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Photos submitted by MAFCA members of Model A Fords before and after restoration. Click on any photo for a closer look; click the member's name to e-mail the owner. If you have a contribution to this page, you can send it to the webmaster via email.

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1928 Tudor Sedan
owned by Dr. Robert Lehnert S. of Antofagasta, Chile


Dr. Lehnert purchased this car in Antofagasta and was able to restore it to the present condition in just over 1 year. Remarkable. He also owns a restored 1930 Coupe.
Posted 01/27/20

1928 Special Coupe
owned by Jim Morris of Ithaca, NY.

Jim purchased the car from his Father in 1977. It was in a local barn, unrestored, and in disassembled pieces. Jim partially restored it over the course of seven years, drove it in the mid-80s, and then put it on blocks in 1988. The car was re-registered and on the road again in 2001. It underwent body off restoration in 2004. It has a trunk, not a rumble seat, so it has plenty of space for those overnight trips! Henry Ford was said to have driven a Special Coupe in 1929.
Updated 08/30/13




1929 Phaeton owned by Jonas Eger of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.
When I bought my Ford Model A, my daughter Thais R.Eger was 2 years old. After 18 years of restoration, the car finally is done.

These pictures were taken at the same place in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil. Posted 01/28/18

1929 Pickup owned by Garth & Janet Shreading of Sour Lake Texas.

This project was a four year endeavor done by my wife, son, me and a lot of guidance from Rick Davis of Vintage Restorations. It is a 1929 PU that started as a basket case. One day while working on my 30 Coupe at a friends shop he received a call from someone trying to sell it. Over the course of a few discussions with the seller, the price was lowered to a level we had to go look at it. The process resulted in every nut, bolt, screw and rivet being removed and replaced or repaired. Completed just in time for the 2004 National Convention in Portland.
Posted 03/07/13

1929 Briggs Town Sedan
owned by Robert and Janice Elayer, Brookings, OR

Our Model A was born on Friday, October 25, 1929 the week before the Great Depression started on Black Tuesday. We do not know where she spent her early life but when she was in her early 30s she was in the Medford, Oregon area and Edna, California. [ReadMore]
Posted 02/03/11

1929 Roadster Pickup
owned by David Block of Santa Cruz, Calif.

This Model A began it's reborn life as a speedster with a Model B engine, but David said it attracted too much attention. It then was rebodied as a Roadster, and finally he settled on this Roadster Pickup.
Posted 1/27/05

1929 Coupe
owned by Ronald & Nancy Steiger of Frazier Park, Calif.

This 1929 coupe has been in the family since about 1945 and has been moved to 3 different homes, after this last move we decided to give it a full restoration. It has the original engine, same engine number.

1929 Cabriolet
owned by Dob and Shirley Dobbe of Faucett, MO

"These pictures represent complete restoration of our 1929 Cabriolet almost nine years ago. We have driven "Bess" over 56,000 miles since. She's a super road car, hiding a B cam and B head for a good 50 HP and easy 55 MPH driving. Also running a 6# pressurized cooling system to aid that small 1929 radiator."

1929 Tudor Sedan
owned by Carl Coffman of Shawnee, OK

"We bought this 1929 Tudor Sedan in October, 1964 for $70. The Tudor had no top, no interior, no windows and no paint. As you can see by the "before" picture I did some "poor boy" work to check the rust. I installed a solid plywood top and hand painted it with a brush. Even though this was not a good thing to do, my efforts did preserve it until 1997, when I began a two year, frame off restoration. In September, 1999, the finished product became road worthy as shown in the "after" picture. "




1930 Pickup owned by Kevin Sargent of Egg Harbor Township, NJ

This is my '30 Pick Up. I rescued the truck from a run down garage in Elizabeth, NJ, in 2008. This photo was taken at my first AACA event in Gettysburg, PA this past May. I come from a Model A family, and I am a member of the Model A Ford Club of NJ. I am looking forward to showing the truck at the New England Meet this September.

Posted 06/14/23


1930 De Luxe Coupe owned by Dan & Sharon Knorr of Alto New Mexico.

Dan bought the coupe in 1957 off a car lot for $250. He drove it through high school and 2 years of college. His siblings drove it through high school two more times and to college once more. The car was completely restored in 1982-1983

Posted 05/16/21


1930 Pickup owned by Mark Seman, Tonganoxie Kansas. who writes,

"I found this truck in a place called Model T Haven and I already had a drive train. I retired in 2017 and needed a project .Having done lots of cars and trucks for other people, but never completed one for myself I was anxious to get started. I did all the work myself. It was a fun project. "

Posted 06/02/19

30 Pickup

1930 Pickup owned by Mark Stephens of Winnekta, California.

Posted 03/06/13

30 Pickup

1930 Sport Coupe
owned by Dick and Paula Janson of Rehoboth, MA.

"I just completed a frame up restoration. I performed almost all the work myself over the last 2 1/2 years. Engine work was done by Mike Worster in Dublin NH. The car is Andalusite Blue with French Gray wheels. I still need to pin stripe the car. I am trying to muster up enough courage to do that myself. Top and interior are LeBaron Bonney kits that I installed. I used a German Sonnenland canvas for outside, interior has the separate liner to match interior trim. It was quite a project but I had a lot fun doing it. I am looking forward to driving to club functions starting this spring.
Posted 03/23/06

