for 36 years. Her Name is Honey Bun. We live in Vienna, Virginia and we joined MAFCA last year (2007). We are members of the Mt. Vernon George Washington Chapter."
Posted 2/24/08

1931 Coupe owned by Bill Buckley of Lincoln Nebraska, a member of the Cornhusker Chapter. Bill spent 7+ years on this frame-up restoration of a 45B Standard Coupe. He avoided converting it into a De Luxe car, not even adding cowl lights. A very, very nice job, Bill. The Black and Lombard Blue paint really shows off the nice bodywork, and the Hessian Blue wheels and stripe look great on this late 1931 model.
Posted 07/25/07

1931 Coupe owned by Bruce Trilling of Varnville, SC. Bruce writes, "This started out as a Business Coupe, but became a standard Coupe when the trunk was converted into a rumble seat. This picture was taken in 1973. Bruce, Gail and Dawn Trilling the Collie is Dutchess and the little one on the running board is Mitizie."
Posted 4/7/07

1931 Coupe owned by Leo R. Lavigne of Brooklyn, CT. Here is a picture of our 1931 Model A Coupe, which is a recent restoration. A nice addition to our collection of Model A's. This is our 5th Model A that has won numerous awards. The grandchildren love to ride in the rumble seat for a nice country ride.
Posted 7/04

1931 Coupe owned by Lew & Sallie Jarvis of Playa Del Rey, CA. Several times a year I volunteer my 1931 Model "A" coupe, Agnes, for events at the Westwood, California Veterans Hospital. They have parades and fairs for the entertainment of the patients. This last June they had a Carnival and Block Party and as a part of the entertainment there were Celebrity Impersonators who were dressed in wonderful costumes and stayed in character at all times. Charlie Chaplin never spoke, Lucy never shut up and the most fun was getting Marilyn into the rumble seat. As a veteran it gave me a good feeling to be able to add some fun to the festivities intended to cheer up the hospitalized Vets.
Posted 7/03

Sport Coupe - 50-BTop

1931 Sport Coupe owned by Mario Brossard of Sylmar CA, who writes,

"I bought my "A" over a month ago - it is 1931 Sport Coupe. I have not had the chance to enjoy it yet because I want to do some changes in the motor and correct some other little things that bothers me, but for sure I will enjoy it very much."

Posted 06/19/06

1931 Sport Coupe owned by Paul & Donna Noller of Venice, Florida, who write,
This photo was taken shortly after purchase in October 2005. The history of the car as I know it is a frame off restoration in the late 60's early 70's using all original parts found in the area around Bird In Hand, PA. I was told the individual who made the top had worked at Ford manufacturing the original Sport Coupe tops. The owner, from NJ, restored this car as a driver and participated in touring events all over the North East. They also had an award winning Roadster that was restored at the same time and sold at Hershey around 1985. The Sport Coupe was last registered in NJ in 1985 and put away with less than 3010 miles on the speedo. In 1995, the previous owners left NJ and moved to FL.

In October 2005 we purchased the Sport Coupe. We cleaned the fuel tank and lines, changed the fluids, gave her a tune up, a new battery, belts and hoses and in no time at all, this beautiful Sport Coupe fired right up and came back to life!

If anyone remembers this car from NJ, please write or email with information.
Posted 01/06

1931 Sport Coupe owned by Sam L. Curl of Norfolk Va. This "from the ground up" restoration was a father and son project that took approximately 3 and a half years to complete. Actually you could say "from the garage floor up" since that is where the parts were scattered when we began. Our local club is the Cape Henry Model A Ford Club of Virginia Beach, VA. David E. Curl, Norfolk, VA.
Posted 2/03

De Luxe Tudor - 55-B DlxTop


1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Rick Black of Las Cruces New Mexico. Rick found this car in Canoga Park California (near Los Angeles) in 1968. The car had been sitting under a tree for 17 years and sported 1951 California license plates. Originally Copra and Chicle Drab, the Tudor is now painted Ford Maroon and Black. The Before/After photo shows how far this vehicle has come over the years.

The car has "followed" Rick from Southern California to San Francisco, then to Medford Oregon and later El Paso Texas before a return trip to Oregon. RIck and his wife Dana have since moved to Las Cruces New Mexico where he's a member of the Borderland A's Chapter.
Posted 09/20/18



1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by John Weston, Fort Dodge, Iowa, who wrote:
John's father gave him this car back in 1964.  Thinking he could begin to restore it when he retired in 1999, he did get things rolling by building a big shop to work on it and bought a few tools but was interrupted when his wife of 50 years got sick and later passed away.  So the Model A was put on the back burner until John got married again to a lady with a 1929 Sedan Delivery and his life settled down. 

In 2012 he got real serious and you are looking at the final results completed in 2013.  However he had the fever to be driving a Model A, so he spotted one listed For Sale in the Restorer and you guessed it – he purchased a 1929 Model A Fordor.  Leatherback with black roof and overdrive.     John and Donnaloy are both active in the Humboldt Model A Club, Humboldt, IA.  They love driving the Taxi and are often asked how much for a ride and John always replies “It’s Retired!”
Posted 02/10/14

1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Harris Warner, Callaway, Virginia, who wrote:
I bought the car, unrestored, in 1996 from my father-in-law. He purchased the car from the brother of the original owner. Most of the original interior was in place (headliner and carpet missing), but it was otherwise complete. Engine and frame numbers matched and the original paint and stripe was still on the interior portion of the gas tank (the rest of the car had been painted black with a brush).

The car is a De Luxe Tudor, with the cowl lights, rear arm rests, dome light, etc. still in place. The colors are the original for the car. I did most of the chassis restoration. The body work was done by a local club member’s son and Freddie Copeland in South Carolina did the interior. The restoration was completed in 1999. After showing it for a number of years (MARC of Excellence in 1999 and various AACA awards) I started driving it, but only on clear days.
Posted 01/06/14

1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Edward Speakman of Tyler Texas.
Posted 12/11/11

1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Dennis Waroway of Henderson Nevada.
While many of us are shivering in the winter cold, here's a photo of Dennis' car at the entrance to Lake Las Vegas 12/30/06 - at 57 degrees.
Posted 02/15/07

1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Jim Morris of Ithaca, NY. Jim found this car only 10 miles from his home in 2007. The car had been stored for many years and was in decent shape. Jim cleaned it up, replaced broken and missing parts, applied some paint and covered the seats. The car now runs great. Between 2010-2013 the sedan underwent a body-off restoration and given its original paint scheme, Brewster Green with Apple Green wheels and pinstripe. The interior is brown mohair. The dash and interior moldings are wood grained.
Updated 01/22/14

1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Laverne Van De Wall of Rochester, NY, who writes:
"This Tudor is a De Luxe. It was purchased in 1974, finished in 1980. MARC winner (1996 Marc of Excellence), AACA JR & SR winner. I am a member of both MARC & MAFCA.
Posted 1/5/08

1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Bruce Wheeler of Aberdeen, Maryland. This is a mostly original car, and a rare one at that!
Updated 2/4/03



Standard Tudor - 55-B

a picture


1931 Tudor Sedan owned by Paul Shinn of Valley Springs, California, who writes:

Here's a funny picture. I was asked to drive the Tudor to a charity event with a 20's theme so that attendees could take pictures with it. Here is the only attendee who agreed to let me take a picture of them with the car. I just remember her name was Maryann. The rest of them seemed kind of shy or snooty, I haven't figured out which it was. There were 2 Model A's (including mine) parked outside the doors at the event. The other was a 29 business coupe. Almost everyone there got their picture taken in both cars. They were a real hit.

Posted 02/21/15


1931 Tudor Sedan owned by Harold & Karen Crutcher of Scottsdale Arizona, who write:

Our 1931 Model A Tudor is a beauty, looking like she’s brand new on the showroom floor! Fully restored to original condition, the car runs great and draws a crowd wherever we take her. This photo was made at Flagstaff Ranch Golf Club in Flagstaff, Arizona, where we have our summer home.
Posted 01/03/14

1931 Tudor Sedan owned by Patrick Verkest from Belgium, who writes:
"I live in a very small place called Aarsele, in West-Flanders. I worked in a technical school (garage) where I was teaching boys between 16 and 18 years old. I taught them the mechanics of cars and also repairs.One of my colleagues was a collector of Mercedes old timers. From him, I got the passion for old cars.