1930 Standard Coupe
owned by Bobby Chaisson of Jefferson GA

"My 1930 Standard coupe was purchased in 1930 by my great grandfather. It was driven here on our farm for quite sometime, then parked in one of the barns here where it remained till 2 years ago. In November of 2004 restorer Benny Bohanan came to the house and picked up the car. Work started the next week on the car and continued till April 11, 2006 when I took the car home. I started helping Benny part time on my car and it has now turned into a full time job working for Benny. I was able to do a lot of the work myself."
Posted 04/23/06

1930 Coupe
owned by Dick Hinrichs of Marietta GA. His family in Big Lake Minnesota had owned the car since the mid 50's. Dick now is enjoying the car in and is thinking of re-restoring it.
1930 De Luxe Roadster
owned by James Kamis of Lake Placid Florida. This 1930 roadster was purchased from Robert Jones in the Augusta, GA area who did the restoration.

1930 Tudor Sedan
owned by Steve Pargeter of Nashua, NH. The Tudor's been restored over 10 years now and is still pretty sharp!



1930 Tudor Sedan
owned by James Rogers of Asheville, NC






1931 SW Town Sedan
Owned by Dan & Sharon Knorr, Alto, New Mexico

Purchased 2019
Restoration "Finished" 2021

Posted 04/30/23


1931 SW Cabriolet 68-C
Owned by John & Nancy Firth, Grants Pass Oregon

Purchased December 2019
Restoration "Finished" March 2021

Posted 04/05/23


1931 Victoria
Owned by Lanny & Kathy Bright, Antioch, California

Posted 04/05/14


1931 De Luxe Tudor
Owned by Jim Morris, Ithaca, New York

Posted 01/22/14


1931 (Early) Victoria
Owned by Bill Buckmeyer, Westlake, Texas.

When I began the restoration, the lower body color was Brewster Green, and the upper body was black, with Apple Green wheels. I have always liked the Chicle and Copra Drab color combination with Tacoma Cream wheels and stripe, so that's what I went with.

1931 Wide Bed Steel Top Pickup
Owned by Dick & Nan Sparks, Holly Lake Ranch, TX.

"This is a before/after shot of my 1931 wide bed steel top pickup. I purchased the truck in 2004 and completed it in 2008. It was in bad shape with lots of rust. The entire lower cab was replaced. It is stock except for a 3:54 rear end. It is the toughest restoration I've done and took twice as many hours as most others. It is a fun driver and a big favorite here in east Texas where pickups are king. I'm 6'2" & 300 lbs. so I named the pickup "Tight Fit".
Posted 2/09

31 Pickup
1931 Mail Truck
owned by Lew Palmer, South Bend, Indiana, who writes,
"I have been restoring the truck for about 10 years now. I totally rebuilt the body from drawings made by Aldie Johnson from his beautifully restored truck."
Posted 4/06
1931 AA Fire Truck
This was a family restoration project of Joe & Sharon Biller of Coupeville Washington.

1931 De Luxe Coupe
owned by Ed and Judy Hourigan of Chico California.

This is a 1931 Ford De Luxe Coupe that has been completely restored by Richard Cornelius of Freedom Transportation Inc. of Chico.

1931 De Luxe Tudor Sedan owned by Rick & Dana Black of Las Cruces New Mexico.

Rick joined MAFCA in 1967 and found this rare Tudor sitting under a tree near Los Angeles the following year. The car had been sitting under a tree for 17 years but was 99% complete. All the interior items were intact, including the adjustable drivers seat, armrests and assist straps in the back seat, etc. An amazing find. 25 years later, the car's first official drive was to be the getaway car at their daughter's wedding in San Mateo, CA.
Posted 1/01/03


1931 Standard Tudor Sedan owned by Brian Burkert of Fleetwood, PA.

Brian restored the car while in high school. He had a lot of help from members of the Lehigh Valley Model "A" Club and the whole project took about nine months. Oh yes, Dad helped quite a bit!

1931 Station Wagon owned by John & Nancy Firth of Grants Pass, Oregon.

The restoration of this rare beauty was completed in 1987, just in time for its photograph to appear on the cover of Volume 32 Issue 2 of The Restorer Magazine (July/August 1987). A mighty-fine restoration indeed.

1931 Victoria owned by Jim & Della Icenhower of Mansfield, Texas. This Victoria was one of 25 Model A's stored in a barn in Kilgore, Texas for 31 years. (See the article, "Model A Heaven" by Charlie Viosca, in the Sept./Oct. 1989 issue of The Restorer. The Victoria can be seen in the top right photo against the corner of the barn.) The car was in pretty fair shape before restoration with only minor repair work to the wood header needed. Some work had begun after the long storage but was given up and the car was bought by Jim in 1994. It had been painted the light tan color sometime during its life, but the color under the patent plate and on the inside of the doors was definitely Ford maroon! Submitted by proud son John Icenhower.


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