"I bought my 1931 A-Ford Tudor in Antwerp in 1989 for about 4000 euro. He was in bad shape. The car was produced in Asnière, close to Paris. It took me 4 years to restore him and it cost me about 10 000 euro. The motor is completely renovated in a shop where they do that. An aunt of my wife lived in Kansas USA and she could buy some new pieces in California: radiator, shocks, headlamps…. and sent them to Belgium. In Holland (the Netherlands) I found a seller of all kind of pieces.

Now he is a little pearl, even I say it myself. You can see it on the picture. Now, I retired and I'm thinking about selling the car for 17000 euro. We have only one daughter and her husband is not interested in old cars. Of course my interest in old timers will always stay."
Posted 10/21/13

1931 Tudor Sedan owned by Rebecca Watson of Raymond Washington, who writes:
"In 2007 I drove my Dads' 31 coupe on a Route 66 run. You could not get the smile off my face. That December, my dad called me and said he bought me an "A". WOW!!! We picked her up in May and brought her home. We named her "Abby" since my dad likes NCIS (especially Abby on the show). Thanks again dad, Love your little Becky Boo. "Posted 01/23/09

1931 Tudor Sedan owned by Bob Chapman of Alamogordo, New Mexico, who writes:
"I picked this car up in Denver Colorado in pieces. After 3 years of work, it came out very good. I am the 5th registered owner since 1931. It is painted maroon and black with yellow wheels. I drive it as much as we can, weather permitting"
Posted 12/26/08

1931 Tudor Sedan owned by Cliff and Lila Sillerud of Canby Minnesota, who write: "I pulled this car out of my father-in-law's barn in 1961. The engine was rebuilt in 1963 and it still runs strong. I have made many improvements to this Model A over the years and have done the work myself except for the midnight blue and black paintwork. Lila did the upholstery in charcoal velour with red piping. During the summer, it turns heads as it is driven downtown to the local coffee shop. People love the sound of that Model A For horn and exhaust."
Posted 6/2/07

1931 Tudor Sedan owned by Larry and Frieda Flocchini, San Jose, CA. We have owned our car since 1995. It's a weekly driver, weather permitting. We find that at 40 mph it purrs like a kitten - don't feel a bump in the road either. We often joke that it's our most reliable automobile. We're looking forward to many years of fun with it - and yes, it's a member of our family.
Posted 6/10/02



Town Sedan - 155-C (Murray) 155-D (Briggs)

1931 Murray Town Sedan owned by Robert and Elaine Bullard

Posted 06/04/18






1931 Briggs Town Sedan owned by Dr. Claus-Theo Merkel
of Bad Soden near Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Posted 10/14/11


1931 Murray Town Sedan owned by Leo R. Lavign of Brooklyn, CT.

Here is a picture of our 1931 Murray Town Sedan, which is a great tour vehicle for filling with antiques and guest. We use this vehicle for taking a group of our grandchildren to the ice cream country stands in rural Connecticut.
Posted 7/04


Standard Fordor - 160-A


1931 Slant Windshield Standard Fordor 160-A owned by Woodrow Williams of Virginia.

This car has spent time in Texas, Arizona and Boston. Woody purchased it in Boston and it now resides in Virginia. It has been modified for touring with steel insert bearing, 12V, generator, halogen lights, 6-blade fan, leakless water pump and it even has a small AC unit that was installed without cutting firewall. Woody belongs to the George Washington Chapter.

Posted 7/2/06


1931 Slant Window Fordor Sedan owned by Pat Lovejoy of Santa Cruz, CA, who writes, "The car wa repainted with nitrocellulose lacquer and re-upholstered in the early 1960's. Other than that, it's original, with 72,000 original miles. Even the firewall is pristine, having no heater hole.

It was owned by a mechanic at the Redding (California) Ford garage who bought it in 1932 from a man who traded it in on a V-8. He sold it in 1962 to a woman in Redding who did the paint and seats and then essentially stored it in her garage until 2004, when it was purchased by Dick Mace of Medford Oregon. He had too many projects and I got it from him in August 2005. I had to repaint the fenders, do a valve job, install a new timing gear, adjust the rods and mains and buff the paint multiple times to bring the shine back. I miked the crank and cylinders, and the engine is still standard. It's only missing 2 original interior door handles, which I have been searching for a year now."
Posted 7/1/06

1931 Slant Window Town Sedan owned by Marlin Stoltz of Pelham, AL. This is a photo of my completely restored Slant Window Standard Fordor.
Posted 7/04

Town Sedan - 160-BTop

1931 SW Town Sedan 160-B owned by Carl & Ellie Pease of Anaheim California, who write:

Hi this our 2nd model A. We purchased it about 1 1/2 years ago. We belong to the Orange County Chapter..

Posted 03/24/16

1931 SW Town Sedan owned and restored by Robert Smith of Columbus GA, who writes:

This is a 160B Slant Window Town Sedan that was done back around ‘84 from near Indianapolis, Ind. Was immediately put up for auction and my cousin bought it. He used it to tour in eastern Ohio for 22 yrs.

I was able to buy it to tour with down here around Ga & Ala 5 years ago. It has been entertaining to meet other Model A'ers for the tours. We formed the River Cities Model A Ford Club in Columbus, Ga 10 yrs ago and it has been great to get all the local "A"s into our club.

Posted 12/02/11

1931 SW Town Sedan owned and restored by Pat D'arinzo of Darien, Connecticut, who writes:

Hi all, this is my first complete restoration. I bought the car Sept. 2010 and finished it late April 2011. She runs great ! I did the complete restoration myself, body work, paint, engine rebuilt, complete interior and most new wood in the roof. The one thing that made me worry about was the pin stripe, yea the pin stripe, but after reading the book on restoration, it said the line was not always straight and was done by hand ! Well I thought "I can do that ". I put her in the first show and WOW was I happy to win best in class !!

The only help I had on the car was from my 8 year old grandson. I had a mission to finish this car so I could give my ailing father-in-law a ride before he passed on and as it turned out I was 5 days late . I'm sure he is sitting next to me when we take her out for a ride, and that makes me very happy. Well I'm ready to find another A to make show worthy and a driver.
Posted 06/15/11

1931 SW Town Sedan owned by Bob Moore, who writes: My car is named Much Better, because it is much better that the Model A I had before I purchased it in 1999. Previous owner did father and son restoration in the early 60's. Nothing done to the exterior or interior of the car since then. Car has rebuilt engine and four speed transmission. I have toured with the car in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Western Canada and Canada's Maritime Provinces. In the US, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington.

Owner of the car prior to the father and son was John Chandler, previous owner of Betsy, Red Grow's yellow Sport Coupe and author of several articles in the Restorer. He sold it to the father and son in pieces in the late 50's. Picture was taken at Crater Lake, Oregon while I sitting on the side of the road after running out of gas.
Posted 02/01/10

1931 SW Town Sedan owned by Tom and Joyce Smith of Munford, AL. As a new member of MAFCA, I am enjoying the web site and the magazine. Also like to look at the ads from time to time. I belong to the Central Alabama Model-A Ford Club of Montgomery, AL. Munford is about 2 hours north of Montgomery on AL Hwy 21.

We recently toured the Talladega Super speedway with the Cheaha Vintage Car Club of Anniston, AL and had a great time. We just love getting out on the road in our cars. I have enclosed a photo of my car which pictures me with my wife Joyce.
Posted 02/03/09

1931 Slant Window Town Sedan owned by Jack Finks of who writes, "I've had the car for 8 years and it has spent the last 20+ years in Oklahoma going on parades and short tours with the Okie A's Model A club. The car was restored many years ago in McPherson, KS and is all stock. Everyone likes to ride with me due to the large & comfortable back seat - no roughing it in weather exposed rumble seat."
Posted 2007

1931 Slant Window Town Sedan owned by John E. Leming Jr of Cold Spring Kentucky, who writes, "My 1931 160b emerging from the newly renovated "old" Ford Factory in Cincinnati, 3/11/07. The Ford factory at 660 Lincoln Drive in Cincinnati has been restored for use as an office complex, and is listed on the National historic register because it is a very early example of reinforced concrete construction - designed by Alfred Kahn.

This door is one of the original doors just to the right of the original offices and factory showroom. The factory was finished before World War One and was used to build Model T's, Model A's and Model B's. I work for Ford at the Sharonville Transmission plant. My 160B has 4700 miles on it since its restoration between 1974 and 1976. It spent 25 years in a junkyard in Somerset Kentucky before coming to Norwood Ohio and then Northern Kentucky. Its colors are Olive and Chicle Drab."
Posted 3/11/07

1931 Slant Window Town Sedan owned by John & Diana Carlile of Winlock, WA. "People are amazed a Model A could be so luxurious."
Posted 6/29/06

1931 Slant Window Town Sedan owned by Tim DeWolf of Doylestown, PA. Here is my 1931 S/W Fordor Town Sedan. It's been in the DeWolf family for 35+ years. My father used to take it to work on a regular basis up until about 1980. I've had the car in my possession for the last 10 years, tinkered with it for a while finished the restoration in the past 4 years or so. Finally it's something I'm proud to show my father
Posted 2/3/03

De Luxe Fordor (Blindback) - 160-CTop

a picture

1931 Slant Window De Luxe Fordor owned by Bob Joseph of Alta Loma, California.

After several months of researching, I decided to look for a 1931 Slant Window De Luxe Fordor 160-C Blind Back. I placed an ad on both MAFCA’s Website and also in The Restorer Magazine. After only a week, I received a call from a gentleman named Bud Calicutt in Texas. Bud explained that he had owned the car for 11 years and that it had been well kept the entire time he owned it.

After Bud sent photos of his Model A, I knew that it was the one that I wanted. Two weeks later, the car came to its new home in California. Not only did I purchase a beautiful car, but Bud and I have become good friends. My future plans are to complete a ground-up restoration to Blue Ribbon condition for a future national meet.

Posted 2/12


1931 Slant Window De Luxe Fordor owned by Bill and Joan Harrison of Twain Harte, California. This rare car was photographed on tour by the Oregon Coast.
Posted 2/03

1931 Slant Window De Luxe Fordor just after being located by Cass Stewart of Lebanon, Oregon.
Posted 2/03

Victoria - 190-ATop

a picture

1931 Victoria owned by Gil and Judy Sissons, Ukiah, CA who write:

Here is our car on tour to the Mendocino County Coast in 2022.

Posted 05/04/22

1931 Victoria owned by Bob Bidonde, South Setauket, New York. who writes:

My wife Kathy bought the Victoria for me in 1993, and I drove it until 1998 when I started its restoration. However, a job relocation and a couple of battles with cancer delayed restarting the restoration until 2016. With lots of help from friends Don Corie, Wayne Duprez, Bob Bader and Tom Murphy, and advice from Bill Cilker and Tom Endy, the Victoria was on the road again in 2018.

The restoration is not yet 100% because it needs exterior pin stripping and new door window glasses. My Victoria is an April 1931 Steel-Back with a slightly modified Model "B" engine, 12V electrical system, LED lighting, lightened flywheel, V8 clutch, Flathead Ted's brake floaters and a hi-compression cylinder head. 

Kathy & I will be driving the Victoria on its maiden out-of-state voyage from Long Island, NY to the Model "A" Ford New England Meet in Massachusetts this coming September.

Posted 08/06/19

1931 Victoria owned by Lanny & Kathy Bright, Antioch California. Lanny got the car in 1975 and it's come quite a long way from its previous state.
Posted 04/05/14

1931 Victoria owned by Philip Lerardi, St. Louis, Missouri, who writes: This Victoria was my first car, purchased in 1958. My parents never had an automobile, yet I was fascinated by them. During high school, many students started to smoke cigarettes (25 cents a pack ). I decided instead to put 25 cents a day into a box. Someday I was going to buy a car.

During my second year of college, I had accumulated $200 in quarters and found a 27 year old Ford that ran and was for sale for $200. I bought it and drove it from 1958 to 1970 during which time I went to California to work.

Then, the Vicky sat in a garage for 27 years. In 1997, I brought the car from Boston to St. Louis, and after some gas, water, a new battery, and a little TLC, the car, "OLD FAITHFUL" , started and I drove it around. The car was then restored, ground up, and I have enjoyed it ever since. The only bad part of this story is that when I bought it, the car was old and I was new. Now, the car is new and I am old. THAT'S NOT FAIR!
Posted 05/06/12

1931 Victoria owned by Neil Besougloff of Oconomowoc, WI who writes:
I am a past president of the Wisconsin Chapter. My car is a late 1931 steelback Victoria. The car was photographed down the street from my home in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, on a one-lane open grate deck bridge over the Oconomowoc River in fall 2008.
Posted 04/20/09

1931 Victoria owned by Tom Endy of Westminster, CA who writes:
This is my 1931 Victoria A-190 taken in 2003 on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Vic is sitting at the exact location where a large tsunami came ashore on April 1, 1946 and destroyed the Laupahoehoe school 20 miles north of Hilo. Twenty seven people lost their lives and the school was completely destroyed.

The Vic is a steelback and has a Ryan 23% overdrive installed, along with a Snyder head. Most everything else is standard Henry, including mechanical brakes and a six-volt electrical system. There is a trailer hitch installed which I use to pull a replica Mullins trailer while on tour. In the last 15 years I have driven it over 30,000 miles. It has been to most of the western states, Canada, and Hawaii.
Posted 01/30/09

1931 Victoria owned by Bern Davis of Roseland, New Jersey.
Bern has owned this Vicky since 1968. He is only the 3rd owner. It recently underwent a complete restoration of the body work and paint. The car has a Le Baron Bonney mohair interior and the original engine, which was rebuilt a number of years ago. It has been a first place winner in a number of local car shows. The car is driven every weekend, weather permitting.
Posted 01/08

1931 Victoria owned by Doug Shoemaker of N. Wichita, Kansas. Doug is a firm believer that you have to get the youngsters started with Model A's about the same time they start to walk.
Check out this photo of the youngest member of the Shoemaker family behind the wheel of this gorgeous Victoria.
Posted 10/07

1931 Victoria owned by Della and Jim Icenhower of Mansfield Texas, parents of John Icenhower, shown here during a stop on the Texas tour.
Posted 2/03

1931 Victoria owned by Peter and Janice Mac Donald of Framingham, MA. This 1931 VICTORIA was a FIRST PLACE winner of the 2001, 45th NEW England Model A meet, and we are very proud of our little car and we drive her thousands of miles each year to every possible meet. Here you see her dressed up in matching era fashion a 1936 Mullins trailer.
Posted 6/10/02


Light Commercial

 picture  picture

1931 Town Car Delivery - these two rare vehicles were both at the 1980 Reno National Convention in Reno when I photographed them during blue ribbon judging. So rare, and having two of them in one place was mind-blowing. --Rick Black, Las Cruces NM
Posted 07/29/18


a picture1931 Delivery 79B owned by Tom and Cathy Philpott, Georgetown, Texas, who writes, "This is our light commercial 79B. The car was original purchased by a small police force in Michigan as a stock 79B Panel Delivery and local craftsman rebuilt it as a Patrol Wagon.

"It was found in a very dilapidated condition in Michigan by a local business man who unfortunately rolled it and the flat bed trailer it was on getting it to Texas. We purchased it as scrap in 2008 and feel it must be some kind of record for restoration from a total wreck in about a year and a half. The truck won prizes when shown in the 2010 Texas Meet."


1931 Station Wagon owned by Les Deedon of Fresno, California. It was restored in 2001 and shown at the 2002 National Meet in Riverside with its stable mate, a 1929 Woody.
Posted 1/23/07

1931 Station Wagon owned by John and Nancy Firth of Grants Pass, Oregon. It was restored in the 1980s and has graced the cover of The Restorer magazine.
Posted 10/02/23

1931 Woody Panel at Model A Day 2023 at the Gilmore Auto Museum.
Posted 10/04/23

1931 Huckster owned by Jim Collins of Placerville, California. Here's a nice photo of a 1931 Huckster belonging to new MAFCA member
Posted 2/4/03

1931 Panel Delivery owned by Doug and Helene Nielsen of South Pasadena, CA. The 1931 Model 79B Panel Delivery was purchased in July, 2000 from Bob Newgard owner of Buffalo Restorations in Puyallup, Washington. Bob had made a commitment to his wife to retire and selling his shop show piece of twenty years was his way of saying he was really going to do it. The panel previously saw service with the Fargo, North Dakota water department and was found by Mr. Newgard in 1979 and trailered to his shop where it was restored twice over the years he owned it. It has a 'B' block engine with a 'C' head which was totally reconditioned after the truck was acquired. Eventually the signs and the logos on the truck will be changed, but I like the current gold leaf design and they will only be changed if suitable replacement signs can be worked up.
Posted 5/21/01

1931 Sedan Delivery owned by Jim and Suzan O'Neale of Richmond, Virginia. Attached is a photo of a Sedan Delivery that I just finished restoring. I purchased it January, 2001 and just had the graphics added on April 18, 2002. It was such a wonderful project to work on and it wouldn't be possible without the hard work of Tyree Harris, a fellow Model A'er. So you can see the great transformation, I am attaching a before and after photo. We are members of the Old Dominion Chapter.
Posted 6/10/02



Late 1931 Wide bed Steel top pickup owned by Steve McManus of Saco Maine, who writes:

It was stored for decades until I bought it in early March 2020 just before the country shut down, which gave me plenty of time last year to get it refurbished and back on the road again. I’ve been in the model A hobby since 1971.

Posted 10/11/21



1931 Wide Bed Roadster Pickup owned by John Trumbo of Kennewick, Washington.

John just purchased this very rare model pickup, restored and upgraded with overdrive, hydraulic brakes, etc. He says it's a great touring car. NICE.

Posted 03/20/21




1931 Pickup owned by Randall Wingett of Sequim, Washington.

Randall's father restored this pickup but now in his 90s, he turned over the caretaker of the truck to Randall.
Randall posted a short video of this pickup on YouTube - watch it now.

Posted 12/25/20

1931 De Luxe Pickup 66-A restored by John & Nancy Firth of Grants Pass, Oregon, who write:
"This 66A is on the road today after a 61 year sleep in several different owners' garages. The previous owner saved it from becoming a street rod, but after working on it for 18 years, he was forced to sell it due to medical issues.

"It was assembled in Richmond, California the first week of August, 1931. All assembly plants assembled some De Luxe Pickups. San Francisco/Richmond assembled 10 of the total 293 that were made. I believe all 66As have indented firewalls since production started May 1, 1931.

"Of the 293 trucks built by Briggs for Ford, 125 went to General Electric and were painted white with black fenders. I am told this truck was originally used for furniture delivery in San Jose, California. The original wood is still in the cab as well as the bed indicating light duty in mostly nice weather. There are 23 still known to exist with about half of those in running condition."
Posted 08/10/13
Note: John has sold this vehicle.


1931 Pickup owned by Ken Lauderback of Milwaukie, Oregon.
The locomotive in the background was built in 1938 and still rides the rails.
Posted 01/30/09

1931 De Luxe Pickup Model 66-A owned by Brian Hurt of Wauconda, IL. His father, David Hurt writes:
My father (Brian's grandfather) drove this vehicle out of the Ford show room in 1931. He was a delivery-boy at the local grocery store in a small south central town in Colorado. The pickup stayed around the town for many year passing though a few hands till it was finally retired behind a potato storage shed in the early 50's. Dad found it in 1958, identified it as the one he drove out of the showroom some 25 or so years earlier. He drove it around in "as is" condition till the mid 80's when he did a frame off restoration. His passing in 1993 transferred ownership to Brian, who is currently doing another major restoration of the 66A.
Posted 3/28/06

1931 Pickup owned by Tom and Chris Irwin of Newberg Oregon. Here's what she looks like after a three-year restoration that was completed in October, 2007.
Posted 01/15/08

1931 Pickup owned by Rick Kropp, who writes:
Thought you might like to see this restored 31 pick-up. I Just bought it in Sept. of 06. It has 863 miles on it. This is a Kansas Pick-Up. You can see from the picture that someone loved this truck a lot. This is a numbers matching Pick-Up.
Posted 03/09/07

1931 Pickup owned by Keith Webb of Newark Delaware, who writes:
My father purchased this wide-bed 1931 from the original owner's family in the late 1960's. It was used on the family farm hauling milk cans to the local dairy for years. I learned to drive manual transmission on her about 25 years ago.

1931 Pickup owned by Jim Morris of Ithaca, NY, who writes:
"The pickup has been in the family since the early 70's, I believe that when my father bought the truck back then that he was the second owner. The truck was in dismal condition - - very rusted and uncovered/neglected outside for years. My father tore it apart and restored the chassis, my brother restored the body, and I made a small contribution by doing the woodwork. My father passed away in 1985 and my mother sent the truck across town to me in 2000."
Updated 08/26/10

1931 Pickup owned by Bill & Pauline Fleming of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
Posted 01/11/22

Mail TruckTop

Mail Truck Photo

1931 Mail Truck - owned by Tom Tronson of Kalama, WA.

Tom purchased the truck in 2000 from Don Dudley of Ventura CA. Don wrote this several years ago: "I purchased this mail truck from Bert Collins of Oxnard, Ca. He told me he drove it to and from work daily for 20 years and then decided to have it restored. A fellow in Fillmore Ca. did the restoration in 1986-88. Bert has since died and I am trying to get some other history now from the family. Everything about it has been restored to original state. This truck has glass windows in the rear not the wire mesh. I have added a custom made removable matching seat on the right front side for a passenger to ride in parades with me. "

Updated 04/2/08

1931 Mail Truck owned by Lew Palmer, South Bend, Indiana, who writes, "I have been restoring the truck for about 11 years now. I totally rebuilt the body from drawings made by Aldie Johnson from his beautifully restored truck."
Posted 4/06

Heavy CommercialTop

Photo 1931 AA Express

You don't see these express body AA trucks very often. This one is a beauty.

Posted 10/09/22


1931 AA Hearse

Owner Bruce Howe writes: I bought it from Don Snyder and he purchased it at auction from the Donnelly collection(Elliot Museum now) in Florida. It was featured in the Model A News July-August 2018 along with a beautifully restored hearse the Snyders had done. I ended up modifying early ford V-8 Caps for the Hearse. Not original, but not likely to see two parked side by side. I have talked to the daughter of the Funeral Director that Donnelly purchased the Hearse from, but was never able to confirm when Hishman purchased the Hearse. I have several original panels(not all Model As) with original signage. I really like to research the history on the old vehicles.

Posted 07/23/22


1931 AA Fire Truck

Not sure who owns this beauty. Maybe one of our members will tell us.

Posted 12/28/21


1931 AA Ambulance pictured at the MAFFI Ford Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

Posted 12/04/21


1931 AA Fire truck owned by James, Lois and Sarah Hyatt from Conway Arkansas. The truck is pictured at the MAFFI Ford Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

Posted 03/02/16


1931 AA Service Truck owned by Jerry Lubinski, Clinton, WA
First Place Blue Ribbon Judging, 2014 MAFCA meet, Puyallup, WA

Posted 01/05/15


1931 AA Truck owned by Jayree & Marty Palmer of Peoria, IL.
What a beauty!

Posted 07/23/06

1931 AA Truck owned by Adolfo Garcia of Calexico CA. The truck is 98% original; the motor runs perfectly.
Posted 04/29/06

1931 AA Tow Truck owned by Don Taylor of Chattanooga, TN.
Posted 11/26/05

1931 AA Fire Engine owned by Joe & Sharon Biller of Coupeville, WA. The whole family participated in the restoration.
Posted 2/03

